Date: 11/19/2009 11:17:03 AM
Subject: [CASonline] Drepung Loseling Khensur Rinpoche's Dharma Programme 2009

Dearest People @ CAS,
We are elated to reveal to you, finally, the full-finalised Dharma programme of the Drepung Loseling Khensur Rinpoche in Singapore.
Khensur Rinpoche is one of Tibet's seniormost masters and is a close disciple of the late Ling Rinpoche and the present Dalai Lama. Khensur Rinpoche is also a close friend and classmate of our Root Teacher, the 100th Ganden Trisur Rinpoche - the 100th Supreme Head of the Gelugpa Lineage. In the great hall of Drepung Loseling in India, Rinpoche is enthroned in the middle, flanked to His sides, the second and third highest ranking hierarch of the Gelugpa lineage - the Sharpa and the Jangtse Chojes.
Khensur Rinpoche will be offering the complete transmissions, spanning the whole of the sutra and tantra teachings of Lord Buddha, including the very rare empowerment of the main Gelugpa Protector: the Six Arm Black Mahakala and the teaching on Lama Chodpa, an integrated practice of Guhyasamaja, Chakrasamvara and Yamantaka.
Moreover, Rinpoche will be teaching on a pivotally important and representative text: Je Tsongkhapa's "Letter of Advice on the Sutras and the Tantras". This text will arm the student with the full major points of everything to practise under the sun.
There will be simultaneous webcast and translation via FM radio on selected programmes. Recordings and transcripts should be available after the programme.
As many of our com-friends will be leaving for Burma for pilgrimage and leisure soon, we could probably get back to any enquiries only after 5 Dec. Anyway, here's the enquiry email:  
Our sole wish and request to you all: please dedicate for highest good to come of the programme - for the Dharma and mother beings. We need nothing else.
"Amituofo !!"
bb & all frens @ Charitable Assistance Society ( CAS ) of Thousand Arm Chenrezig
The full programme and webcast:
See also our CASonline Archives for details on some of the programmes:
Students relying on shugden, the evil spirit, should not receive empowerment/s or teaching/s from Khensur Rinpoche in consideration of the sacred samaya between guru and disciple.