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Date: 12/22/05 13:48:51
Subject: [CASonline] Report - 2005 & A New Look !!
Dear Friends !!
 Matters Arising:
CASonline's revamped website
Welcome to CASonline ( New Look !! ) ,
We have revamped CAS website:
You can
1) Download loads and loads of the most precious Dharma materials in our "Download Section" --
[ Khenchen Thrangu's Medicine Buddha teachings / CAS ( most ) holy Dedications and much much more !! ]
2) See the horribly precious and holy statue of Lord Buddha Shakyamuni given to CAS by our late precious Root Teacher, Gyudmey Khensur Dorje Tashi .... housed in HH the 100th Ganden Trisur's residence in Singapore --
3) Flip through all the "monumental" photographs of great Masters and their great programmes in Singapore --
4) Read the Worth-a-Read articles in our "Worth-a-Read" Section --
5) Order the best quality Buddhist literature with special discounts through the world's premier distributor of Buddhist books, Snow Lion Publications -- 
And much much more ...... so it is an awful sin not to go into CAS Website !!
So make the best use of CAS Website and do tell your friends and relatives about it 
( Except enemies if we do not want them to be benefited although of course,
we do have nice vows to benefit all  ) !!
CAS in 2005
The frisky few skeletal beings @ CAS ( with the indulgence of all friends, demonic, ghostly or otherwise )
managed to scrap through the following in 2005 :
- Complete sponsorship of all the 23 Retreat Monks in life-long retreat in the snowy mountains of Dharamsala for one year 
- Our "traditional" offering ( more than a decade liao !! ) of our monks in Sera Je Trehor, Drepung Loseling Phara for one year
- Our continued offering of Medical Scholarship for 2 monks in Men Tsee Khang - the Tibetan Medical College - where upon graduation, shall offer free medical treatment to Tibetan refugee camps in India, doing great good and service to all 
- Our newly-initiated and still-going-strong offerings to our Drikung Kagyu retreat monks
- Distribution of more than easily 500 pieces of precious, holy Dharma to all friends everywhere in the world, from Hong Kong, Pasir Ris to the United States 
- Offering of lap-top to editor of HH the Dalai Lama's teachings 
- Our assistance to a local animal welfare group through introducing them into assembly items in schools and drafting a best presentation slides for them 
- Curative-operation of hearing-impaired nun
- Offering of bursary for our Tibetan school boy
- Hosting of some of the most outstanding Buddhist Masters: 
[ See website given above and go to "Past Activities" section ]
a) Gyudmey Khen Geshe Lobsang Delek Rinpoche -
One of the Gelugpa lineage's most famous Masters, known as the famed "Geshe Uma Gyudpa" or the "King of Madhyamika".
b) Khenpo Rangdol -
Abbot of the main Drikung Kagyu institute in-exile.
c) Gangkar Hothuktu Rinpoche -
One of Tibet's highest-ranking Masters - hence the title of "Hothuktu" - reincarnated Teacher of HH the late 16 Gyalwa Karmapa. 
d) Bagyod Rinpoche -
Realized Master of the Karma Kagyu lineage.
- Splendid Life-Release activities in India ( of easily more than 1 million lives in total ) in relation to HH the 100th Ganden Trisur's monks and monks from HH the Dalai Lama's personal monastery at Bodhigaya and other places
[ In grateful remembrance of our late precious Root Teacher, Khensur Dorje Tashi ]
- Wonderful work in holy Myanmar
[ See below or next email !! ]
- Our continued voluntary tuition classes with pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds with Phor Kark See.
[ Unfortunately probably not able to stretch to 2006 due to impossible schedule ]
- Our continued counselling in prisons and drug rehabilitation centres with the Singapore Buddhist Federation.
[ Completed 2 rounds of Lam-Rim / Tong-Len / Refuge / "Bodhicitta-Offering" / Basics of Meditation: analytical & experiential ]   
- Important translation and planning of important Buddhist work.
[ Specifically the Lama Takhyung Barwa Cycle of the Longchen Nyingthig ]
- Hosting of several wonderful Masters / monks on transit, with much "immigratory" paper work.  
Etc etc etc etc etc etc ..........
[ Most of which we simply cannot remember and rather impossible to recount given that we are not Buddhas yet and hence not ( that !! ) omniscient !! ]  
Whatever it is, please rejoice and pray that the beings @ CAS will always work with the purest of hearts for good of all and that all our friends - yourself included !! - can all help us in our work for the holy Teachings and all mother beings !!
With infinite wishes to all,
bb & other beings  @ CAS
The resultant funding required to sustain our refugee friends' & monks' studies, work and practice can be shockingly substantial....... ( Clue: Think on the scale of 4 to 5 zeroes ??  )
We have held back our Teachers' explicit wishes to purchase a Buddhist-welfare physical centre for some years --
Our concern is possible compromise of support of our friends through funds being diverted for building of yet another grand to-be "Potala":
a) The grand and beautiful CAS centre of the HolyS  ( ??!! )      and/or
b) The pretty and amazing centre of CAS  ( ??!! )   
But then, who knows where karmic-winds shall blow us .......
"Namo Amitofuo !!"