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Dearest Friends @ CAS,
Thousands of apologies for the big, big gap in CASonline in 2010 .... worldly work is both scary and punishing, you all know that !!
Also, the last few issues dealt with controversial, difficult matters. We have no wish for CASonlines to be known as the Buddhist e-letters specialising in sour-ness and bitter-ness !! But ,again, somebody got to speak, loudly AND truthfully !!
You may also be glad to know that we are far from slipping into obscurty as what we lost in VIRTUAL REALITY, we more than compensate for in the REAL WORLD. See "5 - Support DPF Section".
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- The 13th Dalai Lama

- The 14th Dalai Lama 



Teachers' blessings

The late Trijang Rinpoche speaks about our Root Teacher 



Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture:

- Brahma the "Creator" beseeches Lord Buddha
- The General becomes an Arahant 


The Sure-Steps to Enlightenment:

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REALLY Ugly Stuff & the horrible shugdenites

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1 - Excellence  


The Great 13th Dalai Lama


Once social proceedings got under way, His Holiness was very warm

and friendly and smiled a great deal. In an unusually low, guttural bass

voice, he asked Derrick various questions. Were His Majesty the King-

Emperor ( of England ) and the Viceroy in good health ?? Were we in

good health ourselves ?? Had we had a good journey ?? The only thing

that seemed to upset Him was that we had sailed down the Tsangpo

( River ) in a yak-skin coracle.

"Oh, but you should not have done this," He said with great concern.

"It is so dangerous." And He begged us not to do it again.

He was concerned to know whether everything was to our satisfaction

at Dekyi Lingka. Were we happy there ?? Were we being properly looked

after ??

In fact His whole concern throughout the entire interview was for our

welfare. We were the ones that mattered to Him; He did not seem to think

about Himself at all. For the first time in my life I seemed to have had the

good fortune to meet a genuinely selfless person?....  

      I am not a Buddhist. I have been a Christian all my life, yet there was

an atmosphere in that little chamber. Something emanated from His

Holiness. He was clearly a deeply spiritual man, and yet, as I have said,

spiritual in a very down-to-earth sort of way .

      "That was quite remarkable !!" I said to Derrick as we remounted the ponies

      ( after the audience ). I felt strangely uplifted, every perception clear as a bell,

      the world around me radiant.


( Memoirs of a Political Officer's Wife in Tibet - Margaret D. Williamson ) 


( The 14th Dalai Lama )


Eye to eye with the Dalai Lama

By Ward Serrill, The Seattle Times


Seattle, WA (USA) -- "The eyes are the windows to the soul," says an old English proverb. I am about to look into a pair of eyes that will change my life.


The 14th Dalai Lama walks into the room and sweeps his gaze across the dozen or so people standing around, bowing slightly to each of us, his hands pressed together in blessing. I smile at him, which he returns as he sits for the interview.

I expected a larger man. One always does with someone bigger than life. But here sits this humble leader, short though amply fleshed with round features. He looks healthy like a 71-year-old baby. His head is shaved, his eyebrows dark. He listens with open eyes, a ready smile under the surface, taking in, quietly, all.

We have created a small set to do an interview for a television special on Buddhism in America. I marvel at my luck. Here I am where hundreds of thousands of devotees would clamber to be, a few feet from his Holiness, with nothing to do but observe and listen as I hold the boom pole and microphone.

For 24 minutes I observe, ignored by all, invisible as a bird in the shadows. I see this: He never anticipates an answer. He listens as if for the first time and his answers defy expectation. Attempts to get him to comment on the West's obsession with materiality and its conflict with Buddhist principles fail, though he does say that we in the West try on religions as we do hairdos.I

 watch his hands. They are small and slightly chubby, bright pink on the palm side. He gestures with them, often guiding his words to their destination. He pulls his feet up beneath himself and sits cross-legged as if he will stay all day, though we all know in minutes he will be swept away to see some world leader, speak to 15,000 people or go have lunch with Richard Gere.

