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Subject: [CASonline] Part II: Nov Issue

Dearest Friends @ CAS,
We need to send our current CASonline Issue in 2 emails as they have become too fat for one.
It has grown to its size due to the total lack of possibility of touching the society's computer since Most Ven the Drikung Ontrul left CAS -- samsaric work, interviews, some Dharma practices, food, students' assessment-reports, remedials and sleep.
Hence, nearly 2 to 3 months' worth of CASonlines !!
As if obesity is a virtue, we have additionally launched CAS into Facebook, Twitter and You(Dharma)Tube:
( Today's 7 hours of typing and writing on what you are reading is possible thanks to medical leave induced from asthma from burning smog from Indonesia ) 
In this issue:
We did not have the good karma to include announcements for 2 of our Dharma friends:
- Sister Ching Wi's organisation of a seminar on happines
- Ven Chodron's programme in Singapore  
Our Sister Dharma Warrior and Ven Chodron's Singapore students have been toiling hard and very effectively for the holy Dharma. Here's our "KUDOS !!" and dedication of everything CAS has done for continued flourishing of your Dharma work !!
We are on time to send for a monastery of the Japanese Pure Land School and a Thai Buddhist library. ( see below: )
His Holiness the Dalai Lama's updates and writings.
The Sakya Jeysunma speaks &
Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse speaks &
The Dalai Lama writes on
Postings from Frens @ CAS - some relations to the precious, holy DHARMA
bLUNDER OR pURE cONFUSION: Beijing's ( fake ) Panchen Lama
bb & other living organisms @ CAS of Holy Venerable Noble Tara
A Quotable Quote:
"My Religion is simple: My Religion is Kindness"
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
A Picturable Pic:
TWO: Things on the Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama's plea for peace -- and retirement
Sandro Contenta
The Toronto Star
October 22, 2010
He calls himself a simple Buddhist monk, yet he
fills the Rogers Centre with as many people as the Blue Jays.
Chuckling and telling stories like a grandfather
around the dinner table, the 14th Dalai Lama
captivated an estimated 15,000 people Friday with
thoughts about world peace, "inner values" and
the need to overcome conflict with dialogue.
He also spoke of himself: "I'm certainly not the
best Dalai Lama of the 14, and certainly not the
worst. But I am a popular Dalai Lama," he added
with a contagious laugh that left his audience roaring.
He sat on a white, throne-like chair at the
centre of a stage, wrapped in his familiar red
and gold robes. He donned a visor to block the
glare from the bright lights, and let out a
laugh. "I am very happy once more to come here as
an honorary citizen of Canada," he said, opening
a talk entitled, "Human approaches to world peace."
His appreciation for Canada was followed by a
gentle push. Noting the gap between rich and
poor, he called on Canadians to do more to fight poverty.
Tibet's spiritual leader and head of its
government in exile also chastised countries that
blocked a new climate change agreement at the
U.N. Copenhagen summit last December. He didn't
name Canada, but the position of Prime Minister
Stephen Harper's government at the summit was
sharply criticized by environmentalists.
"At the Copenhagen summit, some important
countries (thought) national interests are more
important than global interests. This is a pity," he said to loud applause.
Young people were the majority of the audience
and the Dalai Lama -- who is in Toronto until
Monday -- had a special message for them.
"You, the younger generation who belongs to the
21st century, have many responsibilities to bring
some peace to the world, some compassion to the
world. The main responsibility is on your shoulders."
In the war-torn first half of the 20th century,
the Dalai Lama said, governments used force to
settle differences. Too often, national
boundaries were used to obscure "the oneness of
human beings -- that (there is) not much
difference between this nation and that nation."
Overcoming the sometimes violent divide requires dialogue.
The Dalai Lama used his own life as an example "
in 1949 China took control of Tibet and in 1959 he was forced to flee to India.
"At 16 I lost my freedom, at the age of 24 I lost
my own country. Now, at 75, what I learned is the
power of talk. In the spirit of dialogue, you
can't (have) one side (that is) defeated and one
side win. Open your hearts; consider others."
No one is beyond talking to, he added. After the
9/11 attacks, he said he urged dialogue with
Osama Bin Laden to understand "what really is his complaint."
Attendees were full of praise.
"I loved how jolly he was," said Renee Lo Iacono,
a writer who came from New York. "People say you
laugh and giggle when you're enlightened like
him. You can just see how happy he is, despite his trials and tribulations."
Musician Matt MacLean, 23, said simply: "He gave me a lot of hope."
The Dalai Lama answered questions submitted by
people on-line, including whether the next,
reincarnated Dalai Lama can be female.
The purpose of reincarnation is to serve Buddha.
So, "if a female reincarnation is more useful --
why not?" He suggested there were two advantages
to a female Dalai Lama. One is that
"biologically, females are more sensitive (than
males) about others' pain. The other, he joked,
is that she would be more attractive.
In any event, he made clear he was hoping for a break from his job.
"I'm looking forward to complete retirement," he
said, laughing. "If I have human rights, I should have the right to retire."
A Sorrowful Song to Palden Lhamo

