Date: 07/26/06 20:08:31
To: CASonline
Subject: [CASonline] Fw: Mother Teresa (very touching)
Dear Friends,
bb @ CAS am awfully sorry not to be able to contact all via the Online for long time and there are tons of emails from friends @ CASonline not answered yet .......  am simply overwhelmed with work --
Will however, like to take opportunity here to send warmest greetings to all new friends who have recently jumped onboard CASonline ..... from Khenpo Rangdol's recent programme --
Am forwarding to all, one of the very beautiful slides [ in attachment here ] that Jerry from CASonline forwarded --
A collection of gems of wisdom from someone whom HH the present Dala Lama described in His official auto-biography as someone whom He has "great respect and regard" --
Very much Catholic-oriented, unmistaken compassion and light are also simultaneously present --
The late Buddhadasa Bikkhu reminded His students that Buddhists accept everything good and holy in all Faiths in His famous and now monumental commentary-interpretation of the bible --
We have serious suspicions that holy Mother Tara has come to our world as the late Mother Theresa ....... not ridiculous or completely unfounded as the Buddhist Sutras -- the Lotus / the Vimala Kirt / the Avatamsaka sutras -- explicated countless recounts of great Bodhisattvas appearing for good of all as non-Buddhist Teachers of other Faiths, as disciples of the Buddha Himself, as "normal" humans or even as bridges or medicine for the good of and as light for the world !!
Here, we have, teachings on facets of the great, supreme Bodhicitta from one of the great spiritual icons of the 20th century, our holy Mother cum Fellow-Traveller on the Spiritual Path from the Catholic Church --
"Amitofuo .......!!"
bb & other feathery beings  @ CAS of Thousand-Arm Chenrezig
p/s: Hope to answer all and to contact all via the online soonest again --
 From Jerry:
 It was said, the gate to enlightenment is wisdom (correct unmistaken
understanding) and compassion.
Every words from her are teachings from a bodhisattva. Very precious rare
She is truly the most beautiful person we ever known in modern time. A
beautiful lotus flower that rose above a mud filled pond of defilements,
hates and slanders so prevalent amongst us and the world at large. A
shinning jewel. Truly deserves the title of a saint / bodhisattva who are
without any mundane attachment, not even attachment to self.