When asked what America can possible give to Buddhism, he exclaims, "Ah, new question!" And then answers that perhaps it is the influence of women on the religion ?a that traditional Buddhism is having to learn and adapt, recognizing it might need to change.

When asked about his religion of kindness, he replies, "... all these things: compassion, charity, patience, forgiveness, joy; these do not belong to religion. One does not need religion to understand or practice them. They are simply the expressions of what it is to be human."

The interview is over. I no longer wish to be invisible. I don't know what I want to say, but I want to connect with him. The three of us on the film crew are at the side ready to tear down equipment once the room clears out. As if he heard my wish, the Dalai Lama walks over to give each of us a personal greeting before leaving. Anxiety rips through me like a torn piece of paper. I struggle to figure out something to say.

We don't speak a word. As he moves in front of me, my hands involuntarily reach out to grasp his. As our hands meet he looks up into my eyes and my world stops spinning. His eyes reveal a deep gravity. I see the serious work behind his childlike humor and spontaneity. The man has suffered much and discipline has made him into a spiritual warrior. This is serious work, these eyes tell me, this inner work to discover peace and being.

His attention is riveted. In this moment he is not a busy spiritual leader but simply a human looking gravely into the eyes of another. In this moment I see his greatness. It is this:

Humility is not a discipline; it is not a practice with him. Humility is simply what he is. I see in this moment of eyes meeting that he is incapable of placing himself above or below me. I am stunned by the reality of our equality.

And then he is gone, swept out of the room by his handlers. For the next three hours I am nearly incapable of speaking, stunned as I was with the presence of this understanding.

We are, he told me in his silence, his brown eyes gravely looking into mine, our hands clasped, in absolute attentiveness ... we are ... he said, in those eyes, looking into mine ... the very same soul.

Ward Serrill is a Seattle-based filmmaker whose most recent work, "The Heart of the Game," on Roosevelt High School, was released to national acclaim by Miramax Films,




1.5 - Teachers' Blessings


It was the early 1980s.


The late Trijang Rinpoche, His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Junior Tutor, peered from His teaching throne for an unusally long

time at the then Gyudmey Khensur Lobsang Nyima ( later becoming the 100th Ganden Trisur ). Khensur Rinpoche, 

appearing somewhat shy or uncomfortable at His teacher's stare, looked down quietly at the floor in front of him.


Trijang Rinpoche then suddenly said, "Lobsang Nyima is not an ordinary monk." Repeating himself again, "Tsawa

Lobsang Nyima ( Lobsang Nyima from the Tsawa hostel of Drepung Loseling ) is not an ordinary monk." The entire

congregation of monks in Namgyal Monastery, HH the Dalai Lama's personal monastery, was taken very surprised

at what Trijang Rinpoche said of their Abbot, which was completely out-of-topic of what Trijang Rinpoche was

teaching at that time. Trijang Rinpoche then continued from where he left off in his teaching as though nothing

has happened.


Several decades later, we all understood. Trijang Rinpoche has forseen the greatness of Rinpoche. Rinpoche

was enthroned as the 100th Ganden Tripa, the Official Head of the entire Gelugpa lineage, the largest of and the 

most influential of the 4 main schools of Tibetan Buddhism, miraculously almost, levitating-up the long list of formidable 

abbots before him to become the 100th successor to the throne of Je Tsongkhapa, serving out fully his term: 7 years

as the Ganden Tripa - the Official Head and 7 years as the Ganden Trisur - the Official Head Emeritus. Rinpoche has

fulfilled Je Tsongkhapa's prophecy that He will return as the 100th incumbent of His holy Throne of Ganden.


