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"Unchanging Friends" of the Dalai Lama: a pertinent exchange


Dearest Students of the Dalai Lama @ CAS ( Phuntsok Cho Ling ),

We are so glad to offer to you, His Holiness's meeting with the long term Western residents of Dharamsala where His Holiness spoke of extremely important matters, ranging from topics as widely diversified as Marxism, authorities in Buddhism, faith, reasoning, death, the learning of Dzogchen and "Doha" or spiritual songs of Maha Siddhas to conversions for US$15/- per head by radical Korean missionaries in Mongolia.

This probably ranks as probably one of the most pertinent exchanges with the Dalai Lama and a group of humans, He called "unchanging friends".




Every prayers,

bb & other beings @ CAS ( Phuntsok Cho Ling)


Notable take-aways:

"Tibetan Buddhism grows from the ancient Indian Nalanda tradition. The Nalanda tradition can be likened to the root and trunk of a tree. The branches are the Kagyu, Sakya, Gelug and Nyingma lineages. Also in the branches are practices like faith, Mahamudra, Dzogchen and Guru Yoga."

"Some Buddhist centres forget about basic Dharma and spoilt their Lamas. Some Tibetans, Ladakhis and now some Buddhists in the West blindly follow their Lamas 100%. These centres then behave like cults... some of these Lamas sit on high thrones but without full knowledge or qualifications."

"To understand matters through faith, we need to know that faith comes from (1) obvious sensory perceptions, (2) inference or reasoning and (3) authority of scriptures or masters. I always give the example of our own birthdays. We need to rely on a third party to know our own birthday. To ascertain if the information provided is valid, we need to investigate: does this third party have a motive to be dishonest, does he have a sound mind and so on."

"At the Root and Trunk of the great Nalanda tradition, there is never excessive emphasis on faith..... in the Nalanda tradition, we are allowed to doubt, then we investigate to find the truth. We have the liberty to reject what we found to be false. For example, Vasubandu's placement of hell as under the Bodhigaya or the idea of a tactile Mount Sumeru. We need to make clear distinction between symbolism, the provisional and the literal."

"For students in the West, you need to study the authentic, great texts by the ancient Masters of India like Nagarjuna and Aryadeva. Do not blindly rely on the Lamas' instructions, not even my own words."

"Even Marpa's Guru, Naropa, thoroughly studied and mastered the great texts before He renounced even the monastic life and live the life of a Maha Siddha."

"In the West, sometimes somebody knows a little bit but did not study the great texts. These people then spread misconception. I was travelling once and I casually asked my driver if he had been affected by a recent earthquake. He replied that it is a great opportunity to practise Dzogchen because the shock that comes from the earthquake jolts him into a state of apparent thoughtlessness. I myself practise Dzogchen. Dzogchen is NOT that easy."

"Doha or spiritual songs of Maha Siddhas like Tilopa or Naropa come from their individual experiences. Dohas come from the practitioners' own experiences and deep realisations or understanding. They are expressing from a very high level. It is very difficult to understand and practise these Dohas at our level. There is a danger of misunderstanding."

"We are living in the 21st century. So we should behave like 21st century Buddhists. We should be thoroughly educated on science, utilise the best available facilities, all of these while fully engage in the practices of Bodhicitta and Emptiness."

"It is not mere meditation or prayers that will establish the Right View of Selflessness. To obtain the Right View, we need to study and receive proper teaching or explanation on this."

"We, Tibetans, placed too much faith in the Buddha and forget about human effort. So we lost our country."

"We cannot change the real Nalanda tradition but the cultural aspects when introducing Tibetan Buddhism can be modified. But, if we pick and adopt this or that belief from different religion, we will become New Age, not authentic."

"Buddha, Jesus and Mahammad are all great teachers of humanity although their teachings differ."

"At dying, if the person has faith in God, we can try to help the person develop single-pointed faith in God and to help to keep the person's mind calm. There will be some benefit."

"Secular ethics and protection of the environment should be everybody's business. Religious conversion is the individual's business."

"Benefit comes not from preaching but education and using common sense."

"Prayers should be followed by actual actions."


( See CAS Demand Video for full archive of the entire event-exchange !! )


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