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Date: 03/04/05 23:20:16
Subject: [CASonline] Three Steps to the Left, Arounf the Front of the Car
From Davin:
                 A couple of years ago I was walking to to work, a walk which takes me through several busy
intersections in Cambridge. My mind was filled with the day's activities and plans. Consequently, my attention
at that particular moment was not with the moment as it was unfolding. I was crossing a particularly busy
intersection; a blind man was walking beside me, waving his stick back and forth. As this man was walking, his
stick hit a car parked right in the crosswalk. I glanced over and you could see an expression of "what is this?"
on his face. He didn't know how to overcome this obstacle in his path. Perhaps he thought he had lost his way or
that he had not counted his steps correctly. As I watched, another man looked up and said: "Three steps to the
left, around the front of the car." And I said to myself, "That's wonderful. But where was l?"
             This is our practice. It is not some great, expanded commitment to the universe. It's not some hope of
how things can be in the future. It is not some longing for things to be as they were in the past. It is only in this
moment, responding spontaneously: what can each one of us do that is of service? Our task as we go through our
daily lives is to cultivate this practice that we are already connected with. Only don't know; how can I be of
service? I often wish it were more complicated, but just can't seem to find more to it. That's all there is. 
Zen Master Bon Haeng, Three Steps to the Left, Around the Front of the Car 

Dear Friends, Members and Volunteer


Thank you for your passed years support as our friend and volunteer of Kampung Senang.


We have always been self reliance in our operating expenses and depended on many generous donors to support our cause. We are indeed

gratified. Besides these ???big hearted?? individuals and organizations, we also need tireless volunteers like you to help us in many ways.


Come 24 March for 5 days we will be launching one of our largest donation drives of the year, in the form of an island wide street collections.

In this exercise, we need two to three hundred volunteers to be effective. The funds collected will be used to finance the following three major


Elderly Care and Free Medical Clinic

Holistic Support for People Affected by Cancer (HSPC)

Learning to Learn Centre.

We hope that the general public and the various shops owners will support us again as in the previous years.


If you can contribute your valuable time, please give us your details on the enclosed form and hand it back to us by 15 March (so that we can

do the administrative work and preparing your permit). Please contact Jerry Tan at Tel: 6785 2568 if you need further information. There will be

a briefing session on 23 March at 7 pm and individual permit will be issued to volunteer who are present then.


Thank You and Best wishes.


Joyce Lye

Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation

Hi BB,

I'm helping a friend look for a place to rent. She and her roommate are looking for places near to Ngee Ann

poly. Do you happen to know anyone who might be able to help? Do feel free to pass this message on.


Warmly, Hui Teng


Dear bb,
It is very inspiring to receive your email in the morning. We really need people like you
to work together to make this project successful.
Listed below are some details for you to understand the plan better.
1.   The Aims: a) To help the students to pass their English exams.
>                  b) To improve their command of English, so as to enable them
>                      to cope with other subjects taught in English, as well
>                      as to help them to merge into the local society.
2.   The format: At this juncture, we believe that one-to-one tuition would
>                     be most efficient. But, due to shortage of tutors, we do have
>                      arrangement of 1 to 2, or 1 to 3.
3.   Level:  From Pri 1 to Sec 4.(Tutors for the secondary students are
>              urgently needed.)
4.   Text book: Currently used in the school by the student. Supplementary materials
                     are up to the discrection of the tutors.
5.   Day,Time and Location:
>                     We leave it to the mutual arrangement between the tutor and the
>                     student. Right now, we have tuitions conducted in our monastery,
>                     a temple in Geylang Lorong 25 and in West Coarse, some in the
>                     Library, residence and even HDB void deck. Students will be
>                     allocated near to the residence of the tutor.
       As for "the appeal" flyer, pls visit our website www.kmspks.org, the personal particular
       form is being attached as well.
>     We sincerely hope that you with your friends would consider to join us in this
>     meaningful project.
>                     To help somebody to change their future !!
        Kindly fill up the attached particulars so as to enable us to start
       with--assigning students to you.
        warmest regards
>     I am Hong Cheong lok (Mr) Tel 6849 5316    H/p 9771 6849
From tt:

Dearest BB

Its being a long time since we have heard from you. Hope that you are fine.

We would appreciate if you can help to broadcast the latest Firefly Mission Project in your mailing List.

With Metta

Tenzin Teo


 Dear Fireflies,

FFM is organizing a trip to Sri Lanka in JUNE 2005.

Firefly is working on two key projects; boys?? home in Galle and a Post Tsunami Reconstruction project to build community centres for villages.

1) Community Centre
The community centre WILL BE used for the collective good of the villages. The local community will be involved in the construction and once

completed, it will be the centre for communal gatherings, counseling, and vocational training ETC. The centre WILL serve the community as each

village designs its own programs to suit specific needs of the villages. From a cultural perspective, the centre WILL reconstruct and strengthen 

social relationships, hence creating a sense of belonging and unity.

2) Boys Home, GALLE (PHASE II)
Physical construction of the home has been completed in PHASE I of the project. In PHASE II, we are now taking in residents into the home.  

In the aftermath of the Tsunami, there are also CHILDREN who are alienated. They need support and a loving environment. This role will be

fulfilled by our boys home. It will take care of orphans and children from poor families. To ensure proper running of the home, PHASE II will

include the launch of the SPONSORSHIP SCHEME. Details are being finalised. 

The Impact of your visit
This trip will allow you to gain first hand account of critical issues in the reconstruction or Sri Lanka. You will meet the people affected and the

people who are working to make things better. This will give you the human dimension of the work involved.

Your visit is significant because it will contribute to the local economy.

Overall, your visit to Sri Lanka and your interaction with the locals will send a strong and encouraging signal that there are people who are reaching

out and concerned about their well-being. The positive impact of your visit will resonate long after you leave.

The period of travel will be 11-18 June 2005
Cost about S$1,300 full board
Detailed itineraries will be announced once they are final

Just like a firefly, our collective efforts can light up the lives of people in difficult situations. So please join us if you can.

With Metta,

Chan CW
for Firefly Mission
An International Humanitarian Mission Initiated by Buddhist Fellowship
. together we light up the world

 (Singapore mobile no: 65 - 929 55 99 5)
(UK mobile no: 44 - 794 66 88 718)