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The Flower of Devotion

The Sakya Trizin ( head of one of Tibet's 4 major schools ) bowing low

to the Dalai Lama from whom He received several major transmissions




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At the beginning of the 21st century, a Swiss photographer named Manuel Bauer spent more than three years following the Dalai Lama on his travels around the world, making more than 30 trips in all and recording every moment of his day the way a modern photojournalist chronicles a presidential candidate on the campaign trail. He took pictures of him as he prepared for bed, sitting in his undershirt, and he took pictures of him as he woke up in the morning and began his hours of meditation. He took pictures of him weeping on stage, conducting private ceremonies with his oracles, watching TV bare-chested, and pouring tea for Vaclav Havel. When Bauer showed his subject proofs of the book to see if any of the four hundred images had violated privacy or inadvertently overstepped some boundary, the only one the Dalai Lama questioned was a picture in which, because of the perspective, it appeared that he was sitting higher than one of his teachers.

( The Open Road ¨C Pico Iyer )




What's in store ??

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His Holiness & Bauer's photos


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Teachers' blessings

The Great Passing of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche


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Dearest Friends' @ CAS:

a) Our hibernation; 

b) Camden's third graduating batch. 


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Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture:

Maudgalyayana bows low to His Teacher, Lord Buddha Shakyamuni. 


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The Sure-Steps to Enlightenment:

Application Bodhicitta ( The First Perfection - Generosity )  


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Support Dharma Propagation Fund ( DPF ) - Product Highlght :

Small, authentic thangkas


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For Friends of CAS:

Gangteng Tulku; Drubwang Rinpoche's monastery; Ven Chodron 


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You got to know this !! 

Making your own Dharma Wheel turn 24 hrs !! 


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Teachers' Blessings

His Holiness Penor Rinpoche

Supreme Head Emeritus of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism

His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, Supreme Head Emeritus of the Nyingma School of Tibetan School manifested the Great Passing, in His final skilful enactment of Enlightened Activities on 27 March 2009.

His Holiness gave CAS, Kalsang Rinpoche, Khenpo-Guru Tsewang Gyatso, Khenpo Tsering Dorje and His permission with blessings for bestowal of the entire Longchen Nyingthig Cycle, which we are all fighting to keep brewing, serving.

His Holiness has, as always, mercifully kept CAS under His wings and there is not a speck of doubt of His responsibility of our worldly and spiritual joy, our minute work and in fact, even the very continued sustenance of our human breath.  His Holiness is an unbelievable well of the purest nectar, eternally churned from the unfathomable depth of His unshakeable realisation of the pan-ultimate pinnacle of the Great Perfection, sustaining innumerable creatures in every possible way ..... whether they know it or not.

CASonline, including this very issue which you are reading, falls from Penor Rinpoche's retreat monks and His thousands of holy Sangha, whom we commissioned thousands upon thousands of Guru Padma's "Sampa Lhundrup", at the advice of one of Tibet's State Oracle, the Yudronma Protectress. CASonline is an unworthy though genuine splintered fragment of the limitless greatness and majesty of this Throne-Holder of the noble Nyingma Palyul Lineage.

What joy and honour to have brought to You, our friends of all the Buddhist traditions, to have offered to Your bestowal of the Kalachakra, to have shared in the thousands of holy images at Your bestowal of the Nyingthig Yabshi in Singapore, in Nepal. These have not withered into but have instead, now, finally, been recognized, forever enshrined, as beautiful forms cum memories, illusory bardo-dreams and energized capacitated play of the Dharmakaya.

Our unbelievable, coincidental meeting ( !! ) in India's wild, simmering south and Your compassionnate offering of food and drink to us, our Sera Je and Loseling monks belied an infinitely, deeper, much mysterious bond, made so materialised in Your inconceivable enlightened way.  Hence, we prostrate and we prostrate and pray to You while, then, as You sat in Your vehicle on India's burning highways.

If there are doubts about Your recognition and enthronement of surprising candidates, sentient beings have quite forgotten about a Bodhisattva's inconceivable skilful deeds. If there is shock at some of your students' bigotted sectarian talk, one should remember that students' are yet their Teacher's equal.            

Our precious Guru, we are becoming quite frightened at the apparently numerous termination of humanly aspects of so many of our precious Teachers. This, of course, depends on the merit, faith and sincerity of all students in particular and the world at all. Not forgetting, the age-old instruction that to try best to apply their instructions surely ensures the holy Teachers live-long and serves as the highest offering to them. 

We have tried our best and have faith that His Holiness is pleased with the offering we have humbly amassed in front of His throne in Guru Padmasambhava's Pure Land.

"Lama Chenno .... !!" 


2 -

Dearest Friends @ CAS,

My sincere apologies for the unbelievable lull of 3 and a half months. The bizarre mixture of mundane and holy works are the major causes: collaborative projects with the Singapore Art Museum, instrumental classes with Malaysian scholars toyed in tandem with sculpted translation of some of the Dharma's epitome and pinnacle of the Heruka Chakrasamvara for precious Garchen Rinpoche.

My sincere thanks to CASonline's dearest friends who called, sms and emailed your increduility and exhortations: to see CASonline gain !!

Although we have received our fair share of samsaric mud-slings, our friends' true wishes have out-weighed and tumbled continued celebrations and candies at our end.

The Dharma exists where there are suitable vessels and precious merit. CASonline is back - roll on your merit creating through Bodhicitta and ceaseless dedications.

Being unenlightened, we couldn't promise date of the next issue, so, please, dedicate for the pure Dharma to see and give light to more.