by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

The Chief Protectress of Tibet


Expanse of Great Bliss, all-pervading, free from elaborations,

with either angry or desirous forms related to those to be subdued,

You overpower the whole apparent world, Samsara and Nirvana.

Sole Mother, Lady victorious over the three worlds,

please pay attention here and now!


During numberless eons, by relying upon and accustoming Yourself to the

extensive conduct of the Bodhisattvas, which others find difficult to follow,

You obtained the power of the sublime Vajra Enlightenment.


Loving Mother, You watch and don't miss the (right) time.

The winds of conceptuality dissolve into space.


Vajra-dance of the mind which produces all the animate and inanimate world,

as the sole friend yielding the pleasures of existence and peace,

Having conquered them all, You are well praised as the Triumphant Mother.


By heroically guarding the Dharma and Dharma-holders,

with the four types of actions, flashing like lightning You soar up openly,

like the full moon in the midst of a garland of powerful Dharma Protectors.


When from the troublesome nature of this most degenerated time

the hosts of evil omens - desire, anger, deceit - increasingly rise,

even then Your power is unimpeded, sharp, swift and limitless.


How wonderful! Longingly remembering You, O Goddess from my heart,

I confess my broken vows and satisfy all Your pleasures.

Having enthroned You as the Supreme Protector, Greatest amongst the

Great, [i] accomplish Your appointed tasks with unflinching energy!


Fierce protecting deities and Your retinues who,

in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Siddha,

the Lotus-born Vajra, and by the power of karma and prayers,

have a close connection as Guardians of Tibet,

heighten Your majesty and increase Your powers!


All beings in the country of Tibet,

although destroyed by the enemy and tormented by unbearable suffering,

abide in the constant hope of glorious freedom.

How could they bear to not be given Your compassionate hand?


Thus please come forth to face the great murderers, the malevolent enemy.

O Lady who performs the actions of war and weapons;

Dakini, I summon You with this sorrowful song:

The time has come to bring forth Your skill and power.

Read more:
Dear bb @ CAS,
Thank you for your help. Do post the following
Looking for a pottery/ceremic artist to make a incense burner
The Hongwanji Pure Land temple of Kathmandhu will be having their opening ceremony this month. I am looking if anyone is able to custom make a simple green ceremic incense burner (diameter of approx 30cm) to be made at reasonable costs.
Interested parties are welcome to help out in any contributions for the manufacture or shipping. Well wishers will have their names written at the side.
Donors who donate $100 or more will be presented with a pair of japan made gold metallic lotus (5 stalks per bunch).
Many thanks
Contact: Clement Tan

Subject: Wat(Temple) Dung khae's Library Project 2010

Dear Friends,
I am appealing for donation of Dharma Books(Buddhism Books), be it in english or chinese version. The temple(Wat Dung khae) library are in progress setting up, these books collected will benefit the local people and novince monks there, equipped them with more knowledge about Dharma, Teacher just recently engaged a Singaporean english teacher residing there to give the monks and local people english course. We will ship over the books to Thailand, Bangkok once collected enough for the 1st shipment, this project will be carry on for quite sometime until the library is fully completed with tons of books, 
Please call me at 96269844 for collection at your door step.
I have also uploaded my trip to Wat Dungkhae in my facebook, you may see more pictures of the temple and Holy places.

