Date: 10/17/2008 10:47:30 AM
Subject: [CASonline] CAS's supreme fortune ( a gloating )

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
CAS is infinitely blessed.
We have had the supreme fortune to host and learn -- all these years since 1995 -- from some of Tibet's ( China's and Sri Lankan's too actually !! ) highest and greatest Masters. 
Under holy Chenrezig's watchful eyes and ( very ) strange twists of inter-dependent arisings, CAS has completed the 3 Innermost Cycles of Dudjom Tersar, the Five Fold Mahamudra of the Drikungpas, the Three Supreme Yidams of the Gelugpa: the 32 Deity Akshobya Vajra Guhyasamaja, the 13 Deity Yamantaka and the 64 Deity Luipa Heruka Chakrasamvara, the cream of the 13 Golden Dharma - the Naro Kachoma of the Sakyapas. Still bestowing are the 2 great cycles of the Drikung Dzogchen Yangzab and the great Longchen Nyingthig.
All these bestowed by absolutely Lords of the holy Dharma. Doubtless.  
I am beginning to suspect that our Friends @ CAS are descended from the Divine Abodes if just for creation of the proper conditions for showing of the holy Dharma once more in the Human Realm !! 
Then, to return to the Holy Lands, do keep the vows pure, the heart in complete Bodhicitta.
"Namo Amituofo !!"
bb & all friends  @ CAS with Chenrezig
His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been discharged from hospital. His Holiness has been given a clean bill of health for resumption of His scheduled activities ( He will be visiting Japan this coming Wednesday ). He has received visits and well-wishes from devoted students and friends all over the world since His showing of illness including all the lineal heads of Tibetan Buddhism, the American President, the Indian Foreign Minister and all.
One of the 25 Heart Disciples of the great Guru Padma in the form of the Most Venerable Drikung Ontrul Rinpoche has touched down in South East Asia and is taming the defilements of His disciples. He will proceed to our little island ( 2 weeks ) to continue taming the unruly beings that throng CAS.
The compassionate, holy great retired abbot of the great Gelugpa monastic college, Drepung Loseling Monastery, Khensur Lobsang Gyamtso, is now in Taiwan and is healing the many "wounded" beings ( after so long in samsara ) and if our merits hold well ( please dedicate and pray !! ), may manifest again, this time to bestow the great cycle of Yamantaka Vajrabhairava and the great empowerment of Gelugpa's foremost protector, the great Six-Arm Black Mahakala, about 2 weeks after Drikung Ontrul Rinpoche's programme.
Khenpo Tsering Dorje, our Palyul Teacher, may be resuming His bestowing one of Nyingma lineage's truly main terma cycles - the Longchen Nyingthig, either mid December 08 or mid year 09. Keep your beads clicking !!   
Whilst planet earth revolves and its beings stalks ubiquitous in search of food, CAS's duo "Lotsawas-to-be" ( scheduled accomplished in about half an aeon ) produced and / or edited precious texts: the Longsal Wrathful Guru, the Longsal Red Singahmykha in Phurba aspect and roughly 20 more very rare ones. Keep tuning-in to You may not find them up if beings' merits do not hold up.  : )
Programme Details
What are they ??
The 3 Roots of the 100 Deities in Hayagriva and Vajravarahi is a unique and special presentation of the famed Hundred
Deities as the Body Mandala of the great yidam Hayagriva and Vajravarahi in union. This practice consists of all Three Roots of the Teacher, the Yidam as well as the Dakini, respectively personifying the Buddha, His Qualities and His activities. This is one of the heart-central practices of the Drikung Dzogchen Yangzab cycle as revealed and preserved in the precious Drikung Kagyu Lineage.
The "Demon Destroying King" is an extremely secret cycle in the Drikung Dzogchen Yangzab. This practice personifies Buddhahood's inconceivable abilities and powers when introduced to the disciple and uncovered. It is supremely powerful and is effective in removing any obstacles to Buddahood. Like the 3 Roots practice, it contains the complete presentations and instructions required for attainment of Buddhahood.
The Dzogchen Protectors ( like the dakinis and protectors in general ) represent the divine activities of Buddhahood. In this case, the protectors of this cycle are Ekajati, Rahula and Dorje Legpa, a protector-trio unique to the Dzogchen teachings, themselves embodying some of the highest ideals and principles of Buddhahood. These Protectors are known to be so powerful and terrifying in their manifestations and activities, they are known to be "dangerous" to practitioners who do not exert in maintaining their vows and practices.
The 3 Roots of the 100 Deities in Hayagriva and Vajravarahi Empowerment on 31 October can be taken by students who have faith in the practice.
The restricted Empowerment on the Demon Destroying King on 1 Nov, its practice instructions ( except for the first session in the evening of 1 Nov from 5 pm to 7 pm which is open to the general students ) as well as the Empowerment of Dzogchen Protectors should only be received by serious students.
Serious students are generally understood to be students who practise the Three Principle Aspects of the Path and wants to attain Buddhahood soonest possible for highest good of all mother sentient beings.
( See Gen Wangchen's teaching:  -- this video will be compulsory watching-contemplating for students who want to internalise and learn this core teaching of the Buddha )
Subsequent Commitments
Serious students who intend to practise the Drikung Dzogchen Yangzab will need to keep the Pratimoksha 5 Precepts, the Bodhisattva and the Tantric Vows in addition to the mantras of the Demon Destroying King and the 3 Roots Deities.
( See Loseling Khensur Rinpoche's teachings on the 3 sets of vows: )
Students taking the 3 Roots just as a blessing will not have subsequent commitments.
Friends @ CASonline: S$18/- per text
Not Friends @ CASonline: S$25/- per text
( There will be 3 texts in total - a) 3 Roots of the 100 Deities in Hayagriva and Vajravarahi b) Demon Destroying King c) Dzogchen Protectors )
The practice texts of the Demon Destroying King and the Dzogchen Protectors will only be made available to committed students.
All contributions will go into benefitting the Dharma programmes.

