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Subject: [CASonline] The Great Guru & Perfections Roars !!


Dearest Friends @ CAS,

Padmasambhava: Guru Rinpoche
We simply could not give you enough of Guru Padmasambhava.
The Buddha Himself prophesied, Je Tsongkhapa praised, the Dalai Lamas taught and every lineal Masters told us to go for Him !!
The heart of Guru Rinpoche rests in the famed Seven Line Prayer and His mantra ( Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung: ).
The Seven Line Prayer of Guru Padma is the condensed aspect of the whole of the entire Kangyur or Tripitaka, the complete range of sacred texts taught by Lord Buddha.
Every, single terma cannot fail not to begin with it.
This is the unfailing invocation of holy Chenrezig in His supreme form as the great Guru Padmasambhava !! 
So, here, our friends, we present to you, the Seven Line Prayer, come back full circle from our Gurus here in the exotic east to our vajra buddies in the wild, hip west and swinging right back to us again, complete with the Brazilian thumps and awesome chants !!
Tune-up the volume.
THE u-tubee to blast and quake samsara !!
The Longchen Nyingthig tells us that the Seven Line Prayer originates from the divine Vajrayogini Herself anf her innumerable swarms of dakinis who circumambulates Mount Sumeru and aspires, splitting their hearts with the purest complete Bodhicitta, for the Great Guru Padma to manifest.
This, then, is THAT commentary by Ju Mipam on THE Seven Line Prayer:

ORGYEN [ Pure Land of Orgyen ] YUL [ country ] GYI [ at ] NUP [ west ] CHANG [north ] TSAM [ border]

PEMA [ lotus ] KESAR [ pistil ] DONGPO [ stem ] LA [ at ]

YATSEN [ marvelous ] CHOK [ supreme ] GI [ ( ??s) ] NGO DRUP [ accomplishments ] NYE [ attained ]

PEMA [ lotus ] JUNGNE [ source ( born ) ] SHYE SU [ ( thus ) called ] DRAK [ known to all ]

KHOR [ retinue ] DU [ for ] KHANDRO [ dakini ] MANGPO [ many ] KOR [ surrounded ]

KHYE [ you ] KYI [ ( ??s) ] JE SU [ after ] DAK [ I ] DRUP [ practice ] KYI [ grammar ]

CHIN GYI LAP CHIR [ to bless ] SHEK SU [ come ] SOL [ to request ( pray ) ]


( The above word-for-word meaning annotation, courtesy of Thubten Loden, main attendant of HH the late 100th Ganden Trisur -- GRATITUDE !! )
bb & frens @ CAS in SALUTE !! 
This issue's Buddhist Quiz has taken on a life of its own. The fast fingers - scroll right down to the bottom. We are serious. We meant business.
Don't say we never tell you. We are serious. We meant business.

What's in store ??


Lord Master: Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse



Teachers' blessings

A borrowed tribute:

His Holiness Penor Rinpoche - Supreme Head Emeritus of the Nyingma Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism



Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture:

The Great Great Kashyapa & saga of the bowl cover - spurning Lord of the Gods
( amongst others )


The Sure-Steps to Enlightenment:

- Application Bodhicitta ( The Sixth Perfection - Wisdom )

- Lam Rim Bonus:
The Three Higher Trainings ( Ethics / Meditation / Wisdom )
- The Bodhisattva's Four Means of Gathering Disciples  


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You got to know this !! 

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Lord Master:

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

At the Eiffel Tower in Paris, he said, "The effort to build such a structure is quite useless. In Tibet, we would only take such trouble for something like a stupa or a temple that would benefit the teachings or beings." He also went to the United Nations in New York. An interpreter informed Rinpoche, "This is where all the countries of the world meet to discuss important matters" But Rinpoche thought to himself, "Whether they meet or not, they probably don't discuss even one word in accordance with the Dharma - this is pointless." He then chanted a prayer for the propagation of the Dharma by Jamgon Kongtrul called the "Infalliable Refuge" three times.

( Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche ) 


One of the more extraordinary features among the infinite qualities of the great terton Dilgo Khyentse was that he was extremely concerned about all the lineages of Tibetan Buddhism­. Most lamas are only concerned with their own tradition and lineage, but Khyentse Rinpche was quite the opoosite. He was truly nonsectarian. He had true pure vision toward all the lineages of the entire doctrine­. He would often invite lamas from other traditions and schools in order to spread their lineages, especially when certain lineages were in danger of declining. For instance, he invited Taklung Shabdrung Rinpoche to give empowerments from the Taklung Kagyu lineage; concerned that Khyentse Chokyi Lodro's Sakya lineage would decline, he invited Pewar Tulku who had personally received the "Path and Result" from Chokyi Lodro, to give some Sakya empowerments.

