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Date: 11/20/05 09:53:11
Subject: [CASonline] From our Friends ......!!
Save the Dharma in Mongolia !!
Dear BB,
Thanks for your reply and thank you very much for including the interview about Mongolia in you recent mailout. It help with consciousness raising about the Mongolian situation.
Here are some answers to your questions
Dear Friend,
i have looked through your mail and have come out with the following pointers:
Sponsorships are required for
1 - logistics: eg: pipes
   YES.  Pipes and toilets. When our building was renovated the Chinese national company who at the time was the only company in UB to supply pipes and toilets replaced the old Russian piping and toilets with new.  But as it turns out, they were not new at all and we have been plagued by leaks and breakage for the last five years.  It is a constant battle and a drain on funding.
2 - Education - training future translators through having English classes [ cost of progrmme is about USD6,000/- ]
No. The present cut back to $6000 this year prevents us from educating Mongolians to the required level for Translator training. We need an experienced and qualified teacher for the higher levels who will accept the going rate of $150 per month , for twelve months and return airfare.  With the cost of food and lodging it comes out to about $3000 dollars.  So the total sponsorship is really $9000usd.
3 - Publishing
Definitely an imperative.  We have monks and Monasteries from the Country side contact us on almost a daily basis for books and someone to go teach. In addition we supply Ganden with texts adn booklets.   Publishing here expensive.  So we really cannot keep up with the demand.  Quite sad.
4- Monks to study in india
Indeed yes.  When the monks are ready it would be good to have the money to sponsor them to India.  Recently we could only particially sponsor a group of monks.
5 - Teachers to go to Mongolia
True, pure teachers is what Mongolia really needs.  That, and the written word of the Buddhadharma.  Mongolians crave for it.  It is in their blood and in their hearts.  Our resident teacher cannot keep up with the demand for teaching.  She is asked to teach because the people say that she knows more than the monks.  And she does, she studied priviately with a Geshe for ten years, speaks tibetian fluently and is now learning Mongolian.  The monks are in the early stages of training but primarily do ritual.  So trained teachers are definitely; especially to travel throughout the countryside.  A young geshe would be ideal.
Incidentally, i am an English teacher in a government school in Singapore !!
We will go through very carefully with our friends and hope to come out with something soonest possible --
With all prayers to the Buddhas for help to all --
Trisur Rinpoche is scheduled to arrive late next week and may be here for about one month --
I will request Rinpoche to dedicate and live-long for good of all including Mongolia --
Much love and prayer,

In Response to H.E. Garchen Rinpoche's Request:

Dear Dharma friends,

This heartfelt plea arises from the devotion to see the accomplishment
of His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche's aspiration prayer.  As you have read in
his urgent letter, he is requesting the establishment of a health care clinic in
his village (Gargon Monastery, Eastern Tibet); the medical training of
five women from Gargon to begin as soon as possible; and continued
basic maternal and child health educational outreach for all local women
and families.

Gar Tibet Health Project (GTHP), directed by Garchen Rinpoche, has been
established for the accomplishment of the above goals.  GTHP was
developed from two successful visits to Gargon, where assessment, treatment
and training was carried out. To learn more about the midwifery training classes
conducted and the current initiatives in Gargon please visit the GTHP website at:

During the next two years, GTHP will launch two
major initiatives: 
- a two-year training program of five women to be local healthcare providers; and
- the establishment of a healthcare clinic in Gargon, which will be supplied with
Tibetan, Chinese and basic western medicines to serve the local population.  
The people of Gargon have expressed their deep desire to have such a clinic
To achieve these initiatives and ensure that these efforts are sustained, we
need to raise $100,000 for the funding of the ! healthcare training, the clinic
and educational outreach programs.

The immediate priority is fundraising for the two year medical training program
for five women who have been chosen by Garchen Rinpoche.  Two nuns
and three female students are ready to begin their training under the direct
guidance of a Tibetan medical doctor in Nangchen as soon as adequate
funding is available.  The cost for training the five women, plus their food and
shared lodging, will be approximately $735 per month, for a total of
$17,640 for the two year program. Donations are needed in order
for this training to begin.
Garchen Rinpoche and the Gargon community need our support
to fulfill their hope and need for available healthcare. 

