Date: 12/7/2009 11:37:56 PM
Subject: [CASonline] The Complete Transmissions

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
The Drepung Loseling Khensur Rinpoche is confirmed to Singapore for "The Complete Transmissions" spanning the full range of the Buddha's teachings from 11 to 21 Dec 2009.
( The visa is just approved this morning 0900 hrs and the translator just confirmed tonight 2205 hrs )
This will truly be one of those rarest occasions where the full spectrum of the Dharma will once more be taught by a fully-qualified Master of the Dharma in the human realm !! 
Where the pure Dharma reigns, in the shadow lurks creepy odds !!   
Of note will be the transmission and teaching on "Lama Chodpa" and Je Tsongkhapa's "A Letter of Practical Advice on Sutra and Tantra".
"Lama Chodpa" is an essential, critical and pivotal practice that involves the "integral practice of the three deities Yamantaka, Guhyasamaja and Heruka": the Body Mandala of Guhyasamaja, the self-generation of Yamantaka and the  offering of Heruka. The instruction is extremely rarely given especially outside the mainstream monastic circle.
Je Tsongkhapa's famed instruction via His letter to His teacher-cum-disciple is a complete and poignant instruction spanning the full sutra and tantra points of the entire of Lord Buddha's teachings. No spiritual souls should miss this and we are in fact quite surprised that this Letter cum text has not yet been taught before in Singapore !! 
We have thrown in the Black and White Six Arm Mahakalas to ensure full ripening of the above !!
We are now exploring the inclusion of the above 2 sets of teachings via "live" webcast to anywhere in the world:
The "live" webcast of the Dharma sharing on 12 & 13 Dec is confirmed. 
Audio and Visual archive should also be in place to preserve Khensur Rinpoche's precious teachings for long.
The full programme with venue and timing details are available at
Details and write-up of the programme is at
Please pray and dedicate for the highest good to come of the programme which is hosted with minumum-available-resources, solely, purely for good of the Dharma and all mother beings.
"Namo Amituofo !!"
bb & all the dreadfully fortunate students  @ CAS of Chenrezig