Subject: [CASonline] Special Notice: Documented - Rinpoche's Thukdam".

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
Forwarding to all, latest news on CAS's precious Root Teacher: a spiritual giant, documented and "proven", a triumph of spirituality.   
Although, we have known all along the Ganden Trisur's extremely high state of realisation, it remains inconceivable for our little minds to finally grasp documented "proofs" of our precious Teacher's inconceivable skilful manifestation for the highest good and benefit to all.... even at and in death.
Pure Bodhicitta:
"Om Ah Guru Vajradhara Sumati Surya Siddhi Hung Hung"
Rejoicings at our friends' rejoicings, homages and contact with our precious Root Lama.
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Date: 10/07/08 22:42:26
Subject: [vajrayana_penang] Former Ganden Tripa Stays on 'Thukdam' for 18 Days

Effects such as below can only be done by someone who have years of practice. It doesnot come in just 1 or 2 days of practice. As long as we keep on creating the circumstances for ignorance, anger and greed to fester within us, that is as long as illnesses and problems will return to haunt us again and again... even as we seek cures for them again and again. Only when the root of the problem is overcome, then we have some hope of overcoming illnesses and problems forever. But by that time, if we have any real bodhicitta, we would gladly wish to take on problems and illnesses from others. So, illnesses and problems will never go away, will they? How do you suffer it, with ignorance or enlightenment? :)
And after overcoming the root of the problem, hopefully eventually when we die, we will die just the way of HH Ganden Tripa and the way of many other lamas as well, who have died in this manner too!!  
[Tuesday, October 07, 2008 12:38]
Dharamshala, October 6 : Doctors and researchers at the Drepung monastery were amazed to witness a rare spectacle in the south Indian Tibetan settlement of Mungod. His Eminence Lobsang Nyima, the former Gaden Tripa, who passed away on September 14, stayed in Thukdham for 18 days, till 1st October.

Thukdham, as per Tibetan Buddhist Tantric practice, is explained as a stage in which a highly learned lama or practitioner with his life time practice of meditation is able to meditate on the 'Clear Light Stage' an ultimate process of inner dissolution of five elements and consciousness. The practitioners, while in Thukdham, are able to control their body from decomposition and to maintain the internal body heat.

Tenzin Namdul, a Tibetan doctor at the Men-Tsee-Khang, and Dr. Yangzom Dolker of Delek hospital, were sent to Mundgod, South India to scientifically investigate the effect of Thukdham on Trisur Rinpoche's body. Thukdham project was initiated last December in collaboration with Dr. Richard Davidson's brain imaging laboratory at University of Wisconsin under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, says Dr. Namdul. The doctors measured the effect of Thukdham on Rinpoche's body through EEG, ECG and body temperature using latest scientific equipment.

Tibetans as well as Indians thronged Drepung for Rinpoche's blessing. A team of researchers and scientists from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation from Bangalore arrived to witness what they later termed as a "scientific breakthrough in the effect of intense meditation". Another team of senior doctors and neuroscientists from Belgaum's KLES Prabhakar Kore Hospital where Rinpoche breathed his last also arrived to witness the spectacle.

"The doctors commented this is something they need to see to believe and now that they have witnessed it, they said they are simply surprised and speechless. Both the team expressed strong desire in initiating a collaborative project on this important and complex subject" Dr. Namdul said.

Some say that longer period of meditation will prolong the arrival of his reincarnation. Dalai Lama had asked the attendants of Gaden Trisur to allow the mediation to continue. Earlier, the Tibetan leader had said that scientists should examine the state of thukdham of Tibetan masters and Lamas.

Under guidance of Dalai Lama, Trisur Rinpoche's body will be mummified so that people can have his audience and be blessed by his presence, Dr. Namdul said.