( Tsikey Chokling Rinpoche ) 

Autobiogrphy of Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche; "Brilliant Moon" ( Shambala Publications )  



Teachers' Blessings

To our precious Teacher, the great Palyul Master and Supreme Head Emeritus of the Nyingma Lineage, Pedma Norbu Rinpoche....
Rinpoche bestowed and showed us the highiest of the highest mandalas of the great Shitro, Kalachakra, Nyingthig Yabshi, Vajrakilaya. You gave us Khenpo Guru, Kalsang Tulku, Khenpo Tsering Dorje and so many of your emanated selves delivering the pitifully blind beings @ CAS from worldly and spiritual fears.
We really cannot speak in face of the sheer immensity of your kindness to our friends @ CAS.
Complete gratitude.  
A borrowed tribute:


Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture

   The Venerable Maha Kashyapa reflected. " ....... I'll go then and do good deeds for the poor." ....
    Meanwhile a certain woman dependent on the city for alms, who was afflicted with leprosy and was pained and diseased with rotten limbs, was wandering for alms. The Venerable Maha Kashyapa approached her, though she had only the foamy water from boiled rice that she herself had received as alms. Then she saw the Venerable Maha Kashyapa, who instilled faith through his body and through his mind and was calm in his actions. 
    "Surely i've never served one so worthy of an offering before," she reflected. "And so my condition is as it is. If the noble Maha Kashyapa will take pity on me and accept this rice water of mine, then i should give it to him."
    Then the Venerable Maha Kashyapa, understanding her thoughts with his mind, held out his begging bowl. "If you have anything to spare, my sister, please put it in my bowl."
    Cultivating faith in her mind, she poured some rice water into his bowl. Then a fly fell in. She began to take it out when one of her fingers fell off into the rice water. She reflected,"Although the noble one, out of respect for my feelings, hasn't thrown this rice water away, he won't partake of it."
    Then the Venerable Maha Kashyapa, understanding her thoughts with his mind, sat down against the base of a wall and, right before her eyes, began to eat.
    She reflected, "Although the noble one, out of respect for my feelings, has partaken of this, he won't think of this food as proper meal."
    Then the Venerable Maha Kashyapa, understanding her thoughts, said this to that woman who was dependent on the city for alms, "Sister, i am happy! I can pass the whole day and night on the food that you have given me."
    She became very excited. "The noble Maha Kashyapa has accepted alms from me !" Then, while cultivating faith in her mind for the Venerable Maha Kashyapa, she died and was reborn among the gods of Tushita. .....
    Though Shakra, lord of the gods, saw the woman offering ricewater, cultivating faith in her mind, and then dying, he didn't see where she was reborn. He began to look through the various hells, but he didn't see her. Then he looked through the realms of animals, hungry ghosts, and mortals, and mong the gods of the Four Great Kings and Thirty Three, but still he didn't see her. This is the case because gods can look and come to know what is below them but not what is above them. So Shakra, lord of the gods, approached the Blessed One and, having approached, asked a question in verse:
Where is that woman who rejoiced,
giving rice water to Kashyapa,
while the great being Kashyapa
was wandering about for alms?
The Blessed One replied:
There among those gods named Tushita,
who have success in all they desire,
is that woman who rejoiced,
giving rice water to Kashyapa.
    Then it occured to Shakra, lord of the gods, "These mortals can't see the results of merit and demerit before their eyes, and yet they make offerings and perform meritorious deeds. I can see the results of my own merit. So why shouldn't I make offerings and perform meritorious deeds? This noble Maha Kashyapa has pity for the poor, for orphans, for the destitute, and for beggars. I really should offer him alms."
    With this in mind, Shakra magically created a dilapidated, broken-down house in which crows lurked, on a road where poor people lived. Then he magically transformed himself into a weaver dressed in hempen rags and weaving a rumpled turban. With cracked hands and feet, he began to weave on a loom. Near her, divine ambrosia stood ready. 
    Now the Venerable Maha Kashyapa, having pity for the destitute, for orphans, and for beggars, went to their homes one after another. "This is so sad," he thought as he stood at their doorways holding out his bowl. Then Shakra, lord of the gods, filled his bowl with divine ambrosia.....
    Maha Kashyapa began to focus his attention, and then he saw that it was Shakra, lord of the gods . 
    From then on, the Venerable Maha Kashyapa began to enter households for alms only after focusing his attention. Meanwhile, Shakra, lord of the gods, would float in the air, and as the Venerable Maha Kashyapa would wander for alms, he would fill his begging bowl with divine ambrosia. The Venerable Maha Kashyapa, in turn, would flip his bowl over and the food would spill out.
    The monks explained this situation to the Blessed One.
    The Blessed One said, "Therefore, i permit a begging-bowl cover to be used." 
From "Indra-Brahmana Avadana" - Wisdom Publications; translated by Andy Rotman.