"The Sure-Steps to Enlightenment."

( Meditation on the Lam Rim - rough, authentic notes. )







[ In relation to the first Lam Rim Topic which we should have gained some confidence and firmness of experience, it will carry deeper blessings, maturity and impressions to begin each sub-topic: A, B C and so on with "Our perfect Teacher teaches that ....." ] 


Other Notes:

( Every Lam Rim topics are sequential progresses.

Eg One: Topic Four is a sequential follow-up to Death & Impermanence since when Death strikes, only Dharma will help. And the gateway to Dharma, is Refuge. To take Refuge, we need to know the qualities of the Guru, Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha

Eg Two: Topic Five is a partial growing forth from Topic Four since when Death strikes, only karma follows. Therefore, it is critical that we know what actions to adopt and abandon to squash problems whilst acquire bliss. )



Karma is Definite

The Spiritual Friend/s or Teacher/s

"Our perfect Teacher teaches that ....."

Everything action is a causal seed that inevitably results in happiness or suffering. Good begets happiness. Bad begets suffering. 

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )



Karma is determined by Motivation

"Our perfect Teacher teaches that ....."

Results of action/s are affected by Motivation. Good Motivation begets happiness. Bad Motivation begets suffering.  

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )



Karma is affected by the Object

"Our perfect Teacher teaches that ....."

The Object/s towards which we direct our actions determine the 'scale' and 'depth' of Karmic results. Karmic actions related to the Gurus, Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha will yield 'strong' results.

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )



Karma is affected by the 'Length of Time'

"Our perfect Teacher teaches that ....."

The longer the length of time lapses before Karma ripens, the 'stronger' will be the results.

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )



What to adopt

"Our perfect Teacher teaches that ....."

