Date: 11/17/2008 12:43:40 AM
Subject: [CASonline] Special Notice: Techinical Details of Khensur Rinpoche's programme.
Dearest Friends @ CAS,
We are awfully glad to inform all that CAS's webcasts in both English and Chinese of Loseling Khensur Rinpoche's teaching will be up !!
( Should all students' merits hold up, the webcasts should hopefully be broadcasted right into the meditative cells cum homes of our friends. To date, the first running test is promising with no stunted images and clear audio. The second test will run tomorrow. The internet signals, equipments have all been double affirmed and refined. Hope everyone's merits hold up !! )
The detailed programme:
21 & 22 Nov: Empowerment of Yamantaka Vajrabhairava 
23 Nov: Empowerment of Palden Lhamo
( The above programmes at the Ngee Ann Cultural Centre from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. There will be no webcasts or recording of the sacred empowerments. Registration is required and students must be committed to keeping the Pratimoksha 5 Precepts, the Bodhisattva and Tantric Vows. For details, see )
24 Nov: Teachings on the "Graduated Path to Enlightenment" - Lam Rim by Je Tzongkhapa. 
( This session is open to all students who may not have received a Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerment ).
25 / 26 / 27 Nov: Teachings on Yamantaka Vajrabhairava and Palden Lhamo.
( To receive these teachings, students must at least have received a Highest Yoga Tantra full empowerment before - preferably that of the Yamantaka Cycle -- and are keeping the vows and commitments to their best abilities. Do respect the Tibetan Buddhist Tantric tradition's strict protocol about accessing of these teachings even via the webcasts as well as Khensur Rinpoche's holy wishes. )      
[ The above programmes will be held at Camden Education Center ( See for address. The timing is from 7 pm to 9 pm. There may be additional sessions from 4 pm to 6 pm on 26 and 27 Nov. ]
The audio and / or video recordings of the programme should be available after the programme in CAS's A/V Library.
Course Fees 
To clarify, the suggested course fee of S$200/- is purely to cover the hefty costs of Khensur Rinpoche and the monks' tickets, the translation costs, transport, food and all. Given CAS's average of easily more than 5 to 6 programmes per year, fully sponsoring the precious Teachers and Entourages' tickets and all on top of the important, life-saving projects, it is no surprise every offering we receive are helping to mould the spiritual landscape in little but hopefully significant ways ( for the students !! ) here and other places but at the same time, straining taut and lean the society's every cent.
These fees from the students will be discreetly received: the students dropping them into the Dharma Propagation Fund box during the programme itself. Sangha members and financially diadvatnaged students are exmpted from the full fees and could offer any amount to share in the inconceivable merit of hosting a most precious, holy Master and an unique Highest Yoga Tantra of the Yamantaka Vajrabhairava.
"Oo..... that's too easy." ( An Admonishment. ) 
When breezing into any Dharma programmes, do keep in mind that Somebodies ( especially if the society is neither fat nor juicy ),
A) Have eaten off their Annual Leaves or feigned for MCs ( own expenses ) to literally toil to carry your Gurus' throne/s ( they can't walk themselves ),
B) To lug another lumpy suitcase containing items to "sell" to raise fund/s for another programme for you and to support yet another "life-saving project" ( but many times, people smirk at you, suspecting you do business ) 
C) To send for printing and later carry, the dead-heavy, angular boxes containing precious texts for you to recite for the greatest good of all ( in spite of bad knee and bad neck )
D) To set-up the holy shrine as holy support ( the shrine cloth hates to stay put for the entire programme ) for your precious Guru to bestow the next Grand Empowerment for your Liberation
E) To set-up the Buddha's holy picture and the myriad complicated holy objects on the shrine ( probably, only the Buddhas can prop them right )
F) To design, re-design, and re-edit and re-design then distribute the posters ( after work and then going back by public transport so as to keep the society's fund for greater good ) and then,
G) Slayed another movie ticket, skipped another fancy restaurant, to starve out one ticket for one precious monk only in the Guru's entourage for him to knead yet another torma to be placed on your head from the Guru's blessed hands.
