Date: 4/24/2011 6:45:09 PM
Subject: [CASonline] The Missing !!

Dearest Friends @ CAS !!
Apologies !!
CASonline has been missing for nearly the past 2 months. This time, we are happy to say, not due to just worldly work.
We have been using our precious rest days during the different public holidays scattered through these 2 months to engage in retreats: Water Bowl Offering, Mahakala, Green Tara, Release Lives.... instead of typing out chunks of CASonlines.
"Thank you !!" to so many friends who emailed to find out if we have migrated to Mount Kailash, thrown in the towel ( or katag ), or simply ordained and retreated into some holy caves at Lachi.
Thank you for all your genuine, sincere dedications.... we have received each and every one with deep gratitude and we purely re-dedicate for the happiness of all mother sentient beings and for the Dharma to continually sustain the world.
For all of you to join in the merit through rejoicing !! 
This is what happened at Kota Tinggi during our 2 days Mahakala ( informal ) retreat:
Beautiful rays from the heavens !!
This is our converted hotel wardrobe to accomodate the total 1,000 water offering bowls ( err ... plastic cups to be accurate !! )
Following Lama Tsongkhapa's tradition of making Water Bowl Offerings ....  
 We have just ended our ( informal ) Green Tara retreat and it coincided with one of the biggest festivals in south Malaysia: that of the festive celebration of the "Queen of Heaven" - "Tian Hou Niang Niang" in Chinese.
 The "Queen of Heaven" ... so much like Mother Tara in more areas than one ...  
The early morning before the start of our second day Green Tara retreat, we managed to grab 30 plus big spiky crabs from the local market and after circumambulating them around ( very ) holy objects in our hotel room for nearly one and a half hours, to sore biceps and painful knees, we dropped them into the swollen Johor River near our hotel. A few Malay men came up, enquired and shook our hands, "Thank you for your kindness !!" - they said in English.
 Deplorable conditions of furry felines here .... one kitty has a completely sagging backbone .... the one in the pic above has an empty socket one side of the face partially tone, probably from vicious territorial fights. It is barely alive and we expect it to leave its cat rebirth quite soon. We offered hundreds of Manis, Tara mantras, Namgyalma mantras, Medicine Buddha Mantras, again and again and again into its ears, in the creepy, dank back lane of nowhere ....
"Lord Buddha grant your refuge that they be forever free from the Lower Realms !!"
In Malacca, the tiling is done and the necessary permits are slowly creeping along, in the usual unhurried Malaysian way. We are dying to see the most precious Gyudmey Khensur Lobsang Delek turning the holy Wheel of Dharma there soonest !!
We rejoice to pass half a five figure offering to the Palyul retreat centre under Khenpo Tsering Dorje in the secret hidden pure land of Pema Kod .... may this sustain the sincere retreatants in their journey to Buddahood. "May you all be Buddha soonest for good of all mother sentient beings !!"
( For want of the Rongpo hostel's pic, we offer SMILEY to depict the Dharma's giving of Joy to the world !! )  
We rejoice ( again ) to give a nominal offering to the Rongpo Monastic Hostel of Drepung Loseling as the holy Sangha has swelled and the current walls could no longer contain them.
Students at Camden Education Center ( CAS's affiliated education centre: ) are either sleekly slotting in the last pieces of infor into their heads or gobbling up these last lumps of facts to prepare for the coming Semestral One Assessment.
Despite the howls of indignation over the lost classes this weekend, we told them we have our own Gurus whom we are still desperately trying to follow: incomparable Garchen Rinpoche's advice to continually, unfailingly do Mother Tara !!
Hence, this Tara retreat, over another hectic weekend of critical analysis cum reading, heart-stopping heuristics and other such samsaric knowledge, the jolly profs would have flung into air in glee, three times over !!   
It is a very BIG mouthful, but, then, this is a 2 months' worth of updates.
Much blessings from the Buddha, who first descended into our human world, out of pure compassion for us,
"Amituofo !!"  
  bb & other ( hopefully diligent ) retreatants @ CAS, belonging to ....  all of you ( !! ) 



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