Date: 08/12/06 00:09:21
To: CASonline
Subject: [CASonline] Dolgyal-shugden

The great Guru Padmasambhava, whose kindness to Tibet, Tibetans and Tibetan Buddhism, Lord Buddha's holy Teachings in general and all sentient beings, is unequalled, has left clear prophecies in several monumental "Treasure Texts" or "Termas" regarding the appearance of a human incarnation of Lord Avalokiteshvara ( or "Guan Yin Pu Sa" in Chinese ), who will protect all beings from danger, illuminating the right from the wrong, the good from the evil.  
Many of the greatest Masters of Tibet, throughout the centuries, have unanimously identified this human incarnation of Lord Avalokiteshvara as His Holiness the Dalai Lama --
All beings @ CAS and CASonline of Thousand-Arm Chenrezig are unbelievably fortunate to be taken by His Holiness under His care and guide until Enlightenment, just as promised to the beings by His Holiness Himself, at His Holiness's residence at Dharamsala , in India in 2000 --
Just as are the holy wishes and instructions of our precious Root Teachers, all beings @ CAS of T_A Chenrezig staunchly abide by and implement, whatever within our means and abilities, the advice and instructions of His Holiness --
His Holiness the Dalai Lama has spoken strongly and clearly against the practice and propitiation of an evil and misguided spirit, known, as "shugden" to its followers or "dolgyal", a name attributed as a result of its malicious and evil nature --
Unanimously banned by the traditional Grand Patriarchs of Tibetan Buddhism, this spirit, was nevertheless, curiously propitiated to by a few highly-regarded Masters particularly in the past century, one of whom was a personal tutor of His Holiness Himself --
Nevertheless, not discrediting whatever saintly qualities of these great Masters, His Holiness has truthfully, upon long detailed research and investigation, spoken out and disallowed His students and followers, practice of this spirit --  
It breaks our hearts to observe, as a supposedly objective Outsider, the sad politiking and hypocrisy to the finest degree, surrounding propitiating of this misguided, powerful spirit ( effective especially for acquisition of wealth according to its followers !! ) --
We have known monks of important monasteries plunging into whole-hearted worship of this very harmful spirit right after their Teachers --whom, like His Holiness, advised against it -- stepped out of their centers, their innocent and naive Singapore sponsors, blissful and ignorant of it all !!   
Some monks practising this spirit unscrupulously forge strategic partnerships with overseas Chinese Buddhist organizations and even mainland Chinese Buddhist organizations, mischievously twisting His Holiness's political stand -- which is that of genuine autonomy rather than independence to all well-informed people -- in apparent conformity with the early ( and sometimes current even, depending on what they considered as fulfilling their then agenda ) Chinese communists' stand that His Holiness is but a mere irritant and pesky political separatist..... only to return to their centers and monasteries, conducting ceremonies to this spirit against their generous and naive sponsors, making a huge mockery of their sponsors' naivety and gullibility........... double-faced, unrepentant, unbelievable --
The above being what we have painfully learnt in our nearly two decades of active involvement with the Tibetans ....
like people everywhere, many good, others bad and a minority ugly --      
The beings @ CAS deliberately avoid attendance and support of any programmes or centers that aggravate sectarian strife amongst the different Tibetan Schools, a consequence inevitable from relying upon the inherently sectarian nature of this spirit. One fine example of such programmes we will not be supporting will be a "Buddha's Relics Exhibition" at the Singapore Expo in December towards the end of 2006 by a chinese-speaking, taiwanese-born supposed "rinpoche" or "tulku" NOT recognized by His Holiness.... it will be difficult to miss their fancy posters which have been blanketing our little island state --   
In thoughtful consideration, the deceit and hypocrisy thrown against His Holiness's sincere, deeply-considered advice; the dirty smear campaign versus Lord Buddha's universal message of infinite love and compassion, we are sending all our friends @ CASonline, details of the issue, from information forwarded to us, with complete confidence that our discerning friends will come to positions of best benefit to their practice of the Buddha's holy Teachings, for the good of all -- 
With every regards,
bb & all @ CAS of and belonging to Thousand-Arm Chenrezig
From Dennis @ ABC:
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
His Holiness the 100th Ganden Trisur --
Supreme Head Emeritus of the Gelugpa Lineage