Date: 11/26/06 03:07:55
To: CASonline
Subject: [CASonline] The Retreat Monks ( I )

The Teacher of Gods and Men --
Buddha, the Awakened One
Dearest Friends @ CASonline of T_A Chenrezig
We are awfully glad to share with all of you, a most inspiring story of an ordinary human being, a person just like ourselves, who has, through determination, compassion and much much effort, attained the fruits of spiritual awakening.
It is CAS's unbelievable honour to be able to, through our friends in His Holiness's personal monastery as well as through our friend in the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, to be able to support, in whatever little way we can, to these great, living Yogis of Lord Buddha, who have committed to stay in Life-Long Retreat high up in the mountains of Dharamsala, until Enlightenment is attained.
Bears, leopards and the occasional tigers are familiar visitors to these approximately 25 Yogi-Monks at about this time of the year....
Strangely, or probably, "un-strangely" at all ( !! ), none of the monks has ever been mauled, pawed or clawed by any of these wild jungle beings, which have all maintained their peace and respect, tamed by the serene and supreme loving and compassionate energy of these Bodhisattva-Sangha !!  
Despite the treacherous slopes and altitude, some beings @ CAS of T_A Chenrezig scaled the mountains with indian porters ( there are absolutely no roads here ) with more two jeep-fuls ( it stopped half-way up the mountain ) of necessities ( oil, flour, rice, medicine etc etc ) for these holy monks in June 2006 whilst at Dharamsala.
The monks, hailing from all the different monasteries of Tibet, are exactly what the world expects of them, all serenity, compassion, humility, devotion and above all, Bodhicitta.
The beings @ CAS of and belonging to Thousand-Arm Chenrezig have promised to help out, until the day we could not, to aid these great living modern-day Yogis.     
All of you are invited to share and join in this ( one of the ) most important and meritorious of CAS's holy projects...... !!
Through scriptural referencings, holy Teachers' teachings and others, it can be assured -- 100% -- that support given to great practitioners yield inconceivable merit and benefits to oneself, our mother sentient beings and Lord Buddha's holy Teachings.
Any amount, whether big or small, will contribute via multiple and magnified impact to the above..... !!
We all should indeed rejoice and be gleeful that there still exists, if only just these 25 yogis, practitioners so pure, sincere, humble and devoted to gaining supreme Enlightenment for the good of the world.
For any dedications requested, do send along too with your offerings to:
A) Crossed Checks
Charitable Assistance Society
Blk 719, Jurong West Ave 5, #01-66, Singapore 640719
[ state clearly at the back of the check that it is for the "Retreat Monks" ] 
B) Bank Transfer     
DBS Current Account number: 022-900386-5
C) By-Hand  
Camden Education Center ( )
Bt Timah Shopping Centre [ beside Beauty World; NOT the Bt Timah Plaza !! ]
170 Upper Bt Timah Road, #B1-27, S(588179).
In the meantime, please dedicate for success of all holy works and projects and do take your time to read through PART II's attachment for ( one of the ) most inspiring of modern-day holy stories !!
"Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha ......!!"
"Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung ......!!"
bb & all frens @ Charitable Assistance Society of
( and belonging to !! ) holy Thousand-Arm Chenrezig 



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