Subject: [CASonline] Advance Notices !!

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
We are exactly 7 days to the holy programme with HE Luding Khen Rinpoche --
We are sending you all, further details about the 3 important empowerments --
The details of the programme are at --
[ De-activate your "pop-up" screening to see the poster !! ]  
So much is happening behind the scenes: the 200+ photo frames / the rare photos / the translations / the posters [ designing, printing, distributing ] / the venue [ the documentations !! ] ....... !! 
Important Pujas for the Singapore students
In relation to the programme, we will be arranging for very important pujas to be done, not in Singapore, but in the Ngor Ewam Choden -- the main Ngor monastery in-exile in India -- by the retired Luding Khenchen, the heads of all the four "labrangs" of Ngor together with our few hundred monks, the place where some of the holiest objects are and where most of the monks and holy Masters reside --
These pujas are:
1) The Maha Vairochana Puja
 -- for both the deceased and the "living" ( !! )
2) The Ganapati Puja-Practice
3) The Black Manjushri Puja-Practice
4) The Green Tara Puja
5) The Medicine Buddha Puja
6) Zambhala Puja
7) The Sakya Protectors Puja
8) Lamp Offerings    
The pujas are extremely important for devotees in Singapore who are ill, facing obstacles in general, have passed away, in business, facing lawsuits, facing fromidable examinations, in challenging career issues --
With the Buddhist Precepts and Bodhicitta, still, however, as the guiding lights in our life, these many important pujas are taught by the Buddha and the Lineal Masters as potent and effective methods for triumph over our wordly obstacles.  
Part of your Puja offerings will be offered to His Holiness the Sakya Trizin, HE the retired Luding Khenchen Rinpoche and some of the holiest Masters alive today --
The remaining offerings will be 100% channelled into establishment of the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana.
The suggested offerings are S$15/- per student and S$25/- per organisation or family.
Your offerings, this time, are extremely precious in that it benefits and fulfills not just your personal objectives, but also goes into the highly-meritorious activity of establishment of one of Tibet's historical main tantric colleges.  
The Powerful Ganapati Chakras
Students familiar with Tibetan Buddhist protection artifacts should be familiar with "chakras", mantric-mandala-amulets meticulously wounded in highly symbolic coloured threads.
The Ganapati Chakra, an extremely powerful protection amulet, and is particularly effective for fulfillment of one's wishes, promotion of wealth ( internal and external of course !! ), protection from every forms of obstacles ( planetary, demonic, sicknesses and all ) through invocation of Shri Ganapati, the Red Twelve-Armed Elephant-Headed Protector who embodies the transcendent powers of Enlightenment.
As the Ganapati Chakra is prepared by-hand, one a time, each taking at least an hour, only a limited number of the Ganapati Chakra will be available.
Out of the 65 chakras, more than 30 chakras have already been "booked", all of which pending the Empowerment of Ganapati where they would be consecrated by HE Luding Khen Rinpoche and the more than 20 Sakyapa sangha.  
The suggested offering for each Ganapati Chakra is S$100/-.
Every offering for the chakra will be offered to the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana.
Our gratitude to Dennis for initiating of the Ganapati Chakras which we believe is "life-saving" for so many of us !!
Holy Texts and Pictures
Holy texts of Maha Vairchana Buddha, Shri Ganapati  and Black Manjushri have been prepared.
For Maha Vairocahana Buddha, please let us know if you are ordering the Chinese or the English version.
To date, we are not successful in getting hold of Chinese texts for Ganapati and Black Manjushri.
Pictures of these Enlightened Beings and other holy masters too have been painstakingly and lovingly framed: the process taking up hours and over scratched fingers !!
All holy pictures will be distributed to students at the programme after proper consecration of the empowerment ceremony.
The suggested offering is about S$15/- per holy picture in frame.
As it is merely "suggested", it stays truly "suggested" ( !! )
Every offering goes into the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana.
Our Friends @ CAS........    
Friends @ CAS, as always, enjoy the "advanced" privilege of receiving notices earliest and participating in the pujas, ordering of texts, holy pictures earliest too !!
Friends may email bb at for the above.
Remember, all your support always goes into benefitting the holy Dharma and towards accumulation of Merit with Wisdom, indispensable for our frisky journey towards Buddhahood for the good of all !!
We appeal to all to harbour only the purest of hearts and motivation especially when embarking in Dharma work or participating in Dharma programmes.
"Our motivation will have a direct influence on the purity of the outcome."
so speaketh Lord Buddha, the Enlighten One ( & bb who parrots Him !! ) 
"Dedicate with all your purest hearts that all the programmes will reap the highest good for all !!"
"Keep up the good work, CAS !!"
-- Sakya Jetsunma Chimey Luding,  the Elder Sister of HH the Sakya Trizin, in telephone to bb ( then in Taipei ).