Date: 12/09/06 01:32:39
To: CASonline
Subject: [CASonline] Beautiful Wisdom --

Everything can be used as an invitation to meditation. A smile, a face in
the subway, the sight of a small flower growing in the crack of cement
pavement, a fall of rich cloth in a shop window, the way the sun lights up
flower pots on a windowsill. Be alert for any sign of beauty or grace. Offer
up every joy, be awake at all moments, to the news that is always arriving
out of silence.?
Slowly, you will become a master of your own bliss, a chemist of your own
joy, with all sorts of remedies always at hand to elevate, cheer,
illuminate, and inspire your every breath and movement.
Sogyal Rinpoche
The Orphan-Monks of Myanmar:
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From Rikzin-la