Date: 03/09/06 21:20:57
To: CASonline
Subject: [CASonline] When Guru-Buddha Amitabha came .....!!

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The realized Master --
incarnation of the great Paltrul Rinpoche
 Dear Friends,
All friends @ CAS are awfully glad to share with all the unbelievable manifestation of the Guru-Buddha's blessings during our programme with the realized Master -- Paltrul Rinpoche's in Singapore last month --
Seeing it of great benefit to the holy Teachings and all mother sentient beings, the great Realized Teacher, Paltrul Rinpoche, in front of easily 500 plus fortunate students at the overflowed Ngee Ann Cultural Center in our beautiful Singapore, over a span of 2 days, manifested "miraculous" activities as He literally plucked or took relics out of thin air, manifested holy relics from His mouth, crown during the Grand Puja of Lord Buddha Amitabha according to the rare and precious Terma Cycle of Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok -- a main Nyingma Teacher of HH the present Dalai Lama --
Just before the last 2 days of the Grand Puja, Rinpoche privately told our friends that great signs will manifest --
During that very afternoon, right in front of the students, one huge relic spontaneously manifested at the holy crown of Paltrul Rinpoche who is the officiating Master of the puja --
Everyone was too astonished to make any move or remark --
Not long after, Rinpoche stopped His prayers and manifested another huge white, blessed relic from His Mouth --
Rinpoche then explained to all, the significance and merits of holy relics ......
that they are physical personification of the perfections of Enlighten-Buddhahood --  
Following, relics continuously manifested spontaneously in the holy texts of the participants, on the floor in front of participants, around the holy shrine, on Rinpoche's throne, from the Buddha statues on the shrine, in front of and from the holy pictures of Rinpoche's Teacher, Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok, throughout the next of the last two days, throughout the great Initiation of the Great Protector of the Dharma -- the Ganapati -- and definitely during the Great Initiation of Lord Buddha Amitabha --
Just before the initiation of Ganapati, Rinpoche entered the auditorium and prostrated to the holy stupa containing the Heart Relic of the great Drikung Kyobpa, in front of which is placed the holy picture of Rinpoche's Teacher.
With blissful joy, Rinpoche glanced back to the hundreds of students behind Him, offered a smile and hastened up the throne of the stage and right where Rinpoche prostrated, in front of hundreds, 20 over holy relics manifested on the ground ...... eager hands reached out and efficiently swooped them off as supports for their own practices.  
Then, halfway through giving blessings during the great initiation of Lord Buddha Amitabha, Rinpoche called bb @ CAS over and gleefully showed Him one pure white relic that manifested at the tip of His holy tongue, a relic that manifested from empty space in front of bb's puffy eyes --
Seconds later, Rinpoche motioned bb over again, and this time 3 more relics manifested at the tip of Rinpoche's tongue and Rinpoche "dropped" these 4 holy relics ( altogether ) onto the palms of bb --
Unmistakable warmth and bliss literally glowed from the relics --
To a few students, Rinpoche reached out into space in front Him and took out, again in front of the overflowed auditorium, white, shiny, holy relics --
We estimated that there could not be less than a hundred relics all participants received through one way or another -- 
bb and the hard-headed beings @ CAS are no fools of course and pride themselves as being somewhat theological conservatives of the Dharma.......
however, against, Rinpoche's truly genuine and unspeakable sincerity, backed up with His truly "theologically-sound" teachings, what fault can we hope to pick from these purest manifestation of goodness, this shining beacon of light and blessing in darkness ??
At the risks of ostracizing CAS from the mainstream Buddhist circle, which generally frowns upon such explicit displays of miracles, the beings @ CAS, have "no-choice" so-to-say, but to state exactly and truthfully as we and all hundreds of students have witnessed in a physically-"existent" venue in Singapore !!
But then, there can be no question absolutely of CAS's unshakeable commitment to the "defined-accepted-boundaries" of the Buddha's holy Teachings ..... which is that the greatest miracle is a change of heart but, citing the tantric commitments, miracles do and should manifest if for good to all --
Weren't we just sitting at the holy feet of Tri Rinpoche merely months back ??   
