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The great Bagyod Rinpoche
The Belt --
CAS rejoiced at the terrible honour of hosting Lord Milarepa's Meditation Belt - one of Tibet's holiest relics !!
All the sacred Tantric lineages that courses through the 4 Major and 8 Minor Kagyu lineages are extant by
virtue of this holiest of holy Meditation Belts ......
Not forgetting of course that spiritual blessings of 2 of the 3 great Tantras in the Gelugpa Tradition -
Guhyasamaja, Assembly of Secrets: the King of Tantras and the great Heruka Chakrasamvara - as practised and
preserved in the 3 great monastic colleges and the 2 sacred tantric colleges, forming the spinal core of the
Gelug tradition, are descended from this Lord of Yogis... 
the humble Milarepa Shedpa Dorje in His snowy mountain caves, with this very Meditation Belt strapped around
His body, imbued with the greatest blessedness and holiness, whilst Lord Milarepa realises the supreme
Enlightened State of Buddhahood !!
Another point of blessed-note is that this is the first time that Milarepa's holy Belt is being revealed to the
public, in the past of which, the Belt is a holy object only to be seen and prostrated to by the lineal Karmapas,
Situpas and the greatest Hierarchs of the Kagyu Order --
Therefore, being revealed is not just the Belt but also a blessed piece of cloth, containing the personal seals
of the lineal Karmapas, Situpas --
Bagyod Rinpoche --
In addition to this holiest of Belts, of course, is precious Bagyod Rinpoche Himself, the modern-day Yogi who
has realised the very nature of His mind, the personification of Simplicity, Compassion, Humility, Kindness
and Sincerity --
The beings @ CAS greatly rejoiced that all have made connection to Rinpoche.......
A living Bodhisattva whose imprinted prints in solid rocks healed thousands and whom gods and protectors
take as their precious Teacher --    
Rinpoche reminded all students that the Root of the Path are one's Motivation, Compassion and of course Faith
and Devotion to one's Spiritual Teacher --
Once again, even though spiritual programmes should rightly not fall into counting games as with most frazzled 
enterprises, students kept getting drawn by the unbridled blessings of Rinpoche and Milarepa, finally 
overflowing Ngee Ann Cultural Centre's spacious auditorium, rendering insufficient the prepared more than 
half-a-thousand holy, yellow cloth used to wrap and cover the Belt ......
Who knows but "Karmapa Chenno !!" --( The Karmapa knows and sees all !! )
CAS is glad too to offer -- through all the participating students' generosity -- all that is possible for
re-building of Bagyod Rinpoche's momastery in Tibet -- 
Programmes from our Friends:
Neyphug Tulku Rinpoche -
One of the 7 most outstanding Disciples of the 5 King Tertons, Pema Lingpa --
13th to 15th January 2006.
>     Dear Friends,
>   9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche will be giving a Public Talk on 13
& 14 January 2006 and a Long Life Initiation on 15 January.
>   The Program is as follow:
>    13 January 2006 (Friday) : 7.30 - 9.30 pm
>              Colourful Mind
>    14 January 2006 (Saturday) : 7.30 - 9.30 pm
>             Best Mental Pain Killer From Buddha
>    15 January 2006 (Sunday) : 7.30 - 9.30 pm
>             Long Life Initiation and Dharmapala Puja
>   Venue  :  Ngee Ann Cultural Centre
>                  Cultural Room
>                  Teochew Building
>                  97 Tank Road
>                  Singapore 238066
>     No Registration is required.
>   If you have any enquiries, please feel free to call 65-9825-1816.
>   For more information on Rinpoche's profile, please visit the
website :
>   Tashi Delek.
>   Jamyang Dolma
For details, please email Mrs Jacqueline Fung at

Say Nyingon J B S (No 23 Lorong 27, Geylang) on Saturday 24 Dec 2005 at 6:30pm.

Shyalpa Rinpoche is a cousin of our teacher Kunchok Rinpoche.  He is a highly accomplished Tibetan Lama, meditation master
and scholar. Trained as a Lama from the age of four, Rinpoche was educated in Buddhist philosophy, esoteric ritual, mudra,
calligraphy, sculpture, music and dance. Rinpoche received all of the pith instructions and tantric teachings from the great masters
of the four major Tibetan Buddhist lineages.  He received the complete Nyingma Kama cycle of teachings & Empowerments from his
very important teacher His Eminence Tsetrul Rinpoche.  Rinpoche also studied under His Holiness Taklung Shabdrung Rinpoche of
Kagyu lineage, His Eminence Deshung Rinpoche of Sakya, and with his most kind root teacher His Holiness Chatral Rinpoche, the
greatest living Dzogchen master.

After the talk, there will be a question and answer session.  This is the time to find answers to those questions that have been
lingering at the back of your mind.

The talk will touch on the similarities and differences between Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Mahayana and Theravada and what is
so unique about Tibetan Buddhism.  Don??t miss this opportunity if you wish to understand the purpose of the various rituals,
chanting, mudras and mantra recitation found in Tibetan Buddhism.  Rinpoche will also explain why so much importance is placed
on the Guru in Tibetan Buddhism.

Due to the short notice, we would really appreciate it if you could tell your friends who may be interested in attending the talk.

Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Mr Lee
Centre Manager
Tel: 6848-4179
Fax: 6846-0890