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Date: 10/02/05 19:46:31
Subject: [CASonline] Stamps / Programmes / Blessings ......
Dear Friends,
Will like to forward to you appeals and notices of Dharma programmes at various places:
Bintan Island, Tibet, Singapore, etc from our friends from around the world --
Also, am sending you other news, pics etc --
See all at Gangkar Rinpoche's programme.......!!
bb & other beings  @ CAS
 After being featured in one of the editions of Germany's stamps, now, His Holiness apparently decided to manifest as a toy !!
German toy company unveils Dalai Lama doll
NEUSS, GERMANY, Tuesday, September 27, 2005 (DPA) - A doll depicting the
Dalai Lama was unveiled in Neuss, Germany, on Monday in honour of the 70th
birthday last July 6 of Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.
The doll measures 46 centimetres in height and its paint matches the Dalai
Lama's skin colour.
German toy manufacturer Schildkroet will produce the collector's edition of
999 pieces at a retail price of EUR 165.
Sacred Places .......
from Grace Yeo:
From Qisen:
> This pix shows how lucky we r here....
> > so pitiful..... my heart breaks to see pics like this. but sadly... it's
> > reality.
> > feel blessed.....very very blessed....that we have food.. say thanks.
Do please see attachments with this email ......
May holy, Mother Tara bless and provide for all sentient beings ...................
"Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha ..........!!"
Yung Kyung Monastery
Actually, it's nice to circulate the informal email that I 'd typed straight-from-the-heart abt our travels and some news in Dhasa but if that is too 'playful', you may wish to circulate this more 'formal' version to Buddhist frens for Yung Kyung Monastery. The Monastery serves abt 600 families in a deep part of Amdo Tibet and the residents there live very traditionally -- strong kinship ties. They still use coal heater in the room and it's below freezing point in winter. And 'modernizing' Tibet is like many developing economies, loosing age old values for progress. Sadly, you can't do with one without the other but the two can't seem to go together !
I think most countries try their level best to balance the two and have to waver to one side.
I wd like to help them to build the monastery since the younger Tibetans are already loosing their interest in Buddhism because it can't 'feed' them and they are already quite poor, materially [food wise and other basics, of coz, no problem....but they keep their heads high and that we have to respect.] SO I feel supporting the monastery's as a traditional structure maybe able to preserve some sense of beauty and pride in young Tibetans? Dunno...
All the best,
For more information, please email Tandzin at rakarpos@yahoo.com
Naga Puja with Akung Choktrul Rinpoche
Vajrakilaya Retreat with Tse Zang Rinpoche

HI BB, I was asked by my friend to circulate this email for the program of Akung Tulku in November 2005.  Could you help to send this to your friends on the mailing list as we would like more people to know about it?  Thank you.


I previously sent you another program, a Vajrakilaya retreat by Tsezang Rinpoche, i wonder if you have seen that and whether it'd be possible for you to help me circulate that as well, thank you.



For more information, please email Shaun Tan at starry@pacific.net.sg
From Difficulty to Liberation
Bintan Island

I am sending you the attached document for your information. You may like to pass it to your friends in CAS who may be interested in this kind of taking care of yourself.

Here is one of the 7-series workshop conducted by Hwee Meng organised by Lapis Lazuli Light from 28 to 31 Oct 05. This workshop will be conducted by Hwee Meng and Rachel from USA. The evening lecture on 28 Oct 05 will be held in Singapore and the Workshop will be in Bintan Island.

Please see flyer for details.

Doreen Lai
For more information, please email Doreen at DSoh@sp.edu.sg
Dagpo Rinpoche's programme
Dear  Mr BB Tan,
Kind greetings to you. I have been receiving information on your society's activities through the e- mail and i rejoice in all the wonderful acitivities being carried out by the society for the benefit of all living beings.
On behalf of Kadam Tashi Choe Ling, Malaysia,I would like to take this opportunity to share the information regarding Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche's forthcoming teachings in Malaysia with you and your dharma friends.
We are indeed very fortunate to have been receiving Venerable Dagpo Rinpoche's precious teachings in Malaysia for over 10 years now. Rinpoche's previous reincarnations include Lama Serlingpa who was the master to Lord Atisha and Marpa Lotsawa, the master to Jetsun Milarepa.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any further assistance.
Thanks for your kindness,
Warmest wishes,
lim yan pok
For more information, please email Yan Pok at yanpok@tm.net.my

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