Subject: [CASonline] The Kathok Khenchen Tulku --

His Holiness
The 84th Throne-Holder of the Nyingma Kathok School
Lodro Tenpay Gyaltshen Pal Zang Po
Lhoga Tulku Rinpoche:
"The most important practice is the ( cultivation of ) Bodhicitta !!"
Guru Padmasambhava prophesied thus on Lhoga Rinpoche in several of His precious termas such as those preserved in the Longsal Nyingpo and the Duddul Dorje cycles: --

Upon the Flaming Vajra Dharma Throne of Kathok, the Manifestation of Manjusri,
Holding the Sword of Wisdom, Renowned as Lekshek, Builder of Centres for Study and Mediation, Dispelling and clearing stains and
doubts of the Illuminating Vajra.

This prophecy is contained in the text "Unsurpassable heart-essence of the Dharma - the auspiscious gathering of Yidams - the Blazing Lamp of Empowerment". 

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
Barely 7 days would have passed after HE the Luding Khen Rinpoche's programme, before Singapore witnessed the arriving of HH the great Kathok Khenchen Lhoga Tulku Rinpoche, the 84th Throne-Holder of the Nyingma Kathok Tradition.
The Nyingma Kathok Lineage is the most ancient lineage within the Nyingma School and is the direct predecessor to many of the other lineages within the Nyingma Tradition, especially with regard to the Palyul and the Dzogchen.
Our Friends @ CAS are no stranger to the Nyingma Kathok: Kathok Getse Rinpoche -- one of the historical "Five Golden Throne-Holders of the Kathok" -- has just left barely one month back.
CAS enjoyed a particularly close relationship to Lhoga Rinpoche, having come under Rinpoche's protection, blessing and guidance many times and throughout so many lives !!
[ Source: Lhoga Rinpoche. ]  
According to Tulku Arig, Lhoga Rinpoche's own Teacher who is a highly-attained Bodhisattva, Lhoga Rinpoche has "attained undoubted fruition of the Great Perfection".  
[ Source: "The Sun of Dharma of the East" -- the sacred biography of the 84th Throne-Holder of the Kathok Nyingma Lineage: Lhoga Rinpoche ]
We, ourselves, were more than amazed more than a few times with Rinpoche !!
CAS is deeply honoured to be of service to this great Master !!
Lhoga Rinpoche, being a prime lineage-holder of the Nyingma Tradition, is the rare beacon of the Buddha's Teachings in Tibet, who assiduously and selflessly traversed across Tibet's vast plateau, bestowing salvation, blessings and protection, through teaching of the Buddha's Nectar-Dharma --
Unbelievable "miracles" abounded of Lhoga Rinpoche, especially when He transmitted the Buddha's pure Teachings to the high officials, the humble nomads and colourful students in the Far East, the West and where else, Singapore.   
Some "Asides"
The worried beings @ CAS did not receive confirmation of the arrival of the 100th Ganden Trisur to Singapore, then, in 2002.
Well, we had a big and long programme to plan and the venue, posters and all are pending !!
Outside the open lawn in front of the former Kathok centre, Lhoga Rinpoche glanced into the sky and replied to the beings' frantic questions that the 100th Ganden Trisur would definitely arrive in the beginning of 2002. He added that the Ganden Trisur's attendant would call "in a few days".
He then pressed His palms together and told us that the 100th Ganden Trisur is a great Bodhisattva and wanted us to tell Trisur Rinpoche to live-long. The beings promised to do so, to send the deep wishes of one great being to another....... if the Ganden Trisur really did indeed come !!
( Things were not looking good ..... details of Trisur Rinpoche's Singapore-trip was then at least 3 months past overdue !! )
3 days later, the Ganden Trisur's monk called out-of-the-blue to inform that Trisur Rinpoche would arrive in March 2002 !!
Just Lhoga Rinpoche and His pure love, pure compassion, pure Bodhicitta. No rosary beads ( where Tibetan masters used to make prediction ), no prediction-dice.   
That's attainment !!
Our monks just keep clinching the few top positions in the annual great Gelugpa Geshe examinations.
These to-be Geshes needed to make great offerings -- ranging between the range of at least 5 to 10 thousand Singapore dollars !! -- to round up the accumulation of Merit. They are deemed to have accumulated great Wisdom at this stage after having survived the hyper-rigorous Gelugpa monastic-scholastic system for more than the past 20 years at least !!
The dual accumulation of Wisdom and Merit are indispensable tools towards Buddhahood !!
The ( again !! ) worried beings @ CAS asked for help once more. This time, Lhoga Rinpoche, blinked, and assured us that the 8 thousand Singapore dollars for the to-be Geshes would come ..... "in a few days" !!
We touched our crowns to His blessed legs and wished for the best.
About 5 days later, one close friend offered four thousand dollars and the other friend -- an Indonesian magnate -- quietly sitting beside our friend, heard us and gave another four thousand.
We looked up and Lhoga Rinpoche, glorious and holy, on His throne, flashed His knowing smile, nodded towards us from across the centre and continued with the bestowal of Longsal Nyingpo's Red Singhamukha in-the-form-of-a-Phurba.
Once more, no prediction dice, no grabbing of rosary beads -- just spontaneous arising of pure Great Perfection !!
One of the "Five Supreme Founding Sakya Masters", the Chogyal Phagpa -- enroute to the court of Kublai Khan -- on the precarious mission of replacing Mongolian imperialistic ambitions with that of the Buddha's liberating Bodhicitta, stoopped by the great Kathok Monastery and sought blessinngs from the then Kathok throne-holder.  Chogyal Phagpa received prophesies and blessings and returned, triumphant, years after, with the most exotic gifts ( including an exquisite, huge crystal-glass stupa !! ), in gratitude to His Nyingma Guru from the Kathok Monastery.   
The Dharma Programme of
His Holiness the 84th Throne-Holder of the
Nyingma Kathok Tradition
The Nyingma Kathok Buddhist Centre ( Singapore )
CAS Dharma-Sharing:
A Selection of Prayers by Dudjom Rinpoche
Beneficial Words For The Mind

Incomparably kind, Glorious Teacher. Lord of Dharma!
To your lotus feet I bow my bliss chakra
And present excellent offerings
Before reciting these words to bring benefit to the mind.

There is no individual liberation without abandoning harm to others;
There is no awakening of bodhicitta without compassion for others;
One is not a practitioner of secret mantra without pure vision;
There is no realization without destroying delusions.

To fall in one direction is not the View;
To concentrate on an object is not meditation;
To act in a hypocritical way is not action;
The fruit does not ripen if one has attachments and hopes.

Refuge belongs to those who hold faith,
The enlightened mind arises in those who have compassion,
Realization, to those with wisdom,
Blessings, to the devoted.

Those who know shame know what is to be abandoned;
Those with renumciation will maintain a moral discipline;
Those who maintain moral disciine keep samaya and proper conduct;
Those who keep samaya and proper conduct achieve realization.

A peaceful and tamed mind is the sign of having listened to the teachings.
A decrease in emotion is the sign of genuine meditation.
A flexible mind, open-hearted toward all beings, is the sign of a real practitioner.
A serene mind is the sign of genuine realization.

Mind is the source of the Dharma.
If you tame your mind, you are a practitioner.
If you are a real practitioner, your mind is tamed.
When your mind is tamed, this is liberation.

Translation by Mike Dickman