Camden Education Center's third batch of students have graduated from their "A" levels, "O" levels and PSLE into some of Singapore universities, polytechnics, junior colleges and secondary schools. With gratitude to Camden's eight excellent teachers who have made possible ripening, so many, fully and beautifully, more than 80 of our dear students, who are blessed to have learnt in a place touched by most precious and holy Garchen Rinpoche, Kathok Khenchen, Loseling Khensur and other noble beings. ( )

Bless them and keep them in your prayers !!   


"Never forget the Teacher - pray to Him at all times;

Never forget mother beings - dedicate for them at all times."

( The late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche )

bb & every beings @ CAS, bowing low to the impeccable integrity and purity of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche



3 -

Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture

The Buddha's second foremost disciple, Maudgalyayana ( in Sankrit; in Pali, He is known as Mogallana ).

( From Buddhist Studies: )

 Testing How Far the Buddha's Voice could Reach

One day, when Mogallana was in the meditation room, he could actually hear the voice of the Buddha who was teaching in the hall. He was very surprised because the Buddha was quite far from him. To find out how far the Buddha's voice could reach, he decided to go to Buddhaksetra, ( Pure Land of another Buddha infinitely far off out of our World System ).

Through his divine feet, he came to a Buddhaksetra and saw Lokesvararaja Buddha preaching there. The delighted Mogallana sat down and listened to the preaching.

Surprisingly, he could hear the preaching of the Buddha on the earth and that of the Lokesvararaja Buddha at the same time.
Mogallana's presence was later discovered by one of the bodhisattvas. Knowing that he was the great disciple of the Buddha on the earth, Lokesvararaja Buddha asked him, "Venerable, you are here to find out how far the voice of the Buddha can reach. Am I right?"

"Yes!" answered Mogallana.

"Venerable, you should not have this intention. The power of all Buddhas is quite beyond the mortals and the preaching of all Buddhas is everywhere in the immaterial universe. The state that the living beings reach can be far or near. One must not have discrimination and try to find out how far the Buddha's voice can reach."

Mogallana felt quite ashamed after hearing that. From then on, he never dared do the same again.

Mogallana frequented not only Buddhaksetra but also the hell to observe living beings receiving the retribution for their good or bad deeds.  



4 -

"The Sure-Steps to Enlightenment."

( Meditation on the Lam Rim - rough, authentic notes. )


We, here, venture into the Second Half of the Third-Upper Scope of the Lam Rim.


For a complete overview of the First and Second Scope of the Lam Rim, see:


For Part One and Two of Wishing Bodhicitta of the Third-Upper Scope, see:







( Perfection of Generosity )




To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings. So I provide every possible material-generosity to accumulate Merit for attainment of Buddhahood. [ Giving of financial support / food etc ]    

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )




To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings. So I give every possible Fearlessness to accumulate Merit for attainment of Buddhahood. [ Saving lives / words of assurances etc ] 

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )




To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings. So I share the Dharma wherever possible to accumulate Merit for attainment of Buddhahood. [ Sharing Dharma: supporting Dharma programmes / printing Dharma texts / sharing etc ] 


( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )


[ Here ends the main points dealing with the Eighth Topic ( Part One ) of all Lam Rim traditions. Carry them out wherever possible. ] 




5 -
"Support Dharma Propagation Fund ( DPF ) - Product Highlight".
During CAS's trip to India in June '08, we acquired much holy objects from the Tibetan refugee camps to be of as much help as we can. Amongst them, are exquisite, beautiful small thangkas with some of the most pictures of Buddhas such as Green Tara, Guru Padmasambhava, Amitayus, the Medicine Buddhas, Je Tzongkhapa and many more.
They have been consecrated by the late 100th Gaden Trisur ( 3 months before His passing ), the present Sharpa Choje, Gen Wangchen ( Teacher of Ling Rinpoche who is the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama's main Teacher ) and the Loseling Abbot Khensur Lobsang Gyamtso.   
They are ideal for the shrine especially when travelling, measuring about half an A4 size page. Given their highly lmiited number, they will be available to students with genuine faith and devotion.
Suggested offering at S$16/- ( for Friends @ CAS ) & S$20/- ( for non-friends @ CAS ) excluding postage if applicable.

How you can make donations:

We could try to post them to you ( will include postage costs of S$3/- to reimburse Dharma Propagation Fund - DPF ) or you could come down to Camden Education Center to collect.

 Do confirm first so we can transfer them from Ganden Trisur's place in Singapore to the education centre before you come.  

All contributions will go into CAS's life-saving DPF !! 


6 -

FOR Friends of CAS

The Gangteng Tulku's Dharma programme in Singapore - please email Kenneth at

To please support the late Drubwang Rinpoche's new monastery, please email Shu Lian at

For Ven Chodron's Dharma programme in Singapore, please email Richard at


7 -

You Got To Know This !!



Making Dharma Wheels 

( turn 24 hours with electricity !! )

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche's one of our primary source for this !!

Turning the Dharma Wheel yields inconceivable Merit towards culmination of perfect Wisdom:

Three turnings of a Dharma Wheel equals recitation of the entire Tripitaka or collected scriptures of the Dharma ( source: the late Drubwang Rinpoche ) 

Mr Rikzin Dorje -- commonly called James -- has kindly offered to share on the making of an electric-powered Dharma Wheel on 25 April 2009 at Camden Education Center  at 7:30 pm to 9 pm.

( Address is in )

Registration is required by 18 April for James to prepare all the necessary materials.

The cost fee of S$60/- is solely for the motor and materials. Sangha members and friends with financial concerns will have the cost waived.  

"Namo Amituofo !!"