Subject: [CASonline] His Holiness Arrives --

The Great Guru Padmasambhava
Triumpher over illusory world and its beings  
Dearest Friends @ CAS !!
With deep honour, CAS hosts the great Katok Getse Maha Pandita -- who arrives in Singapore yesterday evening.
Rinpoche is of noble bearing, powerful physique, great spiritual depth and emits lightness, entrancing Bodhicitta and ( very ) deep blessings indeed.
The Maha Pandita leaves no doubt in anyone, the rooted holiness and tradition, His very being and stature represents and upholds.
The convulated tribulations with the texts and such technicalities sublimated into bliss and light despite riding rough-shod over the few screaming beings @ CAS a few times over. This programme -- as with so many of our past programmes -- took birth with considerable hysteria, hair-raising stunts with Ikea lamps and all !!
This time, too, there were fresh grapplings with mysterious SMSes, confusing our Friends of rumoured changes to His Holiness's programme.  
Neverthelss, we are glad to inform all our Friends that there will be NO change to the scheduled programme.
The sacred Empowerments of the Three Innermost Cycles of the Dudjom Tersar, blessed and spoken by the Great Guru Padmasambhava, abides unperturbed, still, however, at:
[ The sacred "Nang-Jang" on 30 Nov, too, shall be oral-transmitted secretly at Camden Education Centre ]
bb & the other beings @ CAS of Thousand-Arm Chenrezig
In the meantime, we look forward to our next few "Special Issues" in CASonline, highlighting the sacred Sakya-Ngorpa Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and the visit of His Eminence Luding Khen Rinpoche !!
The Buddhas watch over all mother beings ....... !!
Nice Footnote:
The fiscal costs and burden of hosting great Masters and their Entourage are scary and to-be-reckoned with indeed !!
[ Think: the tickets / other transport costs / visa costs / printing costs / photo frame costs / offerings to the Master at-the-end costs / venue-offering costs / ETC ]
Please watch for CAS's boxes at the Nyingma Kathok Buddhist Centre to plow your share in with the beings @ CAS so that CAS could continue to slog for the Dharma !!