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The Buddha on "Friendliness" -
[ Bikkhu Samahita ] 
 Friendliness means Goodwill
 Friendliness means Kindness
 Friendliness means Helpfulness
 Friendliness means Assistance
 Friendliness means Support
 Friendliness means Benevolence
 Friendliness means Concern
 Friendliness means Care
 Friendliness means Compassion
 Friendliness means Cooperation
 Friendliness means Mutual Aid
 Friendliness means Mutual Advantage
 Friendliness means Symbiosis
 Friendliness means Sympathy
 Friendliness means Basic Trust
D III 188 
From Candy:
The Value of Time ...........
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From Kai:
The Twenty-One Praises to Tara are practiced in Palyul Centers around the
world every Sunday morning. In the monasteries, the practice is conducted
every day after the Sang offering in the Monasteries. Thupten Shedrub
Gyatso, who was a Tulku in one of the Palyul Monasteries, wrote this
commentary. His present incarnation, Rago Chogtrul currently lives in Tibet.
The Short Commentary on the
Tantra of Twenty-one Homages to Tara called
"The Treasure Vase of Benefit and Happiness"
Namo Guru Lokeshvaraya!
The Lord of Three Kayas [1],
Treasury of activities of all the Victorious ones.
Ultimately, you are unelaborated great bliss: Samantabhadri.
I bow to you, the fearless swift mother of the Victorious ones,
As I briefly explain the verses of praise with devotion.
Venerable noble mother Tara is Kuntuzangmo (TIB), Samantabhadri (SKT), in
the sphere of the dharmakaya [2], Dorje Phagmo (TIB), or Vajravarahi (SKT),
in the sphere of the sambhogakaya [3], and Arya Tara in her nirmanakaya [4]
form. Dorje Yangchenma (TIB), and Lhamo Palchenmo (TIB), are among her many
other manifestations; each has a different name and form. In the Land of
Snow, (Tibet) in particular, beings are benefited by her other inconceivable
manifestations, specifically, Yeshe Tsogyal (TIB), or Jhana Dakini (SKT)
[5]. Just by praying to her, with the help of her swift action, we can
spontaneously accomplish the two purposes [6]. Therefore, it is of great
benefit to persevere in this practice.
There are many different Indian and Tibetan traditions explaining this
???tantra [7] of praise????. Motivated by devotion, I will explain this tantra
in accordance with ???The Treasure Vase of Essential Great Bliss of Inner
Practice????, which is the profound mind-treasure [8] teaching of the
omniscient Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa.....
For full commentary, visit the link below
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