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Subject: [CASonline] The Fourth Perfection & Grand Master Hsing Yun


Dearest Friends @ CAS,


The Principal of Kagyu College, Khenpo Konchog Rangdol, is due to arrive within 7 days to give precious teachings on the Five Fold Mahamudra and the Lo Jong. For programme details, see

This time, some beings @ CAS will need to be missing from the programme, although, hopefully, the other beings will translate well and set-up the barest, authentic shrine. ( Last year, Khenpo in fact told bb that just a picture of the Buddha would do !!  )


Grand Master Hsing Yun

See one of the world's leading Buddhist Masters, Grand Master Hsing Yun, talk about the establishment of Fo Guang Shan - a well-spring of the Dharma for literally millions in the world. Many beings @ CAS are some of the many fortunate animals to have drunk from Grand Master Hsing Yun's inconceivable greatness.

Grand Master, whom bb & so many of us took teachings and refuge, talked about the Dharma's darkest days in the early period of the Taiwanese exile from the marauding communists when even use of the name "Buddha" is taboo and how ( it was hinted at ) the Dharma was suppressed in the name of science, democracy and progress.

Ironically, these three are, by many measures, quintessentially, inextricably "Dharmic" !!  

We knew we had not learnt from or relied on someone merely "politically-correct", frivolous or weak when we heard Grand Master broadcast "live" from Beijing itself last March ( Grand Master was on visit to China then ) that He trusts the Dalai Lama and that He is fully-convinced that His Holiness is not behind the Tibetan uprising ( bb still personally feels is at least triggered off as a result of decades of Chinese misrule !! ) and Grand Master strongly urged serious, sincere talk with the Dalai Lama.  

Grand Master's "Fo Guang Shan" in Taiwan became also our refuge and hope when excessive Tibetan sectarian politics, gossips, hypocrisy and cat-fights became too much for us to bear. The open-hearted sincerity, purity, progressive-outlook, dynamism and genuine humanity of the thousands of Sangha in Fo Guang Shan became for us the living proof and truth of the continued validity of Lord Buddha's teachings and blessings.

Do see Teachers' Blessing below:

"Namo Da Yuan Di Zang Wang Pu Sa !!"

bb & every friend @ CAS in gratitude to Grand Master Hsing Yun


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What's in store ??


- "At Home In-Exile" with CNN

- Lord Master: Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse



Teachers' blessings

- Grand Master Hsing Yun talks about "Fo Guang Shan"



Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture:

"One may honour a Buddha still living

As well as one passed into final Nirvana.

Making one's mind equally faithful,

Here there is no difference in merit."



The Sure-Steps to Enlightenment:

Application Bodhicitta ( The Fourth Perfection - Joyful-Perseverance )  


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The holy Dharma arrives in Africa


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HH the Dalai Lama on treadmill, in His "raw" genuine Self, unpretensious, bare-chested, feeding, looking at a statue of His favourite statue of Lord Buddha. 

"At Home In-Exile" with CNN:


Although he was a great tantric vidyadhara and extremely disciplined about keeping all his Bodhisattvayana and Vajrayana vows, not only would Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche never disregard the Pratimoksha discipline himself, he always impressed upon his students just how crucial it is to respect the vows of the Shravakayana vehicle. He had the utmost respect for the Pratimoksha ( Self-Liberation or Hinayana ) tradition, and countless times I saw him raised his hands in the prostration mudra when he caught sight of saffron-robed Theravadin monks, saying things like , "How fortunate we are to still have the banner of Shakyamuni Buddha, the Lion of the Shakya, Shakya Sengge." Again and again he would emphasize that the Vinaya is the very root of the Buddhadharma.

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche visited Penor Rinpoche's Namdroling Monastery in Mysore three times. He gave the transmission for the "Four Parts of the Heart Essence", the "Root Volumes of the Heart Essence", the "Seven Treasures", and the "Trilogy of Natural Ease" of Longchenpa, the "Nyingma Kahma". And numerous other empowerments and reading transmissions ... In 1986, after the completion of the reading transmission of Mipham Rinpoche's "Collected Works". Penor Rinpoche cried loudly when he was reciting the 'Lamp Prayer' in front of Khyentse Rinpoche.  


Autobiogrphy of Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche; "Brilliant Moon" ( Shambala Publications )  




Teachers' Blessings


Grand Master Hsing Yun talks about Fo Guang Shan 



Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture

King Prasenajit heard that the Blessed One had raised the undisturbed body of the perfectly awakened Kashyapa ( the third Buddha of this Fortunate Aeon; Shakyamuni Buddha being the fourth ) for the disciple to see . ( The King ) with the women of his harem as well as with princes, ministers, military commanders, townspeople and villagers, ( all ) set out to see it. Many hundreds of thousands of other people set out to see it, some came out of curiousity, others impelled by former roots of virtue..


One of the lay disciples ..... formed this thought, "How much merit will I get from respectfully walking around this place"


Then, the Blessed One, knowing with His mind the thoughts of that lay disciple,­ uttered this verse:  

"Hundreds of thousands of gold coins or nuggets

Are not equal to the wise man, faithful in mind,

Who walks around shrines of a Buddha .....

Who places a single lump of clay at shrines of a Buddha .....

Who places heaps of pearls and lovely flowers at shrines of a Buddha .....

Who makes a gift of oil lamps at shrines of a Buddha .....

Who sprinkles perfume at shrines of a Buddha ?.....

Who raises umbrellas, flags and banners at shrines of a Buddha .....


