Subject: [CASonline] We need You .....!!


                Are you ..... ??




Dearest Friends @ CAS ...... !!


    Camden Education Center: CAS's education wing, is urgently looking

for teachers for Primary and Secondary Science / Primary and Secondary English / Primary and Secondary Chinese.


It will be a bonus ( although not compulsive for the first clause !! ) if the friend applying:

- is a current or former MOE teacher/s

- has the commitment to want to offer your best for the students 



    The teacher will be deployed to teach only in the subject-area/s which he or she majors or is

trained in.  

    The remuneration package will be pegged to the "standard market rates" and is negotiable....

not forgetting that a certain percentage supports many of CAS's life-saving projects !!


    It will be an experience to work under the compassionate blessings of holy Chenrezig and the loving gaze His Holiness's portrait in Camden !!


More information on Camden --


Friends who want to jump onboard the Camden-CAS wagon, drop bb your CV at


Hearing from ye !!


bb  @ CAS of Thousand Arm Chenrezig


Snow Lion:

Quote of the Week

...when seeking work, or if you already have a job, it is important to keep in mind that a human being isn't meant to be some kind of machine designed only for production. No. Human life isn't just for work, like [a socialistic] vision where everyone's purpose is just to work for the state, and there is no individual freedom, where the state even arranges the person's vacations and everything is planned out for the individual. That is not a full human life. Individuality is very important for a full human life, and then accordingly some leisure time, a bit of holiday, and time spent with family or friends. That is the means to a complete form of life.... If your life becomes only a medium of production, then many of the good human values and characteristics will be lost--then you will not, you cannot, become a complete person.

So if you're looking for work and have a choice of a job, choose a job that allows the opportunity for some creativity, and for spending time with your family. Even if it means less pay, personally I think it is better to choose work that is less demanding, that gives you greater freedom, more time to be with your family, or to do other activities, read, engage in cultural activities, or just play. I think that's best.

--from The Art of Happiness at Work by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Dr. Howard C. Cutler, M.D.