Subject: [CASonline] "Entry into the Realm of Reality" ( II )


Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture
"The Bodhisattva Universal Virtue ( Samantabhadra ) is boundless in the size of his body, boundless in the sound of his voice, and boundless in the form of his image.....
Desiring to come to this world, he makes use of his liberated transcendent powers ..... appearing transformed as mounted on a white elephant....
( On it ), Samantabhadra sits cross-legged. His body, pure as a white jewel, radiates fifty rays of fifty different colours.... from the pores of his body he emits rays of light, and innumerable transformed buddhas are at the ends of the rays, accompanied by the transformed bodhisattvas as their retinue....."
[ The Sutra of Meditation on the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra - Kosei Publishing, Tokyo. ]
"......All the buddhas in the ten directions teach their disciples to plant bodhisattva roots, urge them to practise deeds of Samantabhadra, which are called after my name..... If in a place, separated from here by a number of worlds as countless as the sands in the Ganges, a living being practises these deeds of Samantabhadra, I mount at once a six tusked elephant and reproduce myself in a hundred and a thousand apparitions to come to him. Even if he is unable to see me because of his great karmic obstructions, i secretly lay my hand on his head and comfort him so he can succeed."
[ Surangama Sutra - translated by Upasika Chih Mann; Golden Earth Publishing, Singapore. ]
"..... If a good man or woman filled the incalculable Buddha-spheres in unutterable and innumerable numbers, equal to the dust-motes of the ten directions, with the seven exquisite gems and with the highest joys of men and devas all as gifts to the beings of all worlds. And offered the same in adoration to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of all worlds; and continued such offerings for a periodof kalpas of Buddha Lands, equal in dust motes of the universe in number, and so produced great stores of merit.... yet such an offering would be infinitesimal in comparison with the merit acquired by one who has only listened to this "King of Aspirations". The measure of the stock of merit of the former one, would not equal one hundredth, not one thousandth, not to an upanisandth part of merit of the latter....
".... whosoever has profound faith in this "King of Aspirations" and accept, recite, or write even one verse of four lines only... even sinful deeds equal to dust motes of all Buddha Lands in number will be blotted out.....
"......Praised by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, he will be honoured by men and gods and adored by all beings.... He will soon become like the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra, with the glorious body of bliss, resplendent with the thirty-two attributes of the Great One.....
"..... this "King of Aspirations" can deliver all beings from the great ocean of pain and sorrow, and ensure their re-brith in the Western Land of Bliss of Buddha Amitabha."
[ The Avatamsaka - The Flower Ornament Sutra: Chapter 40 "Entry into the Realm of Reality"; translated by Upasika Chih Mann; Golden Earth Publishing, Singapore. ] 
The Update/s
In Retreat
Kathok Getse Rinpoche is in retreat this year and will probably not visiting South-East Asia this year.
A Great Abbot Retires
The Great Abbot of Drepung Loseling has now officially retired from His position as head of the monastery. During Rinpoche's Private Audience yesterday ( 20 June 2008 ), His Holiness the Dalai Lama has accepted His resignation and has expressed His deep appreciation for Khen Rinpoche's invaluable contributions to the Dharma during His 7 years' abbotship of one of Tibet's greatest monastic establishments. Rinpoche's full title now is "Loseling Khensur Geshe Lobsang Gyamtso Rinpoche". ( The slight modification: from Khen Rinpoche to Khensur Rinpoche !! )
On Stainless Steel Kettles
The 100th Ganden Trisur Rinpoche's main attendant, Thupten Loden has informed that the stainless steel kettles have not reached Hubli, the steaming but charming little town nearest the Tibetan refugee settlement. CAS's beings have "jeeped" there more than an hour to substitute the aluminium's kettles which, of course, as everyone knows, is toxic. CAS's Dharma Propagation Fund has dispensed more than S$500/- to acquire the full set of crokeries ( just the kettles are back-ordered ) for the ( who else !! ) Trisur Rinpoche / Sharpa Choje / Khensur Lobsang Gyamtso and Geshe Wangchen ( Teacher of Ling Rinpoche, Dalai Lama's Teacher ). Loden-la has ( hopefully ) asked for a refund for the kettles and will be acquiring from other sources for the long-life of our precious Teachers !!
FOR Friends of CAS
( May the Dharma flourish far and wide, bringing peace and liberation to all mother beings wherever they are !! )
CAs has been invited to be co-organisers of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's teachings again this year. However, as most of CAS's beings have just returned after half a month in India and will be engaged in screaming work in the month of His Holiness's programme, the furthest we can go this time will not involve leading a group but CAS will instead refer our friends directly to them. Do see below !!
Hi BB, 
Thanks for your reply ( about not being to lead CAS's group of friends there !! ) and CAS' kindness to publicise His Holiness the Dalai Lama's teaching tour.What we need is your help to disseminate the info relating to the teaching thru' CAS' network.
Interested members can sign up with any of the appointed agents
They will be transported to the 'pure land' at Dharamsala to receive the teaching from the living Chenresiz. 
Thanks again and again.
Warmest Regards
Phuah Soon Ek
For Dharma training course by Ven Sheng Kai and Ven Mujin as well as information on the Buddhism and Science Symposium, please email Koon Chee Vihara at
Buddhist Library Graduate School - Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies and Sociology. Email
TO COME ...."The Wheel of Dharma Turns ( !! )"
Drikung Ontrul Rinpoche - one of Drikung Kagyu's seniormost masters - is scheduled to bestow the continuation of the Drikung Dzogchen Yangzab ( 5th Year ) from 30 October to 7 Nov. This is His fifth visit to Singapore with CAS. He will bestow a very powerful cycle within the Drikung Dzogchen Yangzab, "The Demon Subduing King" in addition to a few revision/s of previous years' topics......  "Rejoice !!"
One of Nyingma lineage's leaders is scheduled to come to CAS for bestowal of a very important cycle of teachings towards the end of 2008...... "Do dedicate for success of the programme !!"  
FROM Friends of CAS
Dear B.B & All at CAS,
Tashi Delek. Thank you very much for the infomation. Please do keep me update on H.H Trisur Rinpoche.
I am also very happy to be part of CAS in my spiritual learning path especially towards the Tibetan Buddhism. It has indeed created a good cause in my accumulation to be able to meet Trisur Rinpoche and Trulshik Rinpoche as my Gurus.
Keep up the good work and i hope to catch up with you guys again in end December.
Yours in Dharma,
Ngawang Gendun aka Chuan Yu
My dearest Friends in CAS,
His Eminence Luding Khen Rinpoche has given some offerings from ( CAS's Dharma Propagaton Fund ) to me. Really, you have been so kind to me. You are always with me during my difficult times. I will never forget your kindness and grateful all through my life. These days, my health is very weak. I had severe problesm in my knees and my right hand fingers are not working properly..... It is quite uneasy to tell to someone. But you are close friends of mine....My wishes are always with you.
Lama Phuntsok