Subject: [CASonline] Lord Manjushri - Crown Prince of the Dharma

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
His Eminence the Luding Khen Rinpoche, one of the main Throne-Holders of the Sakya Tradition, has arrived in Singapore.
Luding Khen Rinpoche exudes evident loving-compassion, not forgetting intelligent-wisdom, humour and fun !!
It was an unforgettable delight fast-trekking through CAS's works, meticulous diversions in the texts and all, while snuggled in our friend's apartment over great coffee, encased and wrapped around many times over hopes and wishes....... !!
In all of Buddhism's myriad blessed scriptures, we are honoured to share a crystal droplet from the oceans of healing-nectar from three pivotal sutras:
1) "The Lotus Sutra",
2) A precious exchange from "The Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra" &
3) "The Holy Names of Manjushri".
Ganesha's Magic
Rejoicings in the sponsorship of more than 90 Ganapati Chakras as of today -- less than 8 chakras are left.
( We'll never do without Dennis -- a heroic and loyal pal of decades !! )
( 1 ) Faith,
( 2 ) Right Aspiration-Motivations &
( 3 ) Skilful Conduct 
( these three being the Buddha's recipe for "Buddhist-Living" and Final Liberation !! ).......
The powerful chakras shall undoubtedly grant light, peace, guidance and unbridled blessings to all of you who have so generously supported the Sakya Institute of Vajrayana .....!!   
Somehow, CAS appears to be much loved and protected by the Holy Tara --
Then, there is the great heart-mantra of the Crown Prince of the King of Dharma --
Lord Manjushri:
Our sincere gratitude !!    
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Lord Manjushri
Crown Prince of the Dharma



The Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law

( Chapter 12 - Devadatta, Kosei Publishing )  Shakyamuni Buddha said to Wisdom Accumulation, "Good son. Wait a while. Here is the Bodhisattva Manjushri...

.. " Thereupon, Manjushri, sitting on a thousand-petal lotus flower as large as a cartwheel, with the bodhisattvas who accompanied him also sitting on jeweled lotus flowers, unaided, sprang up from the great ocean, out of the palace of the Sagara Dragon King. Taking his place in the sky, he advanced to the Diving Vulture Peak, alighted from his lotus flower, went before the Buddha, and reverently made obeisance at the feet of the two World-Honoured Ones....  Manjushri spoke thus,"( With regard to the sentient beings that I have liberated, ) their numbers are immeasurable; they cannot be calculated, nor expressed in words, nor fathomed by the mind......"  Before Manjushri had finished speaking, numberless bodhisattvas sitting on jeweled lotus flowers sprang up from the sea, advanced to the Divine Vulture Peak, and took up their place in the sky.  Then said Manjushri to Wisdom Accumulation, "Such has been the results of my course of instruction in the oceans.... that which i in the midst of the ocean always proclaimed was no other than the Wonderful La-Flower Sutra..... this sutra is very profound and subtle, the pearl of allthe sutras, a rare thing in the world."    
The Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra
( Chapter 7 - The Goddess )

Manjusri: What is the great compassion of a bodhisattva?

Vimalakirti: It is the giving of all accumulated roots of virtue to all living beings.

Manjusri: What is the great joy of the bodhisattva?

Vimalakirti: It is to be joyful and without regret in giving.

Manjusri: What is the equanimity of the bodhisattva?

Vimalakirti: It is what benefits both self and others.

Manjusri: To what should one resort when terrified by fear of life?

Vimalakirti: Manjusri, a bodhisattva who is terrified by fear of life should resort to the magnanimity of the Buddha.

Manjusri: Where should he who wishes to resort to the magnanimity of the Buddha take his stand?

Vimalakirti: He should stand in equanimity toward all living beings.

Manjusri: Where should he who wishes to stand in equanimity toward all living beings take his stand?

Vimalakirti: He should live for the liberation of all living beings.

Manjusri: What should he who wishes to liberate all living beings do?

Vimalakirti: He should liberate them from their passions.

Manjusri: How should he who wishes to eliminate passions apply himself?

Vimalakirti: He should apply himself appropriately.

Manjusri: How should he apply himself, to "apply himself appropriately"?

Vimalakirti: He should apply himself to production-less-ness and to destruction-less-ness.

Manjusri: What is not produced? And what is not destroyed?

Vimalakirti: Evil is not produced and good is not destroyed.

Manjusri: What is the root of good and evil?

Vimalakirti: Materiality is the root of good and evil.

Manjusri: What is the root of materiality?

Vimalakirti: Desire is the root of materiality.

Manjusri: What is the root of desire and attachment?

Vimalakirti: Unreal construction is the root of desire.

Manjusri: What is the root of unreal construction?

Vimalakirti: The false concept is its root.

Manjusri: What is the root of the false concept?

Vimalakirti: Base-less-ness.

Manjusri: What it the root of base-less-ness?

Vimalakirti: Manjusri, when something is baseless, how can it have any root? Therefore, all things stand on the root, which is baseless.

Excerpted from the Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra:

translated by Prof Robert Thurman


The Manjushri Nama Sangiti --
"The Holy Names of Lord Manjushri"
( An excerpt from the translation by Alex Wayman, Motilal Banarsidass Pulishers )
Manjughosa with great sounding,
whose single great sound in the three worlds is great,
sounding throughout the sky expanse,
best of hose who are sounding.
Not susceptible of harm and celebrated for greatness,
great lord of the three realms,
abiding in the elevated path of the nobles,
the Dharma banner spread far.
Whose body of youth is unique in the three worlds;
elder, old man, lord of creatures;
bearing the thirty-two characteristics;
handsome and (most) lovely in the three worlds.
Excellent instructor of wisdom to the world,
confident instructor to the world;
natha, savior, adept of the three worlds;
the refuge and protector without superior.
Having great confidence, reveals joy;
the great joy and great revelry;
plenitude as honor and devotion;
glory as delight and the lord of fame. 
Having the best, one gives the best and is the chief;
now the best refuge worthy of refuge;
excels as enemy of the great dangers,
remover of every last danger.
Who is worthy of honor,
worthy of offering,
and a place of praise;
who is ever worthy of trust,
venerable to the highest degree,
the supreme guru to be bowed to.
Who goes with single step through the three worlds,
stepping forward without limits as though it were the sky;
who has three clear visions, purifies and is pure,
with the six supranormal cognitions and the six remembrances.
Bodhisattva the great being,
beyond the world with great magic power;
at the limit of insight-perfection,
having reached reality by insight.
His Eminence the Luding Khen Rinpoche will be bestowing an extremely rare aspect of the Glorious Manjushri from the Sakya Lineage's Most Esoteric Cycle of the Thirteen Golden Dharma on 24 December.
For details of His Eminence's programme from 22 to 24 December 2007, see