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Dearest Friends @ CAS,
We will like to share with you, some of the very precious and interesting accounts of the Yidams ( or Meditational Deities ) related to HE Luding Khen Rinpoche's programmes next week.
This is sent so that all our friends will more fully appreciate and treasure the programmes bestowed by some of the most precious and holy Masters alive today, the organising and hosting, of course, at great sacrfice to so many !!
To come into contact with the Buddha's nectar-like, healing teachings and blessings in this Dark Degenerated Age of Ours is awfully and unbelievably precious.
The Buddha's teachings offer us a certain path out of blistering, ceaseless pain in samsara. 
However, we will only seriously embark upon our Dharmic journey if only first, we are convinced of the greatness and effectiveness of the teachings right ??   
Hence, we attach to all our friends here, the below, a "Who's Who" and "What's What" of Maha Vairochana, Ganapati and Manjushri, whom we hope, needs no elaborated musings.
"Namo Amituofo !!"
"Namo Shakyamuni Buddha, our Teacher, the Enlighten Lord !!"  
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The Maha Vairocana Buddha:
The Avatamsaka Sutra ( "Hua-Yen Jing" )
Perceiving the inconceivable purity of the form body of Vairocana Buddha, adorned by the marks of greatness, I experience exalted joy and serenity. Observing his array of lights, vast as the cosmos, moment to moment manifesting an infinitely varied ocean of colours, in each moment of consciousness i experience floods of great joy.
Also, seeing as many oceans of great beams of light as atoms in infinite buddha-lands emanate from each pore of Vairocana Buddha's body, each beam of light accompanied by as many oceans of light beams as atoms in infinite buddha-lands, pervading all buddha-universes and extinguishing the suffering of all beings, in each moment of consciousness i experience floods of great joy.
Also, seeing massive clouds of lights the colour of all jewels, as many as atoms in all buddha-lands, emerging from Vairocana's crown moment to moment, pervading all universes, i experience great floods of joy.......
This is the range of the ocean of means of the enlightening liberation of supernal manifestations of a moment of thought producing immense floods of joy. This liberation is infinite.... this liberation is inexhaustible..... this liberation is endless..... this liberation is peerless..... this liberation is all-sided.... this liberation is unfailing ..... this liberation is unborn..... this liberation is like a wish-fulfilling jewel, accomplishing an endless variety of miracles... showing the miracles of the buddhas of past, present and future without interference.
-- Chapter 39: "Entry into the Relam of Reality"
( The Flower Ornament Scripture -
a translation of the Avatamsaka Sutra by Thomas Cleary, Shambala Pulbications ) 
Ganapati's play:
One night, the 16th Karmapa had a dream.
It was then the hazardous days of the 1960s, the early days in-exile from the Land of Snows.
In His holy vision, His Holiness saw the mighty Elephant-Headed Protector, Ganapati, exercising His divine powers, assisting His monks in the re-estalishment of Rumtek, the Karmapa's main seat in-exile.
The Karmapa joyfully told His painter that He wanted the Powerful Lord Ganapati on the main entrance of Rumtek.
Ganapati, now, lives there ( sometimes ) and being an Enlightened Protector, He pervades phenomenon existence and manifests whenever sentient beings' karma connects.
Ganapati is also a frequent guest at the main Palyul Monastery in-exile, the Namodroling, in south India, where the few thousand Palyul monks make offerings to Him at the behest of Guru Padmasambhava's instructions in the Nam-Cho.  
He shows His magnificent Red Twelve Arm dancing aspect especially to the Sakyapas when they called upon Him in their most esoteric cycles of the Thirteen Golden Dharma.
Ganapati's relationship to the Sakya Masters runs deep. 
The holy biographies of the Sakyapas echoed this:

Chogyal Phagpa's father, Sonam Gyaltsen, was a great practitioner who concentrated on Ganapati practice.


At one point Ganapati appeared before him and lifted him up into space to the height of a mountaintop, saying: "Look below." But Sodnam Gyaltsen was afraid. After some time, he looked and beheld the three provinces of Tibet below. Ganapati said, "Whatever you saw, you will reign over. You saw the three Tibetan provinces, so your descendants will rule over those territories. But because you didn't look down the moment I told you to, you will not rule them yourself." Then he placed Sodnam Gyaltsen on the earth again.


For a long time Sodnam Gyaltsen had no son, and being sorely disappointed he performed special praises to Ganapati. At length Ganapati appeared at the dwelling of Saton Ripa and said, "Sangtsa Sonam Gyaltsen is constantly invoking me, saying that he needs to command the three provinces of Tibet . But no matter what practice he does, he does not have the karmic connection to rule them himself. Therefore a Bodhisattva who has accumulated much merit and would be able to dominate the vast world must take birth as his son. You, Saton Ripa, possess these qualities, so please take rebirth as Sonam Gyaltsen's son with the aspiration to help all Tibetan people, particularly those in the three provinces." Saton Ripa agreed, and was later reincarnated as the child who became Chogyal Phagpa.


[ The above story from "Pal Sakya" ]

An "Aside" --
The Venerable Atisha, on His way into Tibet, passed-by what is today the greyish-coloured mountainous plains of Sakya. Atisha took out His mandala ( which He kept and took wherever He went ), offered many mandalas and prostrated many times, then informing His bewildered students that in a few hundred years whence, the holy Manjushri, the holy Chenrezig and the holy Vajrapani would each take birth in this area and would establish a holy lineage, a prime upholder of Lord Buddha's teachings and a well-spring of blessings and benefits to all beings.
The Venerable Atisha is, of course, the Founder of the Kadampa Lineage.
His teaching-transmissions are preserved in all schools of Tibet in the "Dam Ngak Dzo" of the Nyingma and the Kagyu, the Sakya [ Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro in-turn declared the Sakya, Kadampa-based ] and the Gelug, undoubtedly, the main successor of the Kadampa.   
[ Source: HH the 14th Dalai Lama in "The Path to Enlightenment" - Snow Lion Publication ]     
Students wishing to attend the Empowerment of the Red Twelve Arm Ganapati will require a prior Highest Yoga Tantra Initiation of Hevajra OR Yamantaka OR Kalachakra OR Vajrakilaya OR the like.  

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