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The present Dalai Lama, on numerous occasions, highlighted to the assemblies of holy Sangha and lay Buddhists, the critical importance of relying upon the Great Guru Padmasambhava, especially with regard to the particularly degenerated nature of our present period as well as for the welfare and benefit of Tibet.
"I found the prayer text to Guru Padmasambhava by the Fifth Dalai Lama himself where he stated, "I wrote this text for the benefit of the Tibetan people, but for certain reasons it could not be put into effect." Then he expressed a wish that it might still benefit the Tibetan people in the future. I felt sad to read how the Fifth Dalai Lama had composed a prayer for the general good of Tibet, but nobody had cared to follow it up. It seemed ironic that once we had lost our country and were living as refugees that we had an opportunity to re-establish this tradition and to fulfil his wish."
-- The present Dalai Lama in the Foreword to the "Pluvial Nectar of Blessings" (Library of Tibetan Works and Archives)   
The second Dalai Lama wrote:
Padmasambhava, who is chief among all the realized beings,
Atisha, who is chief of all the scholars,
and Manjushri Lama Tzongkhapa -
All of them are of the one nature and also manifestations of each other.
For the Gelugpa practitioners, too, whose scope of practice usually do not directly overlap Teachings from Guru Padmasambhava, His Holiness has advised the importance of including at least the mantra of Guru Padma - OM AH HUNG BENZA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUNG -- in their practice, such as after their prayers to Je Tzongkhapa.  
The Guru Yoga of Guru Padmasambhava
relying upon the Seven Vajra Verses
We are attaching to all our friends here, one of the most important Termas revealed by Namkha Lingpa, translated into English and sent to all our friends @ CAS for the first time, literally glowing with the warmth from the breath of the Dakinis and the awesome power of the undeceiving Vajra Speech of the Great Guru Padmasambhava.
Permission to Practise: Although a formal initiation is a pre-requisite for tantric practice, here, Namkha Lingpa has, through one of His very close students, given complete authorization to friends @ CASonline and the Buddhists with the right karmic connections and faith to engage in this precious practice, even without initiation.
See Attachment for the precious Terma and its Commentary by Nyanlung Rinpoche - Namkha Lingpa Jigme Phuntsok Himself --
Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche's Commentary on the "Seven-Line Prayer"
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