Dearest Friends @ CAS of Thousand-Arm Chenrezig,
At the instigation-inspiration-requests of a few friends, one or two old beings of CAS ( thankfully belonging to Chenrezig !! ) has agreed to arrange for a sharing-discussion of the Cittamani Tara long sadhana practice --
These 2 "old beings"  @ CAS are so old that they have been doing this holy practice of Cittamani Tara for about the past ten years or so --
They will help to clarify any unclear points for points which they know --
There will not be any teaching-lecture on the holy practice, merely sharing of whatever they have learnt from the late Gyudmey Khensur Dorje Tashi ( The late Abbot Emeritus of the Tantric College of Lower Lhasa )  and / or Loseling Khen Rinpoche about the practice --
For points which they don't know, they will refer to Loseling Khen Rinpoche via emails, postage mails and / or others and get back to the unclear points -- 
Their pictures have been included below for easy identification
( They may be found sometimes in / around or about Bt Timah Nature Reserve )
Many Happy Regards to all !!
bb & other  aspiring cats @ beautiful CAS
The below will be the suggested format of the proposed session:
( Somethings to note first )
1A) Friends will need to have received the initiation of Cittamani Tara from an authentic Buddhist Teacher 
1B) Keeping the commitments to best ability
1C) Have sincere wish to do the practice but have unclear points
Step One
Go through the long sadhana practice THOROUGHLY first before coming, noting down the unclear points-pages
Step Two
Register and come for the discussion-sharing session
Step Three
Listen and discuss with the "old beings"
Step Four
Go home / Good luck to practice for good of all !!
Other Matters
Date: 17 March 2007
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm
Venue: Tentatively at Camden Education Center unless advised otherwise before the day
( Other details available at )
Course costs: None
[ There will be no violent objection if any students will insist on making offerings to CAS's all-important Dharma Propagation Fund, the projects of which it is taking care of being detailed at ]
Registration is Required !!
To register, email bb at
Email him your:
1) Name
2) Contact ( Mobile )
3) Master whom you have received the Cittamani Tara Initiation