"The Sure-Steps to Enlightenment."

( Meditation on the Lam Rim - rough, authentic notes. )



( Perfection of Wisdom )




To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings.

So I learn every possible worldly knowledge helpful as a step towards accumulation of Wisdom for attainment of Buddhahood.     

[ Learning and practicing courtesy / sciences / arts etc ]  

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )




To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings.

I recognize the view that every phenomenon exists only conventionally as mentally imputed object/s; in the ultimate sense, every phenomena is "empty" as it needs to be mentally-imputed for its identification.

I rest in this view so as to accumulate Wisdom for attainment of Buddhahood.

[ Basing upon the Fifth Perfection, to recognize that: water is nectar for the gods / water is water for humans / water is pus and dirt for hungry ghosts / etc. Mercedes Benz is recognized and looked up to in Singapore but means completely different to Papua tribesmen etc. Concept of beauty is relative to the culture etc. ]       

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )




To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings.

So I recognize the view that every phenomenon exists only conventionally when aggregated upon its component parts; in the ultimate sense, every phenomenon is "empty" as it needs its component parts to establish its existence.

I rest in this view so as to accumulate Wisdom for attainment of Buddhahood.

[ Basing upon the Fifth Perfection, to recognize that: a table can only be a table if the legs and top are in place / a car can only be a car if the wheels, seats, engine etc are in place / likewise for all phenomena etc­.  ]      

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )




To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings.

So I recognize the view that every phenomenon exists only conventionally in inter-dependence upon other external phenomena; in the ultimate sense, every phenomenon is "empty" as it cannot establish its existence without reliance upon other phenomena.  

I rest in this view so as to accumulate Wisdom for attainment of Buddhahood.

[ Basing upon the Fifth Perfection, to recognize that: there cannot be male without female / there cannot be good without bad etc   ] 

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )


[ Here ends the main points dealing with the Eighth Topic ( Part Six ) of all Lam Rim traditions. Carry them out wherever possible. ] 



Lam Rim Bonus

The first Four Perfections ( ETHICS ) are the strength against delusion-suffering.

The 1st Fifth Perfection: "Calm Abiding" ( MEDITATION I ) takes accurate aim at delusion-suffering.

The 2nd Fifth Perfection: "Mindfulness" ( MEDITATION II ) is the tool for hitting delusion-suffering.

The 6th Perfection: "Wisdom" ( WISDOM ) actually hits and destroys delusion-suffering.



A Bodhisattva's Four Means of Gathering Disciples   


The four ripening factors refer to the four principal factors that bodhisattvas employ in attracting disciples and enhancing their spiritual potentials. These are: (1) giving material aid; (2) speaking eloquently; (3) always giving the right counsel; and (4) setting an example by living the principles taught. It is through these skillful means that the compassionate bodhisattvas work for the welfare of all other beings.



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Sorig Herbal Massage Oil (Juk-Nuum-Agar-Dhethear) is prepared on the basis of herbal ingredients for pacifying loong disorders. As stated in the Tibetan Medical Text, its regular application will assist in relieving physical and mental strain, thus keeping the mind and body fresh and light. It also enhances memory, blood circulation, reduces excess body fat, relaxes muscles, ligaments and nerves, and regenerates body cells. (Net. Vol. 75ml)
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You Got To Know This !!

What is a Buddha !!

    You may have noticed that we are sending chunks of "Buddha stories". This is because we have seen really enough of "buddhists" mouthing the refuge, chanting wanting to be a Buddha for the good of the world but horrifyingly thinking that buddhas crouched on altars in front of stale oranges and sticks of burning incense.  