Happiness results from the below:

( 3 of Mind )

-          Wisdom

-          Love and Kindness

-          'Un-Attachment' [ as opposed to Greed and Grasping ]

( 4 of Speech )

-          Truthful speech

-          Uplifting-Kind speech

-          Speech that reconciles, not separate

-          Meaningful speech

( 3 of Bodily-actions )

-          To give-protect life

-          To practise generosity

-          To be morally-prudent in relationship-sexual issues

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )



What to avoid

"Our perfect Teacher teaches that ....."

Sufferings results from the below:

( 3 of Mind )

-          Ignorance

-          Hatred-Anger

-          Greed-Attachment

( 4 of Speech )

-          Untruthful speech

-          Harsh-hurtful speech

-          Speech separates relationships-people

-          Meaningless speech

( 3 of Bodily-actions )

-          To kill-take life

-          To steal 

-          To be improper in relationship-sexual matters

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )



Two of some of the most effective karma-purifying strategies

"Our perfect Teacher teaches that ....."

These are two of some of the most effective methods of purifying negative karmas. Even the 'Five Heinous Karmas' are totally purified with these 'Four Powers' conjoined with the two strategies.



Prostrations to the 35 Confession Buddhas



Vajrasattva Practice with the 'Four Powers'

Do the Vajrasattva 100 Syllable Mantra or Vajrasattva Short Mantra


Reciting any mantras, sutras while relying on the respective authentic practice-text/s.


( These 2 texts are avialable via requests @ )


'First Power'

Regret ¨C Knowing that the negative action/s will yield suffering and pain.


'Second Power'

Never to re-commit the negative action/s.


'Third Power'

Do the 'opposite' of the negative action/s. Eg: Now I give and protect lives instead of killing.


'Fourth Power'

Relying on Vajrasattva, the 35 Confession Buddhas or any holy practices. 



( While contemplating the above, adopt and practice them !! )


[ Here ends the main points dealing with the Fifth Topic of the Lam Rim teachings. Firmly do it till it becomes your mind. ] 




Lam Rim Bonuses


What is a Guru ??

a) Some teachers considered a Guru to be someone whom you have relied on and lived with for years, learning the basics of the Dharma all the way into the tantras. This is applicable and true especially in a monastic context.

b) Some teachers teach that from a technical point of view, someone whom we have received initiation, especially a Highest Yoga Tantra class is a Guru. 

c) Some teachers teach that if we find ourselves being benefited greatly from this person's teachings, short instructions or even just being in his or her presence, probably due to past lives' connections, is a Guru. 


The proper way to practise the Dharma: 

a) Listening: We listen to the Dharma

b) Contemplating: We re-think and contemplate on what we have heard

c) Applying: We apply it in our daily lives


The Dharma in gist:

The Three Higher Trainings

a) Keep and live-by the precepts-commitments

b) Cultivate concentration-contemplation

c) Cultivate Wisdom 




Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture


The Great Passing : The Buddha's Last Days in Kushinagara

5.1. The Lord said: ''Ananda, let us cross the Hirannavati River and go to the Mallas'sal-grove in the vicinity of Kusinara.''423 ''Very good, Lord'', said Ananda, and the Lord, with a large company of monks, crossed the river and went to the sal-grove. There the Lord said: ''Ananda, prepare me a bed between these twin sal-trees with my head to the north. I am tired and want to lie down.'' ''Very good, Lord'', said Ananda, and did so. Then the Lord lay down on his right side in the lion-posture, placing one foot on the other, mindful and clearly aware.

5.2. And those twin sal-trees burst forth into an abundance of untimely blossoms, which fell upon the Tathagata's body, sprinkling it and covering it in homage. Divine coral-tree flowers fell from the sky, divine sandal-wood powder fell from the sky, sprinkling and covering the Tathagata's body [138] in homage. Divine music and song sounded from the sky in homage to the Tathagata.

5.3. And the Lord said: ''Ananda, these sal-trees have burst forth into an abundance of untimely blossoms ... Divine music and song sound from the sky in homage to the Tathagata. Never before has the Tathagata been so honoured, revered, esteemed, worshipped and adored. And yet, Ananda, whatever monk, nun, male or female lay-follower dwells practising the Dhamma properly, and perfectly fulfils the Dhamma-way, he or she honours the Tathagata, reveres and esteems him and pays him the supreme homage. Therefore, Ananda, "We will dwell practising the Dhamma properly and perfectly fulfil the Dhamma-way" - this must be your watchword.''

