Subject: [CASonline] Heart of the Dudjom Treasures --

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
            We are so glad ( and relieved !! ) to inform all of the successful application of Katok Getse Maha Pandita's visa to Singapore ( collected today - 14 Nov ) as well as the finalization of the programme and venue.
            The venue of the very precious initiations of the Dudjom Vajrakilaya, Dudjom Dorje Drollo and Dudjom Throma Nagmo will be held at the centre established by and for the 84th Grand Throne-Holder of the main Nyingma Kathok Monastery in Tibet -- Lhoga Rinpoche: Lodro Tenpai Gyaltshen Pal Zangpo. 
            The address of the Nyingma Kathok Buddhist Centre can be found at
            Most lovely of all is the unexpected overwhelming response from you all ...... so heartening !! 
        We leap with you in cheers and hurrays !!
The Grand Masters of the Nyingma Kathok School
From left:
- Jamyang Rinpoche                        ( 85th Throne-Holder )
- Lhoga Rinpoche                             ( 84th Throne-Holder )
- Sanggye Tsering Rinpoche           ( "Historical" Co-Head ) 
- Shing-Jiong Rinpoche                    ( 83rd Throne-Holder )
- Kathok Getse Maha Pandita      ( "Historical" Co-Head and Teacher )
- Kathok Moktsa Rinpoche               ( 82nd Throne-Holder ) 
The main Kathok Monastery ( Tibet ):
"Mother of the Nyingma Tradition".   
i met HH Katok Getse Rinpoche in Jan 2002, during the 13th Nyingma Monlam..he was sitting on the main, central throne at the east gate of Mahabodhi temple. HH Penor Rinpoche sat at south gate, under Bodhi tree.. it's really great to be able to meet again, and receive these emps.. deepest prayers that HH"s program runs smoothly, and all of us devoted can receive all the emps, teachings.
CAS continues to connect me with other important teachers such as Ontul Rinpoche.
Fook Sheng:
thank you very much for serving the Dharma, especially
Dudjom Tersar, the timely teaching Guru Padma has
intended for us........
Kathok Getse is a very famous Kathok lama now... many
people respect Him alot...  he is one of the best
lamas in kathok nowadays... :)
Dear BB,

Thank you for your email on the prospective upcoming event with Katok Getse Rinpoche. Yes, I am a fan of Dudjom Rinpoche and my heartfelt thanks to everyone at CAS for organizing this wonderful event!

Thanks so much BB, ( @ CAS )

so great that we are able to connect to Dudjom
My exams will be over by then! I will give all the help possible.
Inform me in advance. =)
Dear friend, thanks to you & your group for bringing about this dharma program. I have been waiting for the Dudjom Tersar programs ...heee...but unfortunately, I can only join for the program on the last day as I have other commitment on the other days. Rejoice!
Dudjom Lingpa's "Nang-Jang":
Buddhahood without Meditation
            The ultimate cheer, though, is Getse Rinpoche's approval, this morning only -- 14 Nov -- of the Oral Transmission of Dudjom Lingpa's "Nang-Jang", in English: "Buddhahood without Meditation". Getse Rinpoche deliberated over our request and with considerable reservations, gave His consent ..... but on the condition that the transmission of this pivotal text on the Ati Yoga -- the pan-ultimate crux of the Great Perfection -- be available only to the "serious students" ( in Rinpoche's own words).
            The "Nang-Jang" is a collection of the most secret instructions given by various aspects of the Enlightened Beings to Dudjom Lingpa. These aspects include Vajradhara Himself, Vajrayogini, Ekajati and the such. These instructions point out the critical apex of the Dzogchen - the Great Perfection.
        The "Nang-Jang" is highly esoteric and rare and accordingly to Dudjom Lingpa Himself, "a direct transmission of ( this lineage of Dudjom Lingpa's ) Great Perfection approach is so powerful that even hearing it read aloud ensures that the listener will eventually escape the suffering of samsara."     
            In accordance with the Master's wishes, the transmission of the "Nang-Jang" has not been and will not be publicized in the posters but will be made known only to our friends @ CAS through CASonline --
            The venue of this transmission will be held at our society's education centre -- Camden Education Center ( address can be found at ) -- physically limited but hopefully, spiritually encompassing --
            The date is on 30 November 2007 at 7:15 pm.
            The "serious students", please bring along a FM radio, for translation and for clarity when listening to the Master's transmission.  
[ Only the "Nang-Jang" transmission will be held at Camden Education Center.
Initiations of Dudjom Vajrakilaya / Dorje Drollo and Throma Nagmo will still be held at the Nyingma Kathok Buddhist Centre, the Buddhist centre established by the 84th Grand Abbot and Throne-Holder of the main Kathok Monastery in Tibet -- Lhoga Rinpoche -- Lodro Tenpai Gyaltshen Pal Zangpo. ]
His Holiness will teach in Tibetan, the open translation will be offered in Chinese.
The simultaneous translation will be in English. Students requiring English, please bring along your own FM radio !!
            Meanwhile, a sudden development, a few beings @ CAS may be tromping around Taiwan, for the good of the Teachings and for joy and hot springs from 16 to 23 November, a result of sudden instigation of some other beings at Fo Guang Shan, Grand Master Hsing Yun's main monastery.
             This also implies the silence ( but not absence ) of CASonline for the period and the probably lack of immediate response -- till 23 Nov -- of your enquiries and emails.  
            The programme awaits when they return.
            Please, dedicate for the greates good and benefit to come of it.
            "Namo Amituofo !!"
         "Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung !!"
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