    This is not the FUNNIEST yet !! We have spoken to plenty of friends especially from the "Vajrayana" circle, who thought Buddhas are horned multi-armed snarling creatures who breathed fire and stared at pitiful beings with blood shot eyes !!
    Of course, ( thank Guru !! ) the well-taught disciple will know that these meditational deities ( "Yidams" ) are objectified-materialisation of our samsaric selves in its full splendour, replete with all possible defilements, now recognized in its intrinsically pure aspect, recognized and stabilized out of Uncommon Bodhicitta, unbearable compassion for all our confused mothers.
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama has spoken before of how many sectarian cat fights in Tibet arise from side-lining the words of the Buddha Himself and clinging-interpretinng wrongly instead on some lesser lineal teachers' talking.
    His Holiness has also stipulated, for doctrinal decency and propriety besides Buddhist unity, to emplace Lord Buddha as the central object of refuge and field of merit for every Tibetan Buddhist shrine. Gold metalled bodhisattvas, gurus and enlightened protectors are lovely but, please, even when Lord Buddha walks the earth, no other saints dare mound above THE TEACHER !!   
    Also, although it is probably out of love to weigh heavy crowns on the head of Lord Buddha, but, perhaps, only the Tibetans and Burmese can readily recognize the crowned Buddha as the Buddha !! Hence, His Holiness recommended the Buddha in His Supreme Nirmanakaya aspect, a fully-ordaind monk, the lord and conqueror Shakyamuni.      
    How do we say we want to attain Buddhahood for all when we do not even know properly what the state of Buddhahood is, at least as understood and described ??!!
    How could we take refuge in the Buddha when we do not even know correctly who the Buddha is, at least, as understood and presented in the sacred literature ??!!
    This is the reason for presenting the "Pure Vision": a description of the state of Buddhahood before bestowal of the Sakya tradition's pinnacle of the Lam Dre Hevajra empowerments and of course, for Je Tsongkhapa's insertion of the Refuge ( plus its attendant details of the the state of Buddhahood ) after Death and Impermanence section in the Lam Rim and, of course, the entire Lam Rim precedes the Gelugpa heart practice of the Solitary Diamond Terrifier and the Three Supreme Yidams. Similar schemes are firmly ensconsed in the Kagyu and Nyingma, without doubt.   
    I am sure our friends @ CAS want no place in any perversion of the good Dharma however common matters like these could have become !!
    It seems pertinent and coincidental indeed that we are touching on this point here as we will soon be trooping into the "Ngag Rim" section after our long series of the "Lam Rim".
    So, above, we introduced the great Maha Kashyapa ( this means "great" in sanskrit - so now, we have "The Great Great Kashyapa" !! ), Lord Buddha Shakyamuni's third seniormost disciple. He offers a good peek into the utter selflessness of a Buddhist saint.


We have decided to increase the prizes awarded to 15 WINNERS !!
The beings @ CAS feel nasty turning away so many friends who have replied but whose fingers were simply just that bit slower than others !!


Lord Buddha instituted the rule of having a cover over a monk's alms bowl because

1) He is concerned about the negative impression-message projected to the public and the younger monks, even from, with perfectly justifiable and valid reasons, rejecting heavenly offerings for the bad

2) He feels that monks have perfect rights to keep their food hygienic and clean. Who doesn't ??

3) He wants the Lord of the Gods to know that even he cannot force a disciple of Lord Buddha to accept offerings. Especially if the disciple is, helplessly compelled by the purest and greatest Bodhicitta, dead intent on wanting the poor and miserable to create merit.

4) What is an alms bowl without a cover ?? Centuries down the road, Burmese monks could use it as a form of passive resistance against dictators and criminals.  

( There is only one correct answer. Of course you know that. )    



All phenomena lacks inherent existence because:

1) Michael Jackson's dead

2) "You see what you want and can see": Barbie Dolls are equally attractive to boys and girls - target practice and little princess.

3) The Dalai Lama said so.

4) How to walk, eat and sleep if got no space ??!! Anybody knows that !!     

( There is only one correct answer. Just in case you forget. )  


Send your answers to bb @ CAS:

The very scary and mysterious prizes await the first 15 "fast and furious" Friends @ CAS !!


CONFETTIS for last issues' 3 CASonline's first Buddhist Quiz winners !!
They have won for themselves - precious small thangkas each - 21 Taras / Guru Padma / Je Tsongkhapa - blessed by the 100th Ganden Trisur, the Sharpa Choje, Loseling Khensur and Geshe Wangchen ( Teacher of Ling Rinpoche, the Dalai Lama's Senior Tutor ) 
"Hurrah !!"
ANS to last quiz:  
1) Pure devotion; Pure aspiration. 
2) Generosity; Ethics-Morality; Patience; Joyful Perseverance; Meditation. 

 7 -

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