5.4. Just then the Venerable Upavana was standing in front of the Lord, fanning him. And the Lord told him to move: ''Move aside, monk, do not stand in front of me.'' And the Venerable Ananda thought: ''This Venerable [139] Upavana has for long been the Lord's attendant, keeping close at hand, at his beck and call. And now in his last hour the Lord tells him to stand aside and not stand in front of him. Why ever does he do that?''

5.5. And he asked the Lord about this. ''Ananda, the devas from ten world-spheres have gathered to see the Tathagata. For a distance of twelve yojanas around the Mallas' sal-grove near Kusinara there is not a space you could touch with the point of a hair that is not filled with mighty devas, and they are grumbling: "We have come a long way to see the Tathagata. It is rare for a Tathagata, a fully-enlightened Buddha, to arise in the world, and tonight in the last watch the Tathagata will attain final Nibbana, and this mighty monk is standing in front of the Lord, preventing us from getting a last glimpse of the Tathagata!"''

5.6. ''But, Lord, what kind of devas can the Lord perceive?'' ''Ananda, there are sky-devas whose minds are earth-bound, they are weeping and tearing their hair, raising their arms, [140] throwing themselves down and twisting and turning, crying: "All too soon the Blessed Lord is passing away, all too soon the Well-Farer is passing away, all too soon the Eye of the World is disappearing!" And there are earth-devas whose minds are earth-bound, who do likewise. But those devas who are free from craving endure patiently, saying: "All compounded things are impermanent - what is the use of this?"424

5.7. ''Lord, formerly monks who had spent the Rains in various places used to come to see the Tathagata, and we used to welcome them so that such well-trained monks might see you and pay their respects. But with the Lord's passing, we shall no longer have a chance to do this.''

5.8. Ananda, there are four places the sight of which should arouse emotion425 in the faithful. Which are they? "Here the Tathagata was born" is the first.426 "Here the Tathagata attained supreme enlightenment" is the second .427 "Here the Tathagata set in motion the Wheel of Dhamma" is the third .428 "Here the Tathagata attained the Nibbana-element without remainder" is the fourth .429 114.1] And, Ananda, the faithful monks and nuns, male and female lay-followers will visit those places. And any who die while making the pilgrimage to these shrines with a devout heart will, at the breaking-up of the body after death, be reborn in a heavenly world.


5.10. ''Lord, what shall we do with the Tathagata's remains?'' ''Do not worry yourselves about the funeral arrangements, Ananda. You should strive for the highest goal ''411 devote yourselves to the highest goal, and dwell with your minds tirelessly, zealously devoted to the highest goal. There are wise Khattiyas, Brahmins and householders who are devoted to the Tathagata: they will take care of the funeral.''



5.13. And the Venerable Ananda went into his lodging435 and stood lamenting, leaning on the door-post:436 ''Alas, I am still a learner with much to do! And the Teacher is passing away, who was so compassionate to me!''
 Then the Lord enquired of the monks where Ananda was, and they told him. So he said to a certain monk: ''Go, monk, and say to Ananda from me: "Friend Ananda, the Teacher summons you."'' [144] ''Very good, Lord'', said the monk, and did so. ''Very good, friend'', Ananda replied to that monk, and he went to the Lord, saluted him and sat down to one side.

