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Date: 08/09/05 00:09:37
Subject: [CASonline] Nice note to the end of the "Lap Top project" --
Dearest Friends,
CAS is glad to inform all that collection for Gen KK's lap top is completed as we have managed to raise
the full amount of S$1,800/-....
all through our friends' kindness and generosity .....
[ we are however still waiting for some pledged amount !! ]
Although some of CAS's "traditional" kind, "big" sponsors have offered to pay the whole amount, we,
nevertheless, thought to share the great happiness and merit of Giving to a genuine, venerable old member
of the Buddha's noble Sangha, with all friends, whether "big", "medium" or "regular" [ think McDonald's !! ] Sponsors .....
All are equally kind and equally cherished........
Of course, although the amount is nowhere near the annual collections for the great monasteries, our concert
at the Esplanade or even say the NKF......
there will, anyway, forever remain a safe and beautiful place where sincerity glows and gratitude cherished ---
With gratitude and prayers,
"Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha ............!!"
bb @ CAS
Friends who will want a receipt but have not emailed or posted us your return address, may do so and we will send to
you soonest............  
 Dear Kunga La,*


Thank you so much for your emails about your endless kindness.

I pray that you are in good health and that all things are happy in your life. It was a great pleasure to have your kind support. I again wish to convey

my sincere thanks for the generosity showered on me. The Lap Top will be a great  support for the ongoing projects in the library's Audio/Visual

archives and will keep you updated on the progress of my work here in the Library.  It works so smoothly. I again expressed my deep appreciation.


Chozed La had already sent the 12 years old monk's photo by post. I also requested to send 10 other photos of Phara house monks who recently

come from Tibet. Hope he will soon send to you. Sarah and her friend left today from Dharamsala. During their stay over, I try my best to help them. 

We enjoyed our nice meetings and I had also send some small gifts to you and for offer to your friends who supported so kindly for the lap top. Hope

she will tell you in details. I wonder why they kept two thousand Indian rupees so secretly in my bag. Please tell them that I will used this money for the

lap top when I need something to buy.  My prayers for there safe and sound arrival in Singapore.


In the meantime, if you need anything from Dharamsala, please don't hesitate to ask me.  As always I at the library remain most appreciative of your

valued assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.


With My Warmest Regards,


Yours sincerely,


Geshe KK

In-Charge of Audio/Visual Archives,


Gangchen Kyishong,

Dharmsala - 176215,

H.P., India.



Note from bb: "Kunga-la" is the name of one interesting being in CAS. 


Dearest Gen KK-la,
it remains bb's and CAS's deep honour to be of any service to all our friends .........
His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the actual human form of Lord mighty Chenrezig ---
who showed Himself to the centuries and centuries of chinese mother sentient beings before and
even after China turns "red" as the holy, compassionate Guan Yin Pu Sa ---
whom we offer all our lives in complete and total surrender and refuge ...........
Without doubt, too, we are told by the 100th Ganden Trisur Rinpoche --- who has made selfless aspirations to
take wild beings like ourselves under His care and protection for so many lives in the past, now and also in the
future --- to please continue with all that we are doing.....
Hence, there is no question at all that we should give our lives and hearts to serve our precious, holy Teachers,
who are actually all the Buddhas, the holy Dharma and the noble Sangha, all combined into One --
We pray with all our hearts and our lives that we will be able to courageously and successfully work to fulfill our precious Teachers' holy wishes.......
Actually, all that we have managed to do so far are so shamefully minute and insignificant when keeping in
mind the completely inconceivable majesty of the Buddhas' skilful works ......
We bow our heads in shame and will never dare even to think of attempting any careless or vainly bold
comparison, which traditionally is likened to a grain of sand and the mighty Mount Sumeru; senseless prattle
of an baby and the Lion's Roar of a Buddha and  in CAS's context, a chicken and the great Garuda ......
Sarah has sent me a message via her mobile phone saying that she is so grateful for all the care that Gen-la
has given her and i supposed the money is her modest way of expressing her gratitude to you --     
It is through the kindness and trust of CAS's loyal friends this time and all the years throughout, that we have
been able to fulfill slightly, our Teachers' intent ---
With all our friends.....in prayer and joy,
kunga and all friends within / without CASonline
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