Cho Yang Issue 7 - 1996 
Why do you think is sectarianism so widespread among westerners ?
Those people have no understandinng, no knowledge. They should not do that. These are people with a busy mind who do this. Busy and naughty. Sectarianism is not necessary, because all traditions have the same foundation: they all come from the Buddha. Different traditions were set up, but they all have the same meaning: to get enlightenment, to get rid of the defilements and to purify the mind of poisons. The Buddha taught the three vehicles, but the three of them talk about the same thing..... the meaning and the focus is the same for all traditions and vehicles: to get enlightenment and to get free from this cycle of suffering. So it really does not matter. Some peoples' minds are too much attracted to their own tradition, and therefore say "I am Gelugpa", or "I am Sakyapa", "I am Nyingmapa" or "I am Kagyupa" very strongly.
One of many organisms @ CAS's precious Root Teachers: Her Eminence Sakya Jetsunma Chime Luding 
In Tibet there are four major schools of Buddhism, and each school fiercely preserves and promotes its own traditions Within each school there are many individual lineages and, particularly in more recent times, these lineages have been far more committed to their own interests than to the interests of Buddhism as a whole ... members of all lineages seem to fall into the same trap .. on top of that, an interest in worldly life inevitably starts to creep in and hwen this happens, the welfare of each individual monastery or institution will almost always take precedence over the good of the lineage... i don't think it's an exaggeration to sat that Tibetans have virtually forgotten about Shakyamuni and his teachings.
Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

A Prayer for the Flourishing of the

Non-Sectarian Teachings of the Buddha


by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Embodiment of the four kayas, omniscient Lord Buddha, Kinsman of the Sun,

Amitayus, Amitabha, supreme and noble Avalokiteshvara,

Manjughosha, Vajrapani the Lord of Secrets, and Tara who wears a wrathful frown,

The victorious buddhas and all their bodhisattva heirs,


Seven Great Patriarchs,[1] Six Ornaments[2] and Two Supreme Ones,[3]

Eighty Mahasiddhas and Sixteen Arhats[4]

All of you who seek only to benefit the teachings and beings,

All you great beings without exception, turn your attention towards us!


The supreme sage Shakyamuni spent countless aeons

Completing the two accumulations of merit and wisdom,

To attain perfect wisdom, love and capacity. Through the power of this truth,

Long may the complete teachings of the Buddha continue to flourish!


Khenpo Shantarakshita, Guru Padmasambhava and the Dharma King Trisong Deutsen,

Were the first to open up the land of snowy mountains to the light of Buddha's teachings.

Through the power of their aspirations and those of all the translators, panditas, vidyadharas and disciples,

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


In the treasure-palace that is the Buddha's extensive teachings,

The profound class of sadhanas are like great Dharma treasures,

And the profound and vast teachings of Nyingtik sparkle with brilliant light.

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


Within the vast expanse of primordial purity and the essence of luminosity,

All the phenomena of samsara and nirvana are perfectly complete this pinnacle vehicle

Is the method for reaching the primordial stronghold of Samantabhadra.

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


The two major lineages profound view and vast conduct

Are both complete within the treasury of instructions mastered by Atisha,

The tradition of practical instructions passed on by Dromtan Gyalw¨¦ Jungn¨¦.

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


The Words of the Buddha gathered in the three scriptural collections were

Wonderfully arranged into instructions for beings of the three levels of spiritual capacity,

As the golden rosary of Kadampa teachings, with their four deities and three sets of texts.[5]

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


The jewel treasury of the Kagyu teachings is a source of inspiration and blessings,

Coming from the translator Marpa, Milarepa Shep¨¦ Dorje and the rest,

A marvellous system of instruction from an unrivalled succession of masters.

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


All the phenomena of samsara and nirvana are the radiance of the natural mind,

And mind itself, free from complexity, is realized as the essence of the dharmakaya.

This is the great seal, Mahamudra, pervading all that appears and exists throughout samsara and nirvana.

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


Learned masters who guard the Buddha's teachings through explanation, debate and composition,

On the key instructions of hundreds of texts for the outer and inner sciences, sutra and mantra,

This is the Sakyapa tradition of the great compassionate teachers from the divine family of Khan.