5.14. And the Lord said: ''Enough, Ananda, do not weep and wail! Have I not already told you that all things that are pleasant and delightful are changeable, subject to separation and becoming other? So how could it be, Ananda - since whatever is born, become, compounded is subject to decay - how could it be that it should not: pass away? For a long time, Ananda, you have been in the Tathagata's presence, showing loving-kindness in act of body, speech and mind, beneficially, blessedly, whole-heartedly and unstintingly. You have achieved much merit, Ananda. Make the effort, and in a short time you will be free of the corruptions.''437

5.15. Then the Lord addressed the monks: ''Monks, all those who were Arahant fully-enlightened Buddhas in the past have had just such a chief attendant as Ananda, and so too will those Blessed Lords who come in the future. Monks, Ananda is wise. He knows when it is the right time for monks to come to see the Tathagata, when it is the right time for nuns, for male lay-followers, [145] for female lay-followers, for kings, for royal ministers, for leaders of other schools, and for their pupils.

5.16. ''Ananda has four remarkable and wonderful qualities. What are they? If a company of monks comes to see Ananda, they are pleased at the sight of him, and when Ananda talks Dhamma to them they are pleased, and when he is silent they are disappointed. And so it is, too, with nuns, with male and female lay-followers.438 And these four qualities apply to a wheel-turning monarch: if he is visited by a company of Khattiyas, of Brahmins, of householders, or of ascetics, they are pleased at the sight of him and when he talks to them, and when he is silent they are disappointed. [146] And so too it is with Ananda.''


5.20. Just then the Mallas of Kusinara were assembled in their meeting-hall on some business. And Amanda came to them and delivered the Lord's words. [148]

5.21. And when they heard Amanda's words, the Mallas, with their sons, daughters-in-law and wives were struck with anguish and sorrow, their minds were overcome with grief so that they were all weeping and tearing their hair ...Then they all went to the sal-grove where the Venerable Amanda was.

5.22. And Amanda thought: ''If I allow the Mallas of Kusinara to salute the Lord individually, the night will have passed before they have all paid homage. I had better let them pay homage family by family, saying: "Lord, the Malla so-and-so with his children, his wife, his servants and his friends pays homage at the Lord's feet."'' Arid so he presented them in that way, and thus allowed all the Mallas of Kusinara to pay homage to the Lord in the first watch.

5.23. And at that time a wanderer called Subhadda was in Kusinara, and he heard that the ascetic Gotama was to attain final Nibbana in the final watch of that night. [149] He thought: ''I have heard from venerable wanderers, advanced in years, teachers of teachers, that a Tathagata, a fully-enlightened Buddha, only rarely arises in the world. And tonight in the last watch the ascetic Gotama will attain final Nibbana. Now a doubt has arisen in my mind, and I feel sure that the ascetic Gotama can teach me a doctrine to dispel that doubt.''

5.24. So Subhadda went to the Mallas'sal-grove, to where the Venerable Amanda was, and told him what he had thought: ''Reverend Amanda, may I be permitted to see the ascetic Gotama?'' But Amanda replied: ''Enough, friend Subhadda, do not disturb the Tathagata, the Lord is weary.'' And Subhadda made his request a second and a third time, but still Amanda [150] refused it.

5.25. But the Lord overheard this conversation between Ananda and Subhadda, and he called to Amanda: ''Enough, Amanda, do not hinder Subhadda, let him see the Tathagata. For whatever Subhadda asks me he will ask in quest of enlightenment" and not to annoy me, and what I say in reply to his questions he will quickly understand.'' Then Amanda said: ''Go in, friend Subhadda, the Lord gives you. leave.''

5.26. Then Subhadda approached the Lord, exchanged courtesies with him, and sat down to one side, saying: ''Venerable Gotama, all those ascetics and Brahmins who have orders and followings, who are teachers, well-known and famous as founders of schools, and popularly regarded as saints, like Purana Kassapa, Makkhali Gosala, Ajita Kesakambali, Pakudha Kaccayana, Sanjaya Belatthaputta and the Nigantha Nataputta - have they all realised the truth as they all make out, or have none [151] of them realised it, or have some realised it and some not?'' ''Enough, Subhadda, never mind whether all, or none, or some of them have realised the truth. I will teach you Dhamma, Subhadda. Listen, pay close attention, and I will speak.'' ''Yes, Lord'', said Subhadda, and the Lord said:

