Subject: [CASonline] Retreat Talk !!

( AA - stands for "Aunt Agony". AA is CAS's in-house counsellor.)
Friend @ CAS:
Do we need to attend all sessions and days of the retreats with Drikung Ontrul Rinpoche ?? I need to work overtime on
XXX day. My boss's not well-known for his kindness and patience. To make matters worse, he has sharp claws and an even
sharper tongue to prove his point !!
AA  @ CAS:
What worries ??!!
Ontrul Rinpoche has given his compassionate consent to students with important matters to attend only specific day/s and
session/s of the retreat/s. 
Friends are welcomed to attend sessions / days they can --
The Top Priority:
Practise when and whenever possible ..... for good of all !! 
On days you can come, give your shiniest of hearts to attend only for good of all that lives .... not forgetting your boss and
his sharp claws and tongue !!   
Friend @ CAS:
If we can attend only certain days or sessions, how much do we need to pay ??
AA  @ CAS:
Any amount will be gratefully received.
This is, not least, because we don't know how to calculate the specific costs for these "sporadic" attendees ..... and to really
implement and calculate makes us look ...... err..... more calculative than holy !!
It may appear unfair to students who pay the full costs of the programme ...... but then, they will reap the inconceivable merit
of supporting the entire programme and hence, the collected spiritual merit of all that attend the programme !!  
Friend @ CAS:
I am facing some financial constraints due to work retrenchment. My wife's not celebrating to know that i am coming
for the retreat and not spending precious time poring over the next issue of Classifieds. If she knows i spend some more, she
snarls and bites ..... hard !!
AA  @ CAS:
Despair not our dearest Friend ......!! 
The retreat costs are merely and strictly suggested payments ( only !! ) to help cover the hefty cost for hire of the auditorium
and most importantly, the participants' own accomodation during the retreat/s. They are never mandatory or compulsive in any
Any amount offered by the students will be gratefully channeled into the above, the excess ( if any ) will be offered to
Rinpoche and other noblest causes !!
If concern about costs, just drop us a line. No need payment or pay any amount will do !!
Woe to worries about the costs-payments !!
Chenrezig has opened more than a few windows for disasters a few million times scarier than money scare !!
With all conditions in place, the job will come and your wife will grow to love you more than just the new job !!
Friend @ CAS:
Can you tell us more about the programme ??
AA  @ CAS:
One of the most complete transmissions ( ever !! ) of the Mahamudra will be given by one of the truly greatest Masters alive.
This is a rarity unlikely replicated indeed !!   
The phowa:
THE Path to Liberation .... Without Meditation !!  
Rinpoche will be offering it from the Longchen Nyingthig this time as per CAS's elaborate plot for transmission of the entire
Longchen Nyingthig Cycle.  
We are expecting .... truly ( !! ) ..... more than a few students heading for Dewa Chen with Buddha Amitabha !!
Of course, the Master, the Drikung Ontrul is a great holy Master whom the late 16th Karmapa recognized as one of the 25
Heart Disciples of Guru Padmasambhva. He met and accomplished realizations under the great Guru !!
One seldom has the Dalai Lama talking about one's strong bodhicitta unless, of course, you are the Drikung Ontrul !!   
The Queen of Great Bliss will be replaced by an extremely precious initiation cum transmission of Mahamudra that neither
the clever bb nor CAS's other beings ever heard of !!
This and other details are still available at the loveliest of all websites ( a clue: it is under the "Latest News Section" )--
"May all Retreat Talks reap highest good to all !!"
 bb & other ( very joyful ) beings @ CAS relying on holy Chenrezig