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Dearest Friends @ CAS !!
It is with considerable excitement to inform all that His Eminence Luding Khen Rinpoche will be bestowing three of the most precious empowerments as preserved in the Sakya-Ngorpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism:
22 Dec 2007 - Empowerment of Maha Vairocana Buddha 
23 Dec 2007 - Empowerment of Black Manjushri ( From the Thirteen Golden Dharma )
24 Dec 2007 -  Empowerment of the Twelve-Arm Red Ganapati ( From the Thirteen Golden Dharma ) 
[ All the programme commences at 7:15 pm ]
[ The venue is tentatively decided at the auditorium, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre - 97 Tank Road ]


His Eminence the Luding Khen Rinpoche

His Eminence Luding Khen Rinpoche is one of the throne-holders of the Sakya-Ngorpa School of Tibetan Buddhism.
He occupies the great seat of Ngor and His illustrious predecessors include Dampa Rinpoche who is one of the Root Teachers of the present Sakya Trizin, the Supreme Head of the Sakya Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. 
His Eminence has accomplished all the major retreats of the main Yidams of the Sakya school and is a complete lineage cum throne-holder of the Sakya tradition in general and the Sakya-Ngorpa tradition in particular.
Abiding by the holy wishes and command of HH the Sakya Trizin, His Eminence has untiringly traversed the world for the good of the holy Dharma and all mother beings.  
Some "Asides":
The present Dalai Lama: "When it comes to detailed study of the great texts, it is the Sakya and Gelug systems which are the most developed. Of course, it would be correct to say that the Gelug tradition is in reality derived from the Sakya."
( As quoted from the Gelug Conference - Dec 2000: )
Je Tzongkhapa, the Founder of the Gelugpa School, wrote of the unblemished, intact transmission of the holy Teachings as preserved in the Sakya Tradition.
( As quoted from the Ganden Oral Tradition by Jam Willis )
The Maha Vairocana Empowerment
The Maha Vairocana Buddha Nara, Japan
"The supreme Maha Vairocana's inconceivable, majestic oceans of blessings and light envelopes the world, leading all beings to Liberation."
-- Lord Buddha Shakyamuni in the Avatamsaka Sutra ( "Hua-Yen Jing" )  
The Maha Vairocana -- in most of the major mandalas -- is the Supreme Lord of Buddha families.
The Maha Vairocana Empowerment is one of the most complex rituals preserved in Tibetan Buddhism and can only be bestowed by masters who are highly-trained and qualified in its unique ritualistic procedures, involving, literally, hundreds of its very special mudras, materials and visualisations.
One of the crown jewels of the holy Vajrayana Teachings as taught by Lord Buddha, the Maha Vairocana Tantra spans one of the largest cycles of tantric literature and is extant not only in Tibet but in fact, is considered THE supreme mandala in the eastern Vajrayana Tradition ( the "dong-mi" ) in both China and Japan.  
The Maha Vairocana Buddha -- as Lord Buddha Shakyamuni so taught in the Avatamsaka and other such major cycles of texts -- inspires some of the most awe-inspiring religious monuments the world as ever seen including the destroyed Bamiyan Buddhas, the royal chapels of Japan and the magnificent Dun Huang grottoes.
"Merely glancing at a picture of the Maha Vairocana Buddha mandala alone, uncountable aeons of negative karmas will be thoroughly and completely purified. The Buddha Himself so spoken thus in the Maha Vairocana Tantra."
-- HH the Sakya Trizin ( 1996; Sakya Tenphel Ling, Singapore )  
Misfortunes, disturbances, sicknesses affecting one or one's close ones can be completely pacified through the inconceivable blessings and merits of Vairocana Buddha Empowerment.
Especially, the Maha Vairocana is most renowned for its unparalleled "Jang-Chog" ceremonies whereby beings in the "bardo" can be led to liberation as well as incomparable accumulation of merit and wisdom from its mantra and practice.  
 The Sakya Tradition is famed throughout Tibet for its mastery of this great tantric cycle.
There will be no pre-requisites for receiving of the Maha Vairocana Empowerment from one of the leading luminaries and heads of the sacred Sakya lineage although all students are advised to attend this empowerment with the wish for the benefit of all mother beings and so that one could attain the completely enlightened state of Buddha for their welfare.
The Black Manjushri and the Twelve-Arm Red Ganapati
Both the Black Manjushri and the Twelve-Arm Red Ganapati are from the Thirteen Golden Dharma of the Sakya Tradition.
The Thirteen Golden Dharma, together with the Lam-Dre and the Dakini of Naropa, constitute three of the most esoteric cycles in the Sakya Tradition. The above dual practices are monumental cycles for the elimination of one's obstacles as well as the achievement of one's wishes, both spiritually and worldly.  
"I, Sachen Kunga Nyingpo, ( Founder of the Sakya Tradition), so speaketh the triumph over every obstacle, so maketh possible, through the practice of the Black Manjushri........ "
( From the colophon of the sadhana of Black Manjushri )
Students will need to have received a Highest Yoga Tantra Initiation -- Kalachakra / Hevajra / Yamantaka or the like -- before they could receive the Red Ganapati Empowerment.
There are no compulsory subsequent daily practices to be done after all three of the above initiations.
We are trying our best to acquire the practice-accomplishment-offering texts of the above deities so that all students can engage in the subsequent practices after the programme. Do pray for successful acquisition !!
The texts will be offered free to all serious students but all offerings from the programme will be offered for establishment of the Sakya-Ngor Tantric College in-exile.  
Students may send their text-requests to bb @ CAS: before 12 mid-night, 18 December 2007 ( !! ). 
All Friends @ CAS are requested to dedicate and pray for the highest good to come from the programme !!
"Namo Amituofo !!"
bb & other beings  @ CAS of Thousand Arm Chenrezig