Back in Tibet, Rinpoche left His holy hand prints in solid rock in the holy pilgrimage sites of Wu-TaiShan and Er-Mei Shan .... two of the 4 most sacred mountains of the great Bodhisattvas Manjushri and Samantabhadra --
From within solid rocks, again with thousands of devotees as witnesses, Rinpoche retrieved sacred Terma -- holy Treasures hidden by Guru Padmasambhava centuries ago as supports for beings of this age -- one of which, a sacred Kilaya, Rinpoche brought along to Singapore --
At Malaysia, in 2005 November, Rinpoche joyfully pressed His hand into solid rock in front of hundreds of His fortunate students -- 
Again and again, to all the participants, Rinpoche seemingly manifested effortless "miracles" through appearances of relics in front of their very eyes, recounting of their innermost thoughts with so much understanding, acceptance and compassion and dispenses pointing-out advice from within His realized Enlightened Essence, dispensing blessings ever so selflessly, it healed wounds scarred by aeons of pitiful and lost wanderings in samsara, as well as giving His very heart and being to all ........  
A young, deeply compassionate, highly-realized and handsome recognized incarnation of the author of one of the greatest classics of Tibetan Buddhism --- "Words of my Perfect Teacher", a text that even HH the Dalai Lama taught from and which great luminaries like the present Karmapa, almost all the Nyingma and Kagyu Masters and the Ganden Tripas received teachings from, Paltrul Rinpoche, has completely manifested the inconceivable qualities of Enlightenment throughout His amazing holy activities in Tibet, China and even now in Malaysia and Singapore ......!!
Of course, the world has heard much of New Age Gurus pulling grapes out of thin air, gushed torrents of healing liquid from empty vases [ think --the Sai Baba..... !! ], in addition to holy Masters who easily read minds of fortunate disciples like an open book and who occasionally left initiation-vases standing in the air, [ Paltrul Rinpoche's very own Teachers -- the Enlightened Achuk Rinpoche and HH Penor Rinpoche ] this should, however, we believe, one of the very first times that "miracles" as such have been witnessed first-hand by all the truly blessed few hundred beings who attended Paltrul Rinpoche's programme in SINGAPORE ....... !!
Transcending displays as such, Paltrul Rinpoche should rightfully be counted as the Buddha's true-blooded noble Sangha, living up to Himself as authentic incarnation of the humble and holy first incarnation of Paltrul Rinpoche, through His utterly "non-attachment" to all material lustings, praise and blame and all worldly affairs ........
This, of course, according to the Buddha's Teachings, as enshrined in the holy scriptures, are indeed worthy models and greater "miracles" -- both of which, "greater" or "lesser" miracles, Paltrul Rinpoche has more than fairly manifested to all --
Expensive mobile phones offered to Rinpoche are given away the very next day to financially-deprived monks just arrived from Tibet --
Money offered to Him are only gratefully received if they are expressedly told to be meant for medical treatment to the poor villagers in Tibet and / or to purchase and liberate animals from fear of death --
Paltrul Rinpoche amazes all --- or perhaps should never have amazed anyone !! -- as being how much He is like His great predecessor, the "original" Paltrul Rinpoche who wanders incognito throughout the length and breadth of Tibet, as a completely poverty-stricken, owner-less great practitioner who cares only to benefit anyone with the right karmic link --  
No beings who attended Paltrul Rinpoche's programme, spoke to Him, who received Rinpoche's highly eloquent and blessed teachings could ever fail to recognize Rinpoche for who He really is ...... 
His untiring encouragement to all to aspire to seek final liberation from samasara by seeking rebirth into the Pure Land of Lord Buddha Amitabha and the means to get there: impeccable Faith / Aspiration and Conduct -- 
Just as with the present Dalai Lama's Nyingma Teacher, Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok, Paltrul Rinpoche's own Teacher, Rinpoche gave His commitment to all beings who participated in the programme and who forged a connection to Him, to liberate them at the time of death, if, of course, they hold their bonds and commitments and not ( further hence ) commit the Five Heinous Actions --  
All the beings @ CAS should rightfully exclaim their dreadful honour to be of service to this realized Master --
With all our gratitude to our partners, Pure Land -- the Dharma Propagation House, our faithful private sponsors, the tara-woman, Long-Ge, the rabbit, shaggy, the Ji and all the fantastic heroes and heroines who held the fort unflinchingly throughout the unbelievable 4 days when holy relics rain from the skies, bb @ all long-suffering creatures @ CAS, folded their claws and paid heart-felt homage !!
Beings who missed CAS's forever wonderful and clever programme may be excused for feeling like kicking themselves whilst whopping high up in the air ....... hey hey --
The saving-grace: Recording of Rinpoche's teachings are available upon request .......!! 
bb and all friends @ CAS
[ CAS may bade all farewell with a new disguise coming up.......
with blessings from HH the Dalai Lama Himself and who else but Paltrul Rinpoche ??!! ] 
Relics that manifested from Rinpoche's Body, Speech and Mind --