Subject: [CASonline] Respectfully to His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Respectfully, to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
Your Holiness,
All the friends and students in our Buddhist welfare society unflinchingly support Tibet and our Tibetan friends' righteous cause of asserting genuine Tibetan cultural and spiritual autonomy under Your leadership.
For us, overwhelmingly Chinese, racially, in fact, we express our strong confidence in the pragmatism and wisdom of Your "Middle-Path" approach of peaceful engagement with China, so consistently delivered and offered in the European Parliament, the United States Congress and the world's distinguished bodies.   
Defying razor sharp clarity and acknowledging the disputes of even noted historians, the convulated controversy, in history, of Tibet's supposed political independence from or dependence upon China should, as You advised, be left aside for settlement first of the present pressing concerns.
We live in a Chinese-majority Singapore. Our family, whether immediate or distant, are Chinese. We have received a thorough education in our Mother Tongue. We speak and write fluently in Mandarin Chinese and many of us speak and understand not one, but at least two of the extant Chinese dialects prevalent in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hainan and other such southern provinces of China. We are proud of our Chinese heritage and we honour fully the sacrifices, so many times in blood and tears, the love and accumulated wisdom of our Chinese forefathers.  
Nevertheless, at the risk of facing dire or not consequences for diverging from misguided understandings and opinions due to deliberate or not manipulations of public access to information, we felt strongly that we, as Buddhists, have a moral obligation to stand up and not just to stand but to speak, loud and clear and fearlessly for truth and for justice.
Your Holiness, the Tibetans who vandalize and hit out have disobeyed You. They wanted to die for You and they wanted to fight for You but You, in the end, as the Buddha's ordained Sangha, can never acquiese to their acts of violence. We feel their hurt and pain as disowned children.
For Your integrity and honour, Your courage and strength, holding firm against the unspeakable grievances for violence and struggle, the Buddha Himself shall know and shall rejoice.  
We weep for the Buddha's monks and nuns humiliated and brutalized, we tear for the valiant warrior slashed and coldly shot, we cry for the orphaned Tibetan girl, lost and forsaken to eke out her remaining years on earth, alone.
For our Tibetan friends who so perished with Your holy picture hidden behind bloodied amulets, we rejoice that they shall find peace and eternal rest in Lord Amitabha's Pure Land of Infinite Bliss.
The teenage Chinese soldier recruited so that his younger sister could complete her Final Year, cold, scared and confused, thrown into Tibet's alien blizzards and ordered to shoot the "Dalai Lama's splittist-clique" and "lackeys" but held back, for a second, from the trigger, at someone, who, clasping a bodhi-seed rosary, looked so much like his old mother in Hunan, so often seen kneeling in their village's shrine for Guan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, the common protector of the Tibetans and Chinese since time immemorial.
For him and his comrades with their thousands of stories, untold, side-lined and forgotten, we offer them into Your fold and protection.
Your Holiness, political leaders, like all mother sentient beings and the office lady, fear for their jobs, their families and their names. Surveys have taught them that economic buoyancies could keep them in their ornate seats, hence, careful manicure of news and strategic embraces to rising markets.
Advisors and political burdens have edged some to ruthless and pitiless decimation, complete if achievable, to perceived or real dissent and have blinded out human decency, propriety, idealism and common sense. For these, they have remunerated themselves with inexhaustible sins, hell and hell.
The First Panchen Lama teaches us and says, "Oh, venerable compassionate Gurus, we seek Your blessings that all karmic debts, obstacles and sufferings of mother sentient beings may without exception ripen upon us right now. May we give our happiness and virtues to others and thereby invest all beings in bliss."
You have bestowed the highest tantric initiations to all the highest spiritual heads of all the Tibetan Buddhist lineages and especially, You are the Teacher of every spiritual guide of our society. 
For all Tibetan Buddhists without exception, even if just technically, You are the Divine Lord and King of All Mandalas, Lord Buddha Vajradhara Himself whose Lotus Feet, the crowns of every Tibetan Buddhist Heads honour and prostrate. 
For all disciples of Lord Buddha Shakyamuni and in fact, the great majority of the civilised sphere, You are the Buddha's ordained bhikshu, the face and speaker for Buddhism in the world, the world's moral compass and conscience.  
Your Holiness, at Dharamsala, You have looked at us in the eye and told us that our late Guru's disciples are also Your disciples. You told us You will take care of us and everyone in our society until Enlightenment is attained. Please accept everything we can offer. We give You our hearts. Take care of us, take care of all mother sentient beings, lost, in this life, the next and the bardo.
kunga nyima ( bb ) & all disciples-students @ Charitable Assistance Society
belonging to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet