Subject: [CASonline] "Entry into the Realm of Reality" ( I )

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
Welcome into the "Realm of Reality" of the
"Avatamsaka: The Flower Ornament Scripture"...... !!
The divine abode of Lord Samantabhadra -
Mt Er-Mei in China.  
The inconceivable Bodhisttva Lord Samantabhadra so speaketh in the holy Avatamsaka Sutra:
".... I will be a good doctor to those who are sick,a guide to those who have wandered away from the right path. I will be a bright light to those who wander in darkness. I will enable the poor and destitute to discover hidden treasure. A Bodhisattva should thus benefit all beings in equal treatment and bestow his loving care on all beings alike ....
".....a Bodhisattva who serves all beings, is equivalent to serving the Buddhas dutifully. To hold all beings in high esteem and render them respectful services is equivalent to revering and serving the Tathagatas. To make all beings happy is to please all Tathagatas..... Becasue the Great Compassionate Heart is the essence of Buddhahood. For liberation of all beings, the Bodhisattvas develops Great Compassion. From Great Compassion springs Bodhicitta. From Bodhocitta comes Enlightement....
"... I will substitute myself and take upoon myself the sufferings that their evil deeds have brought upon them, so shall they be released and finally attain the supreme Enlightenment. ....
"...... My loving embrace of all beings is ternal. Even though the void of space has ended, or the worlds of beings, or the karmas of beings, or the sorrows of beings all have ended, yet my compassion for all beings is endless. Thought succeeds without interruption, and in bodily, vocal and mental deeds, ever without weariness.....
[ The Avatamsaka - The Flower Ornament Sutra: Chapter 40 "Entry into the Realm of Reality"; translated by Upasika Chih Mann; Golden Earth Publishing, Singapore. ] 
The Highlight/s ( News / Teachings )
Our precious Teacher, Khenpo Konchog Rangdrol -- Principal of the main Drikung Kagyu Buddhist college in India, has acceded to a student's sincere requests to teach on Chapter 40, the crux and crown jewel of this pivotal sutra: "Entry into the Realm of Reality - The King of Aspirations of Lord Samantabhadra".
".... ( this sutra ) is really the consummation of Buddhist thought, Buddhist sentiment, and Buddhist experience. ....
no religious literature in the world can ever approach the grandeur of conception, the depth of feeling, and the gigantic scale of composition, as attained by this sutra."
( DT Suzuki - Founding Father of Zen in the western hemisphere )
No serious practitioners of any schools ( be it Kriya, Carya, Highest Yoga Tantra, Dzogchen / Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya or Gelug ) can afford, technically, not know or not receive teaching-transmission of this essential section-practice as spoken by Lord Samantabhadra to an extraordinary teenage youth Sudhana.
In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it is textual stanzas and its derivatives from this "King of Aspirations" that the Bodhisattva Vows have been bestowed to the literal millions from the era of Guru Padmasambhava down to His Holiness the Dalai Lama such as during His famed grand Kalachakra empowerments.  
So, our friends, we are honoured and happy to share with you, Teaching-Transmission of Lord Samantabhadra's "King of Aspirations" from the Principal of the Kagyu college, a veteran-master much favoured by the powerful Achi Chokyi Drolma. 
[ Khenpo has agreed to bestowed, too, this time, the complete empowerment of the main of Achi Chokyi Drolma riding on the blue horse with textual transmission of Her Torma / Smoke offering and related practice texts -- full programme available in ]
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Enjoy & practise hard.
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- We are looking into global webcast in English at the moment ( though we have not confirmed if Khenpo will give his permission for the initiation to be webcasted as yet ). This time, we are working hard to get the webcast to support more than a hundred receivers. We were overwhelmed with nearly 500 viewers during Loseling Abbot's programme last month as many students preferred to hide in their cottages to receive the precious Dharma ( !! )