Date: 14/12/2012
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About the Booklet “The Buddha’s Message”.






Why “The Buddha’s Message ??”

















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Dearest Friends @ CAS !!


We have painstakingly compiled a truly “Ri-Mey”! ( non-sectarian ) brochure that seeks to:

1)      Offer a succinct introduction to what Buddhism is;

2)      Disprove Wrong Views;

3)      Give a realistic and encouraging perspective on the spreading of Dharma to new lands;

4)      Provide a “sustainable” follow-up through telling the interested where to further their learning of the Dharma.


The brochure is entitled “The Buddha’s Message”.


How is this brochure different from the tons of sutras and teachings printed ??


The brochure is written to REACH OUT to the GENERAL PUBLIC !!


The target audience are people who do not know about what EXACTLY Lord Buddha has taught but has instead been confused by carpet bombardment of literature of other beliefs.


It is funny and curious in fact that Buddhists are only starting to tip-toe off in this direction even though there have been monumental works by say the late Dr K Sri Dhammananda “What Buddhists believe.”


Still, at the moment, very few or even negligible flyers, brochures or booklets have been specially targeted or addressed to PEOPLE who do NOT know about the holy Dharma.


Hence, we have decided to start hopefully a “snow-ball” effect here …. may this little effort trigger off an avalanche of Dharma MEANT FOR THE PUBLIC ( not sutras or teachings only !! ) bringing the Dharma to all !! 




We have received some quotations and the costs hover around S$900/- to S$1,000/- for two thousand booklets.


We want this to be the effort of ALL Buddhist friends, especially all of you in CASonline !!


Do take a look at the attached pdf file and give CAS your support.


Click on the below to support the printing of the Dharma Brochure:




“Namo Amituofo !!”


bb & all @ CAS ( Phuntsok Cho Ling )



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