 ( Tenzin C., attendant to the 100th Ganden Trisur, Dharamsala ) 




3 - Quote/s from the Buddha's holy scripture

 The great Brahma beseeches Lord Buddha 
....And the Great Brahma appealed a second and a thrid time to the Lord Buddha Vipassi to teach ...
Then the Lord Buddha Vipassi, recognising Brahma's appeal and moved by compassion for beings, surveyed the world with his Buddha-eye.
And he saw being with little dust on their eyes and with much dust, with faculties sharp and dull, of good and bad disposition, easy and hard to teach, and few of them living in fear of transgression and of the next world.
And just as in a pool of blue, red or white lotuses some are born in the water, grow in the water, and, not leaving the water, thrive in the water; some are born in the water and reach the surface; while some are born in the water and, having reached the surface, grow out of the water and are not polluted by it, in the same way, monks, the Lord Buddha Viapssi, surveying the world with his Buddha-eye, saw some beings with little dust on their eyes ...
And the Lord Buddha Vipassi replied to the Great Brahma in verse:
"Open to them are the doors of the Deathless!
Let those that hear now put forth faith... "


The General becomes an Arahant

Once there was a Rebellion against the king which one of his officers sucessfully suppressed. The king was immensely pleased and rewarded him handsomely ..... 

For several days he was allowed to relax and enjoy himself, which he did with good food and wine, and the dancing girl was so beautiful and danced so gracefully that he eventually fell madly in love with her.

One morning as he was on his way to the river to take a bath, he ran into the Buddha and his disciples going on their almsround and bowed casually as a sign of respect.

The Buddha smiled and said to Ananda, "That officer will come to see me later today, and after I have preached to him, he will attain full enlightenment and then die. That officer will today realize Parinibbana."

The officer, however, had no idea what was in store for him that day. He continued entertaining his friends on the banks of the river, enjoying himself immensely. He was dizzy with delight as his lissom dancer ceaselessly swirled and twirled for their pleasure and amusement.

That evening, however, the dancer collapsed from excessive exhaustion and died. The officer felt so grieved that he went to the Buddha for some comfort and relief, his eyes still wet and swollen from all his weeping.

The Buddha told him that the tears he was shedding due to his loss was nothing compared to the amount he had already shed throughout his previous lifetimes. "Isn't it time to stop?" the Buddha asked him.

"Desire is the root of your sorrow. Why not get rid of that and have no more sorrow?" At the end of the Buddha's discourse, the officer attained arahatship. Soon after that, as the Buddha had predicted, he died.

The bhikkhus were curious to know whether the officer was a bhikkhu or a brahmana since he attained Parinibbana in the clothes of a layman. The Buddha said that he could be called both because it was not by external appearances that one became holy, but by whether one's mind was pure and free from greed, hatred, and delusion.

Even though he may be well dressed, if he is calm, free from defilements with his senses controlled, established in the holy way, perfectly pure, and has laid aside enmity toward all beings, he is indeed a holy man, a renunciant, a monk.

From "The Dhammapada"




4 - "The-Sure-Steps-To-Enlightenemnt"

( Meditation on the Ngag Rim - rough, authentic notes. )


TOPIC Ten - Completion Stage:

( Postponed pending leisure and better use of the precious Human Rebirth )




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6 -You Got To Know This !!

See our accompanying issue: "REALLY ugly stuff !!"
Then, we heard rumours that the 101st Ganden Trisur ( just retired Head of the Gelugpa whom CAS hosted on His maiden trip to Singapore ) has "defected" from HH the Dalai Lama's blessings and is a practitioner of the evil spirit, shugden. Well, our friend called India and discovered that Rinpoche has not defected anywhere. Also, we recelled how Rinpoche told us that His most cherished object in the world is a picture He took with HH the Dalai Lama and how He took refuge and guidance in His Holiness in this life and all future lives !! bb @ CAS conducted an interview with Rinpoche then where Rinpoche speaks of how he abandons shugden and much more:
( Not exactly pretty revelation of the largest shugdenite org: )
( Classical clarity of shugdenite practice: )
Why the present Trijang Rinpoche disrobe ?? 




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