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Subject: [CASonline] Back from "The Golden Islands" !!



       His Holiness with Khyentse Rinpoche Yangsi


 His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

 'He did not claim to be, one never thought he was, perfect or infallible,'my father had written at the time, 'but in his company I felt the freshness of immense personal purity.'..'there are a lot of people who don't believe in anything, but they will die just to see the Dalai Lama. It's almost like they feel if he touches them, if they get his blessing, they're set up for life.'

( The Open Road ¨C Pico Iyer )


As He is heading away from the public space, suddenly, he sees something and veers off. The rest of us struggle to keep up. Alone at the far end of an empty colonnade, teo Japanese women are standing above a girl of ten or so with a mop of black hair and thick glasses; her legs, in bright, striped socks, barely reach the ground from the wheelchair in which she is sitting.

            Within seconds, the Dalai Lama is by the girls' side and leaning down to talk to her.

            "What is her problem ??" he asks the women ¨C a mother and a friend, I assume ¨C and is told that her eyes are fine, but that the use of her legs is gone.

            For a long, long moment he looks into the little girl's eyes. Then he leans forward and places his head against her cheeks. Then, looking at her again, he says something else and tweaks her affectionately, before heading back toward his schedule.

            The mother of the girl, as he turns around, is dabbing at her cheeks with a tissue, saying, "Thank you.  I'm so sorry. Thank you." The woman beside her looks as if her face is about to crumple. The little girl is swinging her legs back and forth as if the day is just beginning.  

( The Open Road ¨C Pico Iyer )




Dearest Friends @ CAS,


The great, noble Drikung Ontrul has returned to the holy land of Guru Padma in India, at Tso Pema, after bestowing Drikung Kagyu's Uncommon Cycle of the Yangzab Term Cycles of the Demon Subduing King ( the common cycle being Chakrasamvara and Dorje Phagmo ) as well as the trio of Dzogchen Protectors, all of which being the innermost heart of the most refined gold of the Enlightened One's teachings.   


The Great Abbot Emeritus of Drepung Loseling has also returned to India after a full 7 days' hectic bestowal of the Yamantaka Vajrabhairava, the Lam Rim and the Great Madhyamika with His Holiness the Dalai Lama's translator and the Tantric Geshe from Gyuto Tantric College in attendance. 


CAS sees the ( finally !! ) successful launch of "live" webcast in both Chinese and English. An average of a hundred viewers tuned in per session. The audio and visual recording are being processed and should be up in CAS's "A/V Library" soon. 

{ Much thanks to many friends who lent CAS your videos, audio recorders and lap tops ).


Some beings ( 2 of them only this time ) left for Indonesia almost immediately after the Great Abbot's return to India. Essentially, they were making the trip at the behest of CAS's late Root Teacher, the 100th Ganden Trisur, who has expressed, while staying with the Dalai Lama in Dharmasala, that He will very much like to make pilgrimage to Indonesia ( known then, before the Islamisation of Indonesia, as "The Golden Islands" ). 


The 5 hours of prayers and circumambulations around the world's largest Buddhist monument where Lama Atisha probably stayed and studied at the feet of His Javanese Teacher, Lama Serlingpa, were heartening and satisfactory, fully dedicating every single step in eternal longing and loving memory of our precious Root Lama. The queaking knees and the on-the-spot-joining of Malaysian Buddhists in our reciting of the "King of Aspirations" of Lord Samantabhadra should qualify as auspicious sparkles. Both these giants of masters are prime sources of every Tibetan Buddhist lineages alive today, especially through the "Dam Ngag Dzod", "Lam Rim" and "Lo Jong" collections. The blessed photos are under the "Highlights" section in


We are sorry we did not manage to capture in the pics, Nechung, Tsimar, Yudronma and the other great protector divinities of Tibet who were reminded of their commitments to Trisur Rinpoche to protect His holy works, and we rightly suppose, include pilgrimage done in His name.  


Resuming transmission here of CASonline's routine format and congratulations to all of you who have lived yet another year, assiduously applying where possible, all that we have learnt and studied, as much as we are able to,


bb & all frens   in CAS belonging to all of you.




 Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture


The Buddha has appeared in the world,

Saviour of all living beings;

All should get up and go,

To see the Guide of the World ....


Seeing the world in error,

Shrouded by darkness

And oppressed by the pains of life and death,

The Buddhas conceive great compassion....


For countless millions of aeons...

To perfect sentient beings And extinguish all sufferings,

They have given up Their hands and feet, ears, noses and heads

For endless aeons to attain Buddhahood....


Behold the body of Buddha,

With an endless array of lights,

Emanating various glows

Which soothe the world.


( The Flower Ornament Sutra - Chapter 39: "Entry into the Realm of Reality" )


The sacred temple of the Buddha:




Bonus Quote




You know, either we sincerely practise to gain Liberation ( and bring as many out as we can ) or we come back and die, then come back and die again.


Lama Jamdor-la, Ontrul Rinpoche's attendant, likened ourselves to be lighted sticks of incenses, approaching eventual extinguishment of this life's human form.  



"Support Dharma Propagation Fund ( DPF ) - Product Highlight".



Some beings @ CAS acquired these precious malas from the exiled Tibetan community in India.


They were blessed by the late 100th Ganden Trisur, the present Sharpa Choje, Gen Wangchen-la ( Teacher of Ling Rinpoche who is the Dalai Lama's Senior Tutor ) and the Loseling Khensur Lobsang Gyamtso. These malas are extrmeely precious and blessed and will be made available only to friends who will make the best use of them.


The malas are made from "Tiger's Eye", corals and almost every other  materials you will want, ideal for use in the respective tantric mantra recitations. 


Suggested offering at S$16/- ( for Friends @ CAS ) & S$20/- ( for non-friends @ CAS ) excluding postage if applicable.

How you can make donations:


We could try to post them to you ( will include postage costs to reimburse Dharma Propagation Fund - DPF ) or you could come down to Camden Education Center to collect.
Do confirm first so we can transfer them from Ganden Trisur's place in Singapore to the education centre before you come.  

All contributions will go into CAS's life-saving DPF !! 




FOR Friends of CAS


The realised master, the 84th Throne-Holder of the main Kathok Monastery, Katok Khenchen Lhoga Rinpoche, is scheduled to arrive for precious Dharma programme in late December.
Katok Khenchen Lhoga Rinpoche is one of the Nyingma Heads and in His past live as Khenchen Lekshey Jorden, is the ordination master of the present Nyingma Head Emeritus, Kyabje Penor Rinpoche. 
Khenchen Rinpoche is extremely close to CAS and has protected and blessed the society for years and is one of the main causes of success of CAS's many projects. Rinpoche has tirelessly traversed the length and breadth of Tibet, and now, the world, selflessly bestowing the holy Dharma to any beings with the fortunate karmic link. This sublime, holy being is recognised by some of the living Dzogchen Masters ( Kyabje Chatral Rinpoche, Tulku Arig and the late Nyoshul Khenpo ) to have fully realised the ultimate stages of the Great Perfection. 
25 Dec 08
2 - 5 pm  4-arm Chenrezig Empowerment
7:30 - 10pm  Grp practice of 4-arm Chenrezig Sadhana
26 Dec 08
2 - 5 pm  Heart Sutra Practice to clear obstacles
7:30 - 10 pm  100 Peaceful and Wrathful Deities Empowerment
27 Dec 08
2 - 5 pm  Liberation of the deceased through the method of the 100 Deities
7:30 - 10 pm  Ganachakra of the 100 Deities
Free vegetarian dinner available for the three evenings.
Venue: Kim Mui Huey Kuan (beside Hertford Rd), 72 Keng Lee Road (Bus No. 56, 166, 851, 980)
Nearest MRT:  Little India (NE line)
Talk by HH Lhoga Rinpoche
Date: 28 Dec 08
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue:  Nyingma Kathok Buddhist Centre, 397, Guillemard Rd (betw Geylang Lor 34 and 36)





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