Date: 28/4/2013 5:06:14 PM

Subject: [CASonline] "They catch you when you are down ... "
Dearest People @ CAS,
We have read of it, heard of it and some of us even experienced it.

The military applies it, the so-called mainstream, respectable societal establishments all unabashedly apply it to serve their own ends and, yes, the "holy" religious orders, unknowingly or not, immersed their followers in it.

Hypnosis - induced suggestible states for vulnerable indoctrination, manipulation, then domination.
Conversion at family crisis or during personal disaster become ever so convenient and easy when the critical faculties have been overwhemled and the intellect is dulled and when logical rationality is deliberately curtailed or numbed at the external agents' ( such as with some opportunistic evangelists ) instigation, if only just for distraction from painful reality.
Hence, we hear of death-bedside conversions, supposed ( of course, so disappointingly in the end ) faith-healings for the terminally ill and so on.   
For a cut into the fascinating, unbelievable field of HYPNOSIS ....  

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