Please help fulfill Garchen Rinpoche's request by making a contribution to
support this vision. In addition, you can help by fundraising or by hosting a
fund raiser event in your community. We welcome any other skills and
abilities that you can co! ntribute to the GTHP.  Please contact us.

The Drikung Mahayana Center, one of Garchen Rinpoche's centers in
the U.S.A., is generously accepting tax-deductible donations for
the Gar Tibet Health Project. 

Please send your donation check (made payable to Drikung Mahayana Center
and earmarked Gar Tibet Health Project) to:
Drikung Mahayana Center
14905 Coles Chance Road
North Potomac, MD 20878

For those residing in countries outside of the United States, please contact
us for information if you wish to make your donation tax-deductible.
If you have interest or inspiration to help the GTHP,
please contact me at Gargonhp@sover.net

Thank you for your support and good will,

Donna Caplan
Gar Tibet Health Project

Hi bb,
You must be looking forward to the school hols !
I am wondering if you can help with something ...
I was in Beijing last month to meet the teacher of a powerful healing
technique. He's actually based in Boston. He is a wonderful person, with
such a good heart. Anyway, now that I have a cert, I can introduce the
modality, and get more people practising, before he visits next year. I have
been using the system since June this year, after being taught over the
phone by a friend in Boston, who took it upon himself to send me all the
necessary tools, and it is really very powerful. For example, the teacher's
average success rate is 95%, for any ailment under the Sun, and he has 100%
success rate with stomach cancer.
To sum it up, it takes about 10mins and involves thinking of the person who
needs to be healed (hence can be done over distance -- so far I have "fixed"
a friend in HK and friends of friends in Philippines), and using a magnetic
hammer to hit an acupuncture doll at the appropriate part of the doll which
relates to the problem that the patient is suffering from. Master Tom Tam
(MTT), who is trained in TCM and Tuina, and who is knowledgeable about both
Eastern and Western healing modalities, explains that we all connect to the
collective unconsious (a term coined by the psychotherapist Dr Carl Jung),
and are directing qi to the area of blockage in the person who is unwell.
Bit like uploading good intent and downloading healing power. Of course, as
Buddhists, we already understand the notion of thought as energy, and
quantum physics (which is the western explanation of what Buddha expounded
thousands of years ago and relates to getting beyond concepts and duality).
Would you know of anyone who might be interested in learning. It's a great
way of practising the Bodhisattva vow. Speaking of practising the Dharma, my
dad moved on into another realm from heart attack a few weeks ago. I'm so
grateful for all the teachings that result in me living in a reality that is
obviously not the one that most people (read people not living the Dharma)
cannot relate to. All's well, and I'm so glad that I also studied
counselling and can be here for my mom. Plus being able to omm for my dad's
consciousness and transfer merit to him. Speaking of which, the next time
you set some creatures free, please dedicate some merit to my dad. Thanks !
If you know of anyone or group of persons who are interested, I would be
happy to go through the system with them (takes about 2 hours to show dvd of
MTT  teaching and for me to explain actual procedure). I can conduct it
anywhere the group is gathered. I can just bring along a small tv and dvd
machine, if necessary. I am clueless as to how to screen something from my
laptop onto a wall. Duh.
Also, if you can help with the name and contact of a :
a) desk top publisher -- I need someone who can scan (the current design,
which I have in hard copy), add words if necessary, and print 50-100 copies
of the instruction booklet for the healing technique ; and
b) website designer -- I need someone who can help me with getting domain
name (I know I can do it myself under yahoo, but I would like someone is
more clued into this cyberspace dimension than I am), and design a very
simple website to identify me as contact for SE Asia and establish a link to
MTT's website.
Would be so grateful for any help. Om mani padme hum. Om tare tuttare ture
 soha. Om Ami Dewa Hri. Teyatha Om Bekhaze Bekhaze Maha Bekhaze Raza Samut Gate
Svaha. The list goes on,
Hi ! BB,
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