Date: 03/09/06 22:18:32
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Subject: [CASonline] For all holy, Teachers -- Guides of the World

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Dear Friends,
His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, one of the main Teachers of HH the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche, Senior Head of the Drikung Kagyu Tradition, has indicated His wish to enter the Nirvana and has in recent years, manifested signs of sicknesses as a Teaching to students the truth of Impermanence --
Chestang Rinpoche has recommended that all students to request Garchen Rinpoche to live-long for good of the holy Teachings and all mother sentient beings --
Chetsang Rinpoche has recommended the following prayer for Garchen Rinpoche's Long-Life and continued holy activities:
Supplication to Arya Tara
Namo Arya Tareye!
Lady Tare, [ you ] are the mother of the Victorious Ones of the past, present and future! Deliver [ me ] from the eight perils, merciful goddess! You who, with a hundred names, are the protectress from danger and suffering, think of me with compassion! Venerable Lady, in all circumstances - nnow, in the future and in the bardo - hold me with constant, inseparable compassion! Bestow your magnificent blessing that outer, inner and hidden obstacles be pacified and my intentions be swiftly accomplished.
This prayer, slightly modified from the original Tibetan by Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche, was translated at his request by the disciple Ari-ma.
When the fortunate beings @ CAS met with Paltrul Rinpoche in February 2006, the beings requested Rinpoche for a prayer to request all holy Teachers to live-long and Paltrul Rinpoche told the beings @ CAS to do the Seven-Limb Prayer from the great Bodhisattva Samantabhadra's "King of Prayers" as found in the famed Avatamsaka Sutra:
We are attaching the prayer below:
You lions among humans,
Gone to freedom in the present, past and future
In the worlds of ten directions,
To all of you, with body, speech and sincere mind I bow down.

With the energy of aspiration for the bodhisattva way,
With a sense of deep respect,
And with as many bodies as atoms of the world,
To all you Buddhas visualized as real, I bow down.

On every atom are Buddhas numberless as atoms,
Each amidst a host of bodhisattvas,
And I am confident the sphere of all phenomena
Is entirely filled with Buddhas in this way.

With infinite oceans of praise for you,
And oceans of sound from the aspects of my voice,
I sing the breathtaking excellence of Buddhas,
And celebrate all of you Gone to Bliss.

Beautiful flowers and regal garlands,
Sweet music, scented oils and parasols,
Sparkling lights and sublime incense,
I offer to you Victorious Ones.

Fine dress and fragrant perfumes,
Sandalwood powder heaped high as Mount Meru,
All wondrous offerings in spectacular array,
I offer to you Victorious Ones.

With transcendent offerings peerless and vast,
With profound admiration for all the Buddhas,
With strength of conviction in the bodhisattva way,
I offer and bow down to all Victorious Ones.

Every harmful action I have done
With my body, speech and mind
Overwhelmed by attachment, anger and confusion,
All these I openly lay bare before you.

I lift up my heart and rejoice in all positive potential
Of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas in ten directions,
Of solitary realizers, hearers still training and those beyond,
And of all ordinary beings.

You who are the bright lights of worlds in ten directions,
Who have attained a Buddha's omniscience through the stages of awakening,
All you who are my guides,
Please turn the supreme wheel of Dharma.

With palms together I earnestly request:
You who may actualize parinirvana,
Please stay with us for eons numberless as atoms of the world,
For the happiness and well-being of all wanderers in samsara.

Whatever slight positive potential I may have created,
By paying homage, offering, and acknowledging my faults,
Rejoicing, and requesting that the Buddhas stay and teach,
I now dedicate all this for full awakening. 

The below is a nice, little exposition of the Seven-Limb Prayer:
[ The original article from which the following is extracted can be found at: ]
The 7-Limbs and / or others

At this point, one usually generates the Teacher and the Three Jewels in the form of one's Deity in the sky above oneself.
Oneself, also, in the form of the deity, performs the 7-Limbs towards "real" Deity, in front of oneself.
The 7-Limb Prayer is extracted from Samantabhadra's Aspiration Prayers of the Avatamsaka Sutra. Practising this 7-Limb is said to be the supreme way of accumulating merit.

Limb One
Prostrating, taking heart-felt Refuge in the Enlightened Beings -
The reasons for taking refuge:
i) Out of fear ( most basic level ) -
Seek protection for oneself from the treacheries of samsara
ii) Out of divinely great Compassion ( the Mahayana level ) -
Seek protection from the Three Jewels not for oneself but for others in the sense that one can then, with refuge, be of competence to help all beings

Limb Two
Making total and complete offerings to the Enlightened Objects -
One needs to absolutely offer everything, at least with the sincerest wishes, as it is usually not possible to offer in actual, real life, one's body, one's life, one's heart, all the gold and silver in one's banks, one's beauty, strength and all, so that we can swiftly accumulate merit for the attainment of Buddhahood for the good and liberation of all. If one holds anything back, this is a sign of not possessing total renunciation of one's self-grasping at one's samsaric objects of attachments. This will lead to further wandering in samsara. If one offers with absolute sincerity, one paves the way to letting go of self-grasping and the way to liberation so that we can be a Buddha for all.

Limb Three

Why Confession?
Committing defilements cause sufferings for oneself and others while
not committing defilements and cultivation of positive activities results in happiness for oneself and others.
This is in-line with the Mind-Training teachings that cherishing others
is the door to all happiness while selfishly cherishing oneself only is the door to all sufferings.

Confession -
the 4 powers of confession:
i) Regret committing defilements as it is negative and produces only suffering for oneself and others
ii) Sincere commitment never to engage in defilements again - this
is the clever way not have suffering again in the future
iii) Do the "opposite" - in place of anger, we'll have love; in place
of lies, we'll have honesty and truth; in place of killing, we'll
protect lives
iv) Doing purification practices through Vajrasattva, the 35
Confession Buddhas and / or other practices.

Limb Four
Rejoicing -
Feel the greatest happiness in all deeds and activities done for good and liberation of all, be it from your own organization, other organizations, Buddhist or otherwise. Always pledge and dedicate all your support with the purest and best of all best wishes for the unbridled success of these activities.
Think also that rejoicing reaps great merit while feeling jealous reaps great problems !!

Limb Five
Stay on Forever !!
Making the sincerest wishes that all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Teachers upholding the Teachings, whether you know them or not, and not just your own Teacher, to please stay on forever in this world for the good of all.
If one Buddha decides to pass away, we lost one illuminating lamp. If one Buddha decides to live on, the lamp persists in its brilliance for the joy of the world.

Limb Six
Teach us please !!
Making the sincerest of all wishes to the Teachers to please always "Turn the Wheel of Dharma" so that we may all learn about the teachings and so gain liberation from suffering.
If the Buddhas and Teachers don't teach, we will not be able to attain happiness. If they teach and we learn, transcendence from suffering and actualization of all happiness is at hand.

Limb Seven
Full-hearted Dedication and Sharing
Dedicate the incredible merit you have thus far accumulated, especially merit accumulated through this 7-Limb, to all unenlightened mother beings.
Think of their respective sufferings in samsara.
Remember always and empathise deeply with their problems, difficulties and sufferings.
Generate the greatest wish of wanting to help all beings with your total love and compassion, dedicating and sharing your merits with all these beings, all of whom having been our very parents, loved ones throughout all infinite lifetimes, again and again, having died for us, wept for us and sacrificed for us.
We completely offer and share entirely our hearts and love with the world with all its creatures in it always.


May all noble Master who uphold the holy Dharma live-long and may their holy activities flourish forever ..... !!

"Namo Amitofuo .....!!"

bb & other  @ CAS