Date: 12/13/2009 12:29:28 AM
Subject: [CASonline] Thank you !!

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
We are awfully glad and rejoice that more than 700 friends signed into tonight's brilliant presentation of the Dharma, masterfully inter-woven with such jewelled facets of the Buddha's Dharma, it left us with no doubt of Khensur Rinpoche's renowned standing as a flawless teacher, perfect master, great elder !!
( Our late Root Teacher, the 100th Ganden Trisur Rinpoche taught us that numbers should not decide the success of DHARMA programmes, only the students' development of Bodhicitta matter ..... we nevertheless are elated that many beings still have contact with the Dharma !! ) 
Due to everyone's lack of merit, we could manage only the bulk of the restricted programme ( Lama Chodpa and Letter of Advice ) to the akward timing of 12 to 3 pm .... but do be assured of its full upload into CAS's AV Archive.
Tomorrow's night, the last webcast of Loseling Khensur Rinpoche's teaching ...... please continue to give all your complete dedications for this ( & all Dharma work anywhere !! ) to be of highest, widest possible good to all !!
"Namo Amituofo !!"
bb & all elated frens @ CAS belonging to the holy Mother Tara
Full programme and webcast:
An Aside:
From "The Liberation Life-Story of Je Tsongkhapa":
At the instituting of Tibet's first Great Prayer Festival, the 84 Mahasiddhas of India ( including Tilopa, Naropa, Virupa and all the  worthy Lions of the Buddha ) appeared, filling up the sky above Ganden Monastery. The great Mahasiddhas manifested great miracles and offered homage to Je Tsongkhapa for His unprecedented revival of the Buddha's teachings in the world and to Him as the final, great emanation of the Chief Bodhisattva Heir of the Buddha - Lord Manjushri.....  
Source of excellence, vast ocean of Dharma ...
Saffrom-robed, living Shakyamuni Lord ....
Dharma Master, Regent of all victors ...
I pray to you !!
( "Lama Chodpa" )