[CASonline] Collection of Nice Things --

Our Dearest Friends @ CAS belonging to Powerful Thousand-Arm Chenrezig,
Gratitude to all for your support and blessings ......!! 
Too much accolades are bad for subduing the ego, but you know, they are extremely nice and very encouraging.
Am embarrassed to include a ( very ) selected few garlands of praise from our friends ..... but we are going to send it anyway !!
We are truly grateful for so many of your cheers, so loud, so clear and so empowering !!
Most of the time, after reading them, however, itchy fingers accidentally deleted them..... freaking-out while pretending not to generate "attachment" and "pride", everything after weeping silly with euphoria and knocking down a few furniture from rolling ( too !! ) ecstatically on the floor !!
We have not forgotten them. 
Every one of your well-wishes have been offered into the hearts of Lord Chenrezig. 
For your rejoicings, to share and partake in the sparkling little pieces of Merits !!
Sending to you, also, a message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Secretary, acknowledging the prayer-pledges you have all offered so sincerely and purely, for the long-life and holy activities of His Holiness, all holy Teachers and all well-being of all father and mother sentient beings.
Finally, definitely not least, another collection of nice things:
A) Chanting of the Heart Sutra by Andy Lau, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Chinese Pops, 
B) The You Tube showing Yachen Monastery, the remaining largest congregation of the holy Sangha in occupied Tibet, 
C) A short snippet of the Dalai Lama in exile,
D) A Song in Praise of the great Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok
E) A song about "The World" with the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Urgyen Trinley Dorje 
The World


Compassion in Exile



Yachen Monastery



Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok

Andy Lau - Heart Sutra
bb & all in supreme rejoicings !!
[ Your Prayer-Pledges ]
7 March 2007
Dear friends, 
Thank you for the letters regarding long life prayers offered for His
Holiness by many members of your Society. We appreciate their gesture.
With warm wishes,
Chhime R. Chhoekyapa
Joint Secretary
Office of H.H. the Dalai Lama
Thekchen Choeling
McLeod Ganj - 176 219
Dharamsala, H.P.
[ Collating-Translation of the practice text of Lama Takhyung Barwa ]
Dear CAS,
   FRom the depth of my heart, I rejoices in successful completion of the Great Indisputable path to accomplish the Maha Siddhi. 
 This is indeed one of the most Auspicious moment in our circle of practitioners...........
   I'm touched by all your sincere efforts to spread the holy teachings, & also to assist the others who is interested to learn & put them into useful practice.
Thank you so much.. its very much appreciated.
 Its really a great joy to me & no doubt it will benefits all others.
With such inexpressable joys, I will always pray for longlife &well-beings of HH Dalai Lama,& other Teachers....
                        OM RATNA MANDALA HUNG!
Yours in the Dharma,
  Ngawang Tashe (Robert) 
[ CAS's heave to launch of yet one more holy society -
stay good, stay on course !! ]
That the event you had organized last was instrumental in letting us meet Gangteng Rinpoche and so proceeded to set up Yeshe Khorlo Singapore.
May all be auspicious for you and CAS and all your good works continue to multiply mny folds, hope you are not overburdened lol .
Yours in Dharma
[ Our two girls in Teacher Training and Nursing College ]
......... In Manduwala, we all monks are fine and about my brother's family, all are fine. One thing to say to you is that since from almost 10 years, my brother has been disease from paralys, in this worst condition, your society ( CAS ) help his daughter for their future studies. Really you been very grateful for us. We never forget your kind hearted, compassion and grateful towards us. You ( CAS ) will be remember althrough our life..... 
Lama Phuntsok 
( Senior Attendant of HE Luding Khenchen )