5.27. ''In whatever Dhamma and discipline the Noble Eightfold Path is not found, no ascetic is found of the first, the second, the third or the fourth grade."'' But such ascetics can be found, of the first, second, third and fourth grade in a Dhamma and discipline where the Noble Eightfold Path is found. Now, Subhadda, in this Dhamma and discipline the Noble Eightfold Path is found, and in it are to be found ascetics of the first, second, third and fourth grade. Those other schools are devoid of [true] ascetics; but if in this one the monks were to live the life to perfection, the world would not lack for Arahants.
 Twenty-nine years of age I was When I went forth to seek the Good. Now over fifty years have passed Since the day that I went forth To roam the realm of wisdom's law Outside of which no ascetic is [152] First, second, third or fourth degree]. Other schools of such are bare, But if here monks live perfectly, The world won't lack for Arahants.''444

5.28. At this the wanderer Subhadda said: ''Excellent, Lord, excellent! It is as if someone were to set up what had been knocked down, or to point out the way to one who had got lost, or to bring an oil lamp into a dark place, so that those with eyes could see what was there. Just so the Blessed Lord has expounded the Dhamma in various ways. And I, Lord, go for refuge to the Blessed Lord, the Dhamma and the Sangha. May I receive the going-forth in the Lord's presence! May I receive ordination!''

5.29. ''Subhadda, whoever, coming from another school, seeks the going-forth and ordination in this Dhamma and discipline, must wait four months on probation. And at the end of four months, those monks who are established in mind44s may let him go forth and give him ordination to the status of a monk. However, there can be a distinction of persons.''
 ''Lord, if those coming from other schools must wait four months on probation,. ..I will wait four years, and then let them give me the going-forth and the ordination!'' But the Lord said to Ananda: ''Let Subhadda go forth!'' ''Very good, Lord'', said Ananda.

5.30. And Subhadda said to the Venerable Ananda: ''Friend Ananda, it is a great gain for you all, it is very profitable for you, that you have obtained the consecration of discipleship in the Teacher's presence.'' [153]
 Then Subhadda received the going-forth in the Lord's presence, and the ordination. And from the moment of his ordination the Venerable Subhadda, alone, secluded, unwearying, zealous and resolute, in a short time attained to that for which young men of good family go forth from the household life into homelessness, that unexcelled culmination of the holy life, having realised it here and now by his own insight, and dwelt therein: ''Birth is destroyed, the holy life has been lived, what had to be done has been done, there is nothing further here.'' And the Venerable Subhadda became another of the Arahants. He was the last personal disciple of the Lord.''

The Long Discourses of the Buddha

Maurice Walshe



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Dear friends,
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'Buddhist' Beckhams

Monster and Critics, Sept 6, 2008

Los Angeles, USA -- Victoria and David Beckham have turned to Buddhism. The couple - who live in Los Angeles with their three sons - have reportedly "embraced" the mystical religion and are now chanting every morning in a bid to help them deal with their hectic lifestyles.

Victoria and David Beckham:

A source said: "David and Victoria have gone completely Californian! David has begun wearing health, prosperity and performance beads around his wrist. He has started yoga and stretching classes after a knee injury, and then a teammate suggested Buddhist chanting to soothe his mind.

"Now he and Victoria do a short five-minute chant when they wake up to start the day off on the right foot, repeating, 'Homage to the blessed one, the worthy one, the rightly self-awakened one.' "

Former Spice Girls star Victoria, 34, has also reportedly incorporated holistic eating into her diet plan.

The source added to Britain's Look magazine: "David and Victoria are really getting into the whole holistic, healthy vibe too. Victoria often picks up a soya latte at an organic cafe called Urth Caffe, which is next to The Bodhi Tree bookstore, where she bought hundreds of dollars' worth of self-help books."

The pair have are even said to have employed a feng shui expert to ensure their mansion is appropriately arranged.

The source revealed: "They have had Chinese Feng Shui experts come in to rearrange their home, hope it will improve David's luck on the soccer pitch and their chances of conceiving. They have turned into the ultimate hippy power couple!"




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