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From Davin:
The still revolutionary insight of Buddhism is that life and death are in the mind, and nowhere else. Mind is revealed as the universal basis of experience-the creator of happiness and the creator of suffering, the creator of what we call life and what we call death.
Sogyal Rinpoche
From Sukandar:
A monk asked a heavenly god (deva) to warn him whenever he is about to do something wrong.

The devata replied: "I don't depend on you for my living nor am I your hired hand. You, monk, you yourself should know how to go to the good destination."

~ Samyutta Nikaya IX.14, Gandhatthena Sutta (The Thief of a Scent)



From Aikit:
Hi peeps,
Juz came across a whole list of vegetarian recipes... below is the link:
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Uruguay: Tibet on the River Plate (AFP)
AGUAS BLANCAS, Urugua, Mar 16y (AFP) - When eminent Tibetan lama Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche found
Aguas Blancas in a forgotten corner of Uruguay, he knew he had found the location for a great
Buddhist temple.
Along a meandering highway toward Sierra de las Animas, or "Mountains of the Spirits," the visitor
finds traditional gauchos and their cattle, bicycle-riding students wearing white tunics and blue
bows on their collars. At a bend in the road is a yellow-roofed pagoda, one of the just-built
houses for spiritual retreats.
In the highest of the nearby mountains at about 400 meters (1,300 feet) Chagdud Tulku's
construction on the four-storey temple is under way.
"In 2000, he had a vision in which the spiritual beings told him what they had for many years
awaited from theses lands," said Claudio, the project coordinator.
The temple is to be the world's largest sanctuary for the Spanish-speaking Buddhist world, Chagdud
Gonpa Hispanoamerica, and a world tourist attraction, according to Lama Cheme, a monk who came to
oversee the work. "People will not only come from Chile or Argentina or Colombia, but from many
countries, from US, from Tibet, Nepal, Taiwan Singapore. Once we have the temple it will be a
jewel. Many people will be attracted by it," said the itinerant bonze, who teaches Tibetan
painting and sculpture. The foundation's 600 hectares (1,500 acres) feature wild horses and foxes.
The place will resemble Khadro Ling temple, which is near the southern Brazilian city of Gramado,
where Chagdud Tulku, the founder of Chagdud Gonpa, lived from 1995 until his death in 2002 at 72.
Khadro Ling, built according to Tibetan tradition, is visited by 500 tourists each weekend.
"This land is very special, I can feel it is different, unseen spirits will help make this place
easy to build, to create practices, it won't create obstacles," said Lama Cheme, a disciple of
Chagdud Tulku.
Meanwhile, a lama from a different tradition installed himself a few kilometers (miles) away and
yoga centers in Villa Serrana a small town nearby.
The province of Lavalleja could rapidly become a Mecca for "new age" beliefs, tapping into the
South American tourists attracted to Punta del Este.
Claudio, who prefers to use his Tibetan name, Padma Chenrezig, pointed out the difference between
Chagdud Gonpa and other businesses. "We are a non-profit," he said.
The foundation is to "create a retreat center for advanced students, especially Dzogchen, the most
advanced level of Tibetan Buddhism, initially with one high-ranking resident lama and 20-25
students." Chagdud Gonpa will not proselytize. "We are students who are seeking a master, not the
other way around," he said.
The center at Aguas Blancas is built to last thousands of years, the monks said, for about a
million dollars, much of it donated by the foundation's 30,000 followers around the world, many of
them in the United States, Germany and Switzerland.    Lama Cheme, however, finds the chalets a
bit posh.
"It is necessary to suffer the suffering of others, but I understand that people here want things
to be pretty and taken care of."