Subject: [CASonline] Think.

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
It is heartening to witness His Holiness's acceptance of the United States of America's Congressional Gold Medal -- THE highest civilian award that has only been awarded to the most distinguished personalities in the world, such as Sir Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. 
To many Buddhists, it is a moment of pride and joy, even though His Holiness will still be the authentic, qualified spritual Teacher, with or without the Nobel Peace Prize, the Congressional Gold Medal or the impressive hordes of elites, enchanted and devoted, at His slipper-donned, holy feet.
Spiritual cultivation should remain -- ever -- sitting on the top shelf of the Buddhist wardrobe.  
It becomes strange when any religion-belief attempts to assert self-patting because its temple is bigger, because it has more young people dancing at its services, because the richer and more educationally-certified [ should this be synonymous with "educated" ?] comes into this or that house/s of worship. 
Is it the enigmatic Chogyam Trungpa who coined the term, "Spiritual Materialism ??"
Good thinking.   
What becomes of a spiritual system when its adherents equalise self-worth, confidence and achievement/s with material accolades ??   
Another Number's Game / Chasing the Moon / A Rat Race.......... again.
While it no longer surprises most informed individuals, the not-exactly-subtle "idealogical smugglings" of specific media, it probably helps the layman or laywoman to note:
- Which of the view/s of the involved parties' have been sufficiently represented ??
- Who has to "gain" through the positioning/s of the article......
- Who needs to fulfill certain agendas ( explicit or implicit ) through reporting like this or like that..... in other words, who has this or that to gain from reporting like this ??
Also, do they need to take into consideration any concerns when reporting the news ??
Are there or could there have been possible personal biases on the part of the people reporting them ??
Reports on exactly the same event could be world's apart once slanted and twisted through different lenses, deliberately or otherwise.
Version A
- "Mdm Sophia honoured in prestigious ceremony." 
- "Mdm Sophia affirms core message of Free Love."
Version B
- "Director Oscar Wilde expresses outrage at invitation to Sophia to prestigious event."
- "Beepy Blop unconvinced about Sophia attempts to define Free Love."
The uninformed being could be forgiven for mistaking country A to be a vassal state cum protectorate of the more powerful and rising-still country X if the media of country A persists in reporting only views expressed by the foreign ministry of country X !!
On reports of one well-known case that is triggering big waves in most of the civilized world but in certain quarters are offered as below: 
"Country X expresses anger at carrots being offered to Mr Sweety-Guru."
"Country X warns of consequences if Mr Sweety-Guru is allowed to enter country DDD"
"Country X fumes over the meetings Mr Sweety-Guru has with Prez Mercedes ..... even if privately."
One is so tempted to ask, "Well, what does Mr Sweety-Guru have to say about all these ??"
Where are the reports or media coverage on the points of views of the other involved parties ??!!
Can this then be considered fair reporting ??
Are we short-changing the readers-audiences ??
Is Country X's ideas overly-represented ??!!
On reports of another well-known case that is triggering bigger waves in most of the civilized world but in certain quarters are offered as below:
"Country X hopes for peace and stability ( even though Land of the Golden Pagodas had just bloodied their holy men and shot, very dead, their people, demonstrating for affordable food )."
[ Country X affirms however that old friends don't speak bad of each others' private familial affairs ]  
Hey hey ......
One is again tempted to ask, why do viewpoints of the other major players not broadcasted ??
Is it because certain quarters have aligned interests with Country X ?? 
Have we been held hostage -- obviously, money-business, and, of course, other covert or overt  agendas -- such that journalisitc integrity, basic human decency, ( bottom-line courtesy too ?? ) have been or have no choice but need to be sacrificed ..... to such a brazen degree, so absolutely ??!!
Wow !! 
Then again ......
Unfortunately, the complete picture probably eludes commoners like ourselves as we have no full access to information related to many situations, i suspect. 
Following, then, the media may be exhorted to perform-report what they are told, are agendas, they are obliged, professionally or contractually, to fulfill, basing upon information and considerations that the common folks -- ourselves that is !! -- are blissfully unaware.
The alleged perpetrator/s could, in the end, be, indeed, the noble villian, the eternally misunderstood, unsung heroe....
Sigh, sigh .....  
Our clasped palms as usual,
bb & ALL frens @ CAS of the great Bodhisattva of Absolute Compassionate
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