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


The extremely profound and crucial points of the practice of Lamdr¨¦, the path and its fruit,

With its four criteria of validity,[6] have been passed on in a whispered aural lineage,

The tradition of special instructions coming from Virupa, the powerful lord of yogins.

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


Teachings of the victorious Lobzang Drakpa, skilfully combining the profound and the clear,

By perfectly uniting the profound view of the Middle Way

And the two-phase approach of the great and secret Vajra vehicle.

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


This is the supreme and noble tradition for practising,

Without mistake, the essence and gradual stages of the path,

Which incorporates all three pitakas and all four classes of tantra,

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


The combined traditions of But?n and Jonang, the transmission of instruction and realization,

For the outer, inner and alternative cycles of the Kalachakra Tantra,

Including unique explanations, not to be found in any other sutra or tantra.

Long may these teachings of the Buddha flourish in the Land of Snows!


In short, may all the teachings of the Buddha in the Land of Snows

Flourish long into the future¡ª the ten great pillars of the study lineage,[7]

And the chariots of the practice lineage, such as Shij¨¦ (¡®Pacifying¡¯) and the rest,

All of them rich with their essential instructions combining sutra and mantra.


May the lives of the masters who uphold these teachings be secure and harmonious!

May the sangha preserve these teachings through their study, meditation and activity![8]

May the world be filled with faithful individuals intent on following these teachings!

And long may the non-sectarian teachings of the Buddha continue to flourish!


Throughout all the worlds, may war, conflict, famine and evil thoughts or actions

Be eradicated entirely, so that even their names are no longer heard!

May the minds of beings be infused with love! May signs of virtue increase throughout the environment and beings!

And may an ocean of happiness and wellbeing pervade throughout the whole of space!


From this moment on, may I follow the complete path of the teachings,

Arouse the vast motivation of bodhichitta, and exert myself

In study, reflection and meditation upon the profound view,

So that I swiftly reach the ground of temporary and ultimate happiness!


For the sake of all sentient beings, who are as infinite as space,

May I engage in the activity of the buddhas and bodhisattvas,

Without ever feeling discouraged or falling prey to laziness,

Always remaining joyful, with confidence and enthusiasm!


May my body, my possessions and all my merits,

Contribute towards the happiness of beings¡ªmy very own mothers,

And may whatever sufferings they are forced to undergo,

All ripen directly upon me!


May all who see me, hear my voice, think of me or put their trust in me,

Experience the most glorious happiness and virtue!

And may even those who insult, punish, strike or disparage me,

Gain the good fortune to set out upon the path to awakening!


In short, for as long as space endures,

And for as long as there is suffering among beings,

May I too remain, to bring them benefit and happiness,

In all ways, directly and also indirectly!



The enlightened activity of the transcendent and victorious Buddha, our teacher who embodies immeasurable compassion, and has seen the nature and the multiplicity of all illusory phenomena radiates everywhere, as far as space itself. His complete teachings of the Hinayana, Mahayana and Secret Mantra have become the most beloved treasures of Tibetan practitioners. The various traditions have developed their own specific names and terminology, according to how they have been preserved and spread by various great masters and holders of the teachings who made powerful aspirations for the preservation of the Buddhadharma. This is a prayer for these precious non-sectarian teachings of the Buddha to remain without declining in the Land of Snows, and spread widely even in this final age, as a glorious expression of the merit of beings. For a while now, I myself have thought that there should be an aspiration prayer such as this, and then I was also requested to compose one by Bardrok Chuzang Trinley Gyatso, the incarnation of Phadampa Sangye, and by several others with faithful aspirations. In particular, I received a request from Dzarong Zhadeu Trulshik Ngawang Chokyi Lodro Rinpoche, the great upholder of the Vinaya, who maintains and furthers the transmission of vows for the Lower Vinaya (Med¨¹l) lineage coming from Lachen Gongpa Rabsel, and who clarifies the Ngagyur Nyingma teachings and enthusiastically takes the non-sectarian buddhist teachings to heart. So, as someone who has developed faith through learning something of the Dharma taught by the Buddha, and who has devotion and pure perception towards all the non-sectarian teachings of the victorious one, I, the buddhist monk Tenzin Gyatso, who diligently pursues study, reflection and meditation, wrote this prayer 2543 years after the Buddha's parinirvana, in the Tibetan year 2126, on the thirteenth day of the first month of the Earth Hare year in the seventeenth calendrical cycle (28th February 1999), at Thekchen Choling Monastery, Dharamsala in the Kangra district of the state of Himachal Pradesh in the noble land of India.


