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Date: 04/04/06 18:42:40
Subject: [CASonline] Lama Gyaltshen --
Dear Friends,
All of you -- our friends @ CASonline -- have kindly and generously offered much towards the medical treatment of Lama Gyaltshen of Jangchup Ling, the main Drikung Kagyu Institute in-exile nearly 4 years ago --
Lama Gyaltshen has since been coming to Singapore for medical help with Khenpo Rangdol, the institute's Abbot, during the Abbot's annual teaching-visit here --
Last year, Lama was finally pronounced fit and recovered by his Specialist Doctor but to shock all his friends into practising ever more diligently, Lama manifested Impermanence by passing away not from his damaged lungs ( the condition he is seeking treatment from all these years ), but from brain tumour last week --
Lama's passing away is a complete shock to us all and all of us are extremely sad --
Lama is such a humble, simple, compassionate person --
"Om Ratna Shri Hung .........."
"Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung ...... "    
bb & all friends @ CAS of and belonging to the Thousand-Arm Chenrezig
From Khenpo Rangdol --
Dear bb,
I am saddened to share the bad news of Lama Gyaltson , one of our dearest friends, who suddenly passed away on 25 March.
But only learnt of this shocking news , two days later..Immediately
i made calls to Dehradun and was informed the Monastery had arranged prayers and pujas for up to 49 days.
Apparently lama died due to breathing difficulties and a tumour
in the brain. We all knew that lama had a chronic lung condition
but with the brain tumour diagnosed, chances of survival was slim.
Since we were close friends it is most difficult to accept the fact that lama is gone , so suddenly and so early in life.Lama barely past 30 yrs.
But somehow got to accept he is no more with us ; as death is
uncertain and death is always with us ., the impermanence of life.
However, given his grave condition, it is ''fortunate'' lama's suffering
and pain was not prolonged, for that would be unbearable.
His Holiness&! nbsp; was there and  lama received Phowa blessings.
Also i managed to arrange prayers and offerings.
With all these prayers done by the Sanghas and Holiness, i am sure he will be born in Amitabha Pureland.
Could not email earlier as it was very upsetting, so i asked Kim to convey the sad news.
Hope you pray for lama.
With many prayers.
Khenpo .

Dearest Khenpo,
It is really so sad and shocking that Lama has passed away so suddenly --
Frankly, i feel instinctively that Lama's health was not very good when i met him last year and there was an unmistakable sense of "finality" when he kindly gave us gifts at Brenton's place then --
However, funny though it may sound, i am also rejoicing at Lama's unbelievable good fortune to have the Supreme Head of the glorious Drikung Kagyu informed and assisting on his present life's last journey .....
Also, knowing that He has led a virtuous life as one member of the Buddha's holy Sangha, his allowing so many of our CAS's friends to accumulate so much merit through raising funds for his medical treatment all the years, with even some of the extra funds going to benefit so many of his other colleagues still treading Lord Buddha's path, how can we not see Lama's life as exemplary conduct and even himself as a manifestation of a Bodhisattva ??
Although we will never be able to physically see Lama's shy, compassionate smile again or to sit-through another initiation or puja with Lama's excellently crafted holy Tormas, Lama will live ever through all of CAS's friends, whenever we recite just a single "Mani", whenever we say a prayer of blessing to the world ........    
Gratitude at being of service to our dear and beloved Lama,
With our clasped palms,
bb & friends @ CAS