" May