H) Making the 100th call to ensure there is car to fetch your Guru home. ( Must be diplomatic when allocating transport duties, seating plans ).
I) Making sure the most urgent and important cases meet your Guru but must keep everyone happy. ( Lest they toxically bite you to ensure your ruin )  
J) Coming home to frenziedly feed your Guru ( many times, holy Masters don't eat before programmes ) and sometimes, having to tolerate the snigger of funny attendants ( whose minds still linger in feudal societies ) who do not expect a Prez, V-Prez or Com to do these most mundane of tasks. ( You so low, why should we respect ??!! Bodhisattvas never work in slums. They sit on pedestals like George W. Bush !! )
( Years after years after years after years......... ) 
So, hey hey ...... thank your father, mother and all the hidden angels for respectively giving you the precious human rebirth and hetching a stony alley to spiritual liberation for you.
Pray for them day; pray for them night.
Gratitude is beautiful.
            Fruits reaped and reaping.
"We are seeing some fruits and are tenderly coaxing more to be ripened in the future, some nearer and others just beyond the horizons." 
One of our graduated medical students is doing excellent work among the Tibetan refugee community and some of India's poorest regions. He wrote to thank all of you for seeing through his long years of studies.
( Letter is in attachment )
We really want to thank so many of our friends' kindness and generosity -- so many, so many of you -- secretly giving us your good wishes, secretly dropping your hard-earned money into the Dharma Propagation Fund, some of you anonymously sms-ing about monetary transfers, and we do not even know your name or your face ( !! ).
Most of your donations do not run beyond any 3-figure sums but the Buddha did tell us not to be dismissive of small good, for they add up slowly but surely to the greatest good.( The Dhammapada )
Most of our projects are indeed from the little offerings and dedications from your daily prayers ( from wherever you are ).
We rejoice in our sponsors' generosity and kindness and from the point of view of karma, we are sure of their inconceivable results !!  ( "The offering of one, the reaping of ten thousand positive effects !!" -- the Kshitigarbha Sutra. ) 
Discreetly, we are tilling hard, hopefully for long, for ripening of all of CAS's great works.... purely for absolute continued flourishing of the holy Dharma and the well-being and good of precious mother sentient beings.
Do dedicate your EVERYTHING for highest good of all !!
"Namo Amituofo !!"
bb & other tilling beings @ CAS ( watched over by Vajrabhairava. )
p/s: I shall be replying and informing Dr Tashi-la of our sharinng of his letter with all of you. Keep him in your prayers !!
From CAS's Secretary:
Dear Friends in the Dharma,
Many tashi deleks to you!
I am writing to you as recently I have received a letter from one of
our sponsored monk who studied in men Tsee Khang and graduated from
their 6 years study course to become a doctor. The letter is attached
with this email. Please do open the Jpeg files to view the letter.
Checked virus free. :)
I am very glad to receive this letter as he mentioned that he must
thank all of you who have helped to sponsor his studies for the past
years whether partially or fully, and that he is doing his best now
in attending to the patients coming to Men Tsee Khang clinics in India.
I would also like to express heartfelt gratitude for your support and
trust in CAS in carrying out this project successfully. Although we
have come to end of our sponsorship for the monks since they have
graduated, CAS is still continuing to keep in touch with the
administrators of Men Tsee Khang so that we can be kept updated about
our students' progress, and also to continue to support Men Tsee
Khang through our next project: Sponsorship for medical consultation
fees for the poor and needy people visiting the clinics of Men Tsee
Khang in India. The cost of visiting the doctors are kept low in this
case for the people who cannot afford the medical fees. Please do let
me know if you would like to help out in this project....whether on a
monthly basis or a one time sponsorship depending on your financial
ability please. As usual  we will collect the money and remit to Men
Tsee Khang on a yearly basis and they will issue us a receipt in your name.
Thank you very much once again on behalf of Men Tsee Khang and CAS
for your help in this project in whatever way for the past years!
May all be well and auspicious!! Cheers!
Warm regards,
Rigzin Dorje
Charitable Assistance Society of Thousand-Arm Chenrezig


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