May the buddhas and bodhisattvas grant their blessings so that this prayer may be fulfilled! And may virtue and goodness increase!

*Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2005. Many thanks to Matthew Pistono for his helpful suggestions.

[1] Mahakashyapa, Ananda, Shanavasika, Upagupta, Dhitika, Krishna and Mahasudarshana.

[2] Nagarjuna and Aryadeva (the ornaments of Madhyamika), Asanga and Vasubandhu (the ornaments of Abhidharma) and Dharmakirti and Dignaga (the ornaments of Pramana).

[3] Gunaprabha and Shakyaprabha.

[4] The Sixteen Arhats, or literally Elders (Sthaviras), were Angaja, Ajita, Vanavasin, Kalika, Vajriputra, Shribhadra, Kanakavatsa, Kanakbharadvaja, Bakula, Rahula, Chudapanthaka, Pinadola Bharadvaja, Panthaka, Nagasena, Gopaka and Abheda.

[5] The four deities are Shakyamuni, Avalokiteshvara, Tara and Achala. The three sets of texts are the three pitakas: vinaya, sutra and abhidharma.

[6] Valid scripture (lung tshad ma), valid commentaries (bstan bcos tshad ma), valid teachers (bla ma tshad ma) and valid experience (nyams myong tshad ma).

[7] Th?nmi Sambhota, Bairotsana, Kawa Peltsek, Chokru Lu¡¯i Gyaltsen, Shyang Yeshe De, Dromtan Gyalwa Jungn¨¦, Rinchen Zangpo, Ngok Lotsawa Loden Sherab, Sakya Pandita and G? Khukpa Lhetse.

[8] These are the three wheels or spheres of dharmic activity: the study sphere of listening and reflection, the renunciation sphere of meditation and the action sphere of spiritual work.


FRENS @ CAS'S POSTINGS RELATED OR EVEN A BIT TO PRECIOUS TREASURES OF DHARMA _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Hi Mao and Kong,
Stumbled upon this website:
This is an anime about the rebirth of the Buddha in present day Japan, outrageous premise but I guess the issue here is to raise awareness of the Buddha in the new generation in a manner that appeals to them rather like how Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons are doing, so this would not be scripturally accurate.  So that in the cultural sphere, Buddhism will not be absent or edged out.  If the purist Buddhists start ranting against this, guess maybe they are not aware that this is doing them service indirectly. 
From ki
HE Garchen Rinpoche teaches on the Mahamudra
The Great Victories of Lord Buddha
Dear brothers and sisters of the dharma,
There is a person by the name of Steven Cioccolanti and he is the author of the book "From Buddha to Jesus". This is the supposedly an insider's view of Buddhism and his advice on approaching Buddhists with the message of Christianity. According to his website: 

Steve is the author of From Buddha to Jesus: An Insider's View of Buddhism & Christianity and a missionary to Buddhist countries. Steve has been bringing Buddhists to the Lord and training mission teams how to evangelize more effectively for over a decade. His interest in science led him to become a firm believer in Genesis creation.

He has given numerous talks in Penang , KL and around this region. Let us be aware of his activities and wrong understanding of Buddhism. Many of these so-called "insiders" donot really have much understanding of Buddhism at all. Here is a link with of a critical review of this book by Ven. Aggacitta.
 Dear Sir/Mdm,
Below are the 4 New Iphone Application that I hope will benefit you and your circle of friends interested in Buddhism:
Please help to inform your friends so that they can download from AppStore.  Thank You!  
You can search by using Jihong as the word in AppStore.  
Thanks & regards
Ji Hong
The Lotus Sutra
Stories from the Dhammapada
From "The Buddhist Channel":