This is the tribute declared

On behalf of the immeasurable Tathagata,

Ocean-like in perfect awakening,

The unsurpassed Teacher.....


One may honour a Buddha still living

As well as one passed into final Nirvana.

Making one"s mind equally faithful,

Here there is no difference in merit.


.....Buddhas are inconceivable,

and the Dharma is inconceivable as well.

For those faithful in the inconceivable,

The result is likewise inconceivable."


From Chapter 6: "Indra-Brahmana Avadana" - Wisdom Publications; translated by Andy Rotman.



"The Sure-Steps to Enlightenment."

( Meditation on the Lam Rim - rough, authentic notes. )




( Perfection of Joyful-Perseverance )



"Against Laziness"

To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings. So I joyfully persevere in all Dharma against Laziness or 'will not do' to accumulate Merit for attainment of Buddhahood.     

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )



"Against No-Confidence?"

To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings. So I joyfully persevere in all Dharma against No-Confidence or 'cannot do' to accumulate Merit for attainment of Buddhahood.     

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )



"Against Samsaric-Attachment?"

To attain Buddhahood is the best way to benefit all mother beings. So I joyfully persevere in giving up attachment to samsaric pleasures to accumulate Merit for attainment of Buddhahood.     

( While contemplating the above, do 108 times mantra of your Yidam - Chenrezig, Tara, Yamantaka or others. Or you can do the mantras until you feel the topic has firmly been internalised in your mind !! )


[ Here ends the main points dealing with the Eighth Topic ( Part Four ) of all Lam Rim traditions. Carry them out wherever possible. ] 



"Support Dharma Propagation Fund ( DPF ) - Special Projects"


Dear Dharma Sponsor CAS of holy Chenrezig,

Hope you all are fine and happy. here Rinpoche la, Gheshe la and all the monks of phara khangtsen are well and happy. today i have one request to you. in 2006 one my relative came to india from tibet. he was old age to join any Monastry or School so he was in Dharamasala without any work so, i have little problem about that so i have request to you for finding a sponsor to him. if got, it was very very kindful or useful for me. i am sending you his photo with brief story about him through post so, hopefully to get it.

As you know that you have been support me not only this time but you are generously supporting me for since long time. Frankly I feel less pressure whenever I am in trouble especially financial problem. So I sincerely felt your gratitude and generosity from my core of heart, I am not saying this just to please you but I truly feel from my heart. Sometime I feel uncomfortable to ask you but as you know that I am here in monastery for my rest of life and no other resource to as support except you. So, Thank you very much.

In the email, as you asked me how much he need the support, frankly I have no much idea and could not tell you precisely, but you know my relative is jobless and no other income for his living. It is very difficult for him. So, in my mind, I humbly request you to find support of USD $ 100 per Month. But I also leave it to you as you know the expense in Dharmasla, and if you could able to find this, he can live with less financial pressure. Here once again I deeply thank you for you're generous and wonderful supports, Please accept my deepest gratitude from my heart.

Here Including Geshe Wangchen la [ Kyabje Ling Rinpoche Yangsi's Teacher / Gen Wangchen-la's teaching can be found in CAS's A/V section: ] and Khenchen Rinpoche all the Monks of Phara Khangtsen are keeping well and busy on their studies.
Lastly but not least please take care of your health and I pray for the happiness, good health and success in all your noble activities.

With prayer
Choezed Dakpa Samdup
Main Attendant of the late Khensur Pema Gyaltshen
HE Luding Khenchen's main attendant's niece is schooling while taking care of her father who is paralysed from an accident. The mother has passed away about 2 years back from cancer. We have just via one of HH the Sakya Trizin's monks, passed our annual contribution to her. Please, do see if you could spare some assistance to the girl and her family.  
Khenpo Rangdol's Stupa Project still requires much needed support from all students in the world. He would be back for the Mahamudra and Lo-jong teachings. Do offer whatever you could for Khenpo-la ok ??

Khenpo is under much expectations from many in Ladakh to help appeal for funds for the project. Do offer whatever you could for the pujas during the programme or offer direct to Khenpo.

From Khenpo:

Dear BB,
with the hope to get some funds for the our Stupa project and the accommodations for the monks. It would be so kind if you could send my mail news about our project and the pictures to your mailing list.

With lots of thanks
Khenpo Rangdol


We seriously need all our friends' help with all our many projects which are very critical to our Tibetan friends in India. Do please lend them a hand, however much, within your means:


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"What is the name of the Arahant who tamed Mara about a hundred years after the Buddha's Nirvana ??"

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"What are the 2 ways of generating Bodhicitta ??"

Helpful clues:


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Vegetarians Issues

The late Drupwang Rinpoche strongly advocated vegetarianism.

All beings have been our kind mothers countless times throughout our incessant rebirths in samsara. How could we bear to feast on our mother's meat ??

Do, please, pledge at least a few, if not just one day's meat-free diet, in a week or even a month.

A strong way - over the long term - to saving all our mother beings will be to educate, share and tell. So, please, HELP !!



Monthly Prayer Session with CAS

CAS's monthly meeting for July is shelved as Khenpo Rangdol will be here for teachings. The August meeting ( the last Saturday of every month ) should resume, pending no major earthquakes, tsunamis or volcanic eruptions.


Camden Education Center needs Tutors !! 

Camden Education Center is still looking for aspiring tutors for all levels and all subjects. Most of our classes have been filled-up but we will need about 2 more teachers to help fill-up about 2 or 3 more classes.

Please see: 


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The holy Dharma in Africa:
The first Uganda Buddhist Vihara
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