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Subject: [CASonline] The Maha Bodhisattva Kshitigarbha
Dearest Friends @ CAS,
The two Maha Bodhisattvas
We are awfully glad to share with you, two great bodhisattvas, the Bodhisattva of Great Love Lord Maitreya and the bodhisattva whom the Buddha praised as "the superior to all other bodhisattvas": Lord Kshitigarbha.
The quoted chapter in the last section is a MUST READ as it holds the key to your swift liberation. We ourselves could not believe what we discovered !!
It is THE KEY !!
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We are meanwhile awaiting instructions from HH Kyabje Trulshig Rinpoche ( if He is not in strict retreat for the coming Saka Dawa ) regarding our plans for a school-orphanage for the poorest of the poor in Laos  and / or another retreat centre in Kota Tinggi.  
Like what our late Root Teacher instructed, Kyabje Trulshig Rinpoche would decide and we would "just do it", we "would not question". 
The sound systems, simultaneous webcast, shrines, beds, fridge, counter-table, all utensils are gradually getting dropped into precious Phuntsok Choling, CAS's first Dharma centre up north in Malacca.
The partition, air-con, stove, tiling are all done.
We are DEAD grateful to Mr and Mrs Tey Lian Seng ( Lobsang Nyima and Lobsang Dawa ) ... who not only bought the centre for us, but also did all these ground work, that we may have a place where the Dharma is taught properly and well by some of the most genuine precious Teachers alive.
"Thank you so much with all our hearts !!"
What remains are the very, very tricky stuffs: the long-term translator/s, the registration, the visas.
Please, pray.
The Heroic Ventures
We are dying to tell you the stories of a hooked bird, a near death into the swelling, frothing Johor River during Vesak Day and the resurrection of CAS's Tsa Tsa Producing Factory.
But, this, will be next time, when we have the time and when our karmas work out and ripen !!
Meanwhile, prostrations and praises to Lord Buddha Shakyamuni, the Teacher of our world, the Teacher to all gods, men and all who are lost.
bb & all of you @ CAS, belonging to the noble Lord Kshitigarbha.
His holy mantra and name:
"Namo Da Yuan Di Zang Wang Pu Sa" !!
The Kshitigarbha Dasa Chakra Sutra
( The coming of Lord Kshitigarbha )
At one time, the Bhagavat ( Buddha Shakyamuni ) resided on Mount Khaladeya ... together with a sangha of bhikshus and an immeasurably great sangha of bodhisattvas.
Immediately after the Buddha taught ... a vast cloud of fragrance appeared from the south. From the cloud fell rains of scented water, flowers, jewelry of divine origin, and fine fabrics, covering that whole mountain. From that rain issued diverse melodious sounds of Dharma.
Everyone present at that gathering found that their bodies had become adorned .... each of them discovered a wish-fulfilling jewel between the palms of their hands. Each of these jewels were producing a steady stream of other jewels. From all these jewels shone light rays of many colours, illuminating as many Buddha Relams in the 10 directions as the Ganges' sand grains. In each of these realms could be seen their respective Tathagatas attended by their imeeasurable retinues. The light from these jewels also dispelled the suffering of sickness for all the beings ....
As all of those realms became filled with the light of these jewels, everything unpleasant in those realms ... everything dangerous or harmful within them disappeared ....
Everyone in that gathering began to wonder what was causing these signs ...
Indra, the ruler of the gods ... asked the Bhagavat ( Buddha Shakyamuni ).
( The inconceivable qualities of Lord Kshitigarbha )
The Bhagavat replied, "There is a Great Bodhisattva called Kshitigarbha .... He is coming to this world now, in the form of a renunciate ( monk ) and accompanied by a large retinue of bodhisattvas ... these miracles are happening through His power .... 
The Maha Bodhisattva Kshitigarbha is adorned by immeasurable, innumerable, inconceivable qualities. No one in the world .... could appraise them.... 
This Bodhisattva is a treasure of all perfect qualities ... He guides beings to nirvana. 
Like a wish-fulfilling jewel, He fulfills hopes by raining down everything that is desired... 
He is like ... the sun in that he provides light to all who seek virtue ... a beacon for the lost ... a mount for the lame .... a guide through the wilderness .... medicine for the insane .... a skilled physician for the gravely ill ... a boat that conveys you across the water.....
Immediately after the Buddha finished praising Him, the Maha Bodhisattva  Kshitigarbha miraculously arrived from the south... He appeared before the Bhagavat in the form of a renunciate ( monk ).
Kshitigarbha prostrated to the Buddha's feet, praised Him, presented offerings to Him, and sat in front of Him in order to hear the Dharma ... 
The Bhagavat ( Buddha Shakyamuni )  ( spoke )," .... ( Lord Kshitigarbha ) is a treasure of the greatest and best qualities ... He is the pure eye of many bodhisattvas .... He is superior to all other bodhisattvas. You should therefore worship Him devotedly .... "
Kshitigarbha then recited that dharani ( long mantra ) of immeasurable benefit. Immedaitely, Mount Khaladeya shook and millions of divine musical instruments gave forth their sounds without anyone playing them. Immeasurable amounts of deva incense, flowers and jewels fell like rain ....
Hearing of these praises of the bodhisattva Kshitigarbha's boudnless qualities ... everyone worshipped and venerated Him. They gazed upon the bodhisattva Kshitigarbha joyously without blinking eyes and one-pointed minds.... 
( "A Garland of Jewels - the 8 Great Bodhisattvas", KTD Publications. )
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Chapter 9 of The Sutra of the Root Vows of Lord Kshitigarbha:
"The Recitation of the Buddhas' Names"

At that time, Bodhisattva-Mahasattva Ksitigarbha addressed the Buddha, saying, " O World Honored One, now I wish to speak on behalf of the sentient beings of future times and about the beneficial things that will help them gain great advantage in birth and death. I only hope that you, O World Honored One, will allow me to speak on this subject."

The Buddha answered Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, saying, "You wish, at this very moment, to be merciful and compassionate in order to deliver all the sinful, miserable beings on the six paths of existence and to speak about the inconceivable thing. Yes! Now is exactly the right time to do so. You should speak at once. Soon I shall enter Nirvana, and if you fulfill this wish of yours early, I shall then have no more worry about any of the sentient beings of the present or of future times."

Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha addressed the Buddha, saying, "O World Honored One, incalculable asankhyeya kalpas ago there was a Buddha by the name of Anantakaya. Any man or woman who hears the name of this Buddha and instantly performs obeisance to him will be exonerated from serious sins of life and death covering forty kalpas. But how much better even will it be for one who would mold or paint his image to worship and praise him! Countless and boundless will be the bliss gained by this person.

"Again in the past, as many kalpas ago as there are grains of sand in the Ganges River, a Buddha came into the world bearing the title of Ratnasuabhava Tathagata. Any man or woman who hears the name of this Buddha and makes up his mind, as quickly as it takes to snap one's fingers, to take refuge in him will never suffer retrogression from the stage of Unsurpassed Enlightenment.

"Again in the past, a Buddha came to this world by the name of Padmajina Tathagata. Any man or woman who hears this Buddha's name once will be reborn repeatedly one thousand times in the six heavens of desire. But how much better even would it be for one who wholeheartedly recites the name and keeps the name in mind!

"Again in the past, some inexpressible, inexpressible asankhyeya kalpas ago, a Buddha was born in the world by the name of Simhananda Tathagata. Any man or woman, hearing this Buddha's name and wholeheartedly taking refuge in him, will be able to encounter incalculable numbers of Buddhas, who will touch his head and bestow upon him the superlative predestination.

"Again in the past, there appeared in the world a Buddha bearing the title of Krakucchandsa Buddha. Any man or woman who, upon hearing this Buddha's name, also wholeheartedly worships him or praises him will become a great Brahman king in the Thousand Buddhas' Assembly and gain the superlative predestination.

"Again in the past, there appeared in the world a Buddha bearing the title of Vipasyin Buddha. Any man or woman, hearing this Buddha's name, will never fall onto evil paths of existence but will always be reborn as a human being or a deva and enjoy extraordinarily wonderful happiness.

"Again in the past, immeasurable, incalculable kalpas ago, as many as the grains of sand in the Ganges River, there appeared in the world a Buddha bearing the title of Ratnasambhava Tathagata. Any man or woman, hearing this Buddha's name and showing respect to him, will soon attain the stage of an Arhat.

"Again in the past, immeasurable asankhyeya kalpas ago, there appeared in the world a Buddha bearing the title of Kasayadhvaja Tathagata. Any man or woman, hearing this Buddha's name, will be exonerated from all the sins he or she ever committed during his or her rebirths and deaths in one hundred great kalpas.

"Again in the past, there appeared in the world a Buddha bearing the title of Mahabhijna-Sumeru Tathagata. Any man or woman, hearing this Buddha's name, will encounter Buddhas, as numerous as the grains of sand in the Ganges River, preaching extensively to him or her, and will definitely attain Bodhi.

"Again in the past, there appeared many other indescribable Buddhas such as Sudhacandra Buddha, Sumeru Buddha, Jnanajina Buddha, Vimalanamanraja Buddha, Jnanasaddhi Buddha, Anuttara Buddha, Sughosa Buddha, Full-Moon Buddha and Moon-Faced Buddha.

"O World Honored One, all the sentient beings of the present and future generations-whether devas or human beings, whether males or females-will gain immeasurable meritorious virtue even if they invoke the name of only one Buddha. But how much better even will it be to invoke many names! These beings will automatically gain great benefit while living and while dead, and they will not ever fall onto the evil paths of existence.

"When someone is approaching the end of his life, if any of his relatives or even only one person should, on his behalf, invoke aloud the name of just one Buddha, such a dying person will be exonerated from all karmic retribution for his sins other than the unpardonable offenses.

"The five unpardonable offenses are those sins of the utmost, seriousness, and usually a person committing such offenses cannot be acquitted of them even after millions of kalpas. However, if at the time of his death, others invoke, on his behalf, Buddhas' names, then even some of these extremely serious offenses will gradually be reduced and eradicated. But how much better even would it be for the dying one to invoke the Buddhas' names himself in order to gain immeasurable bliss and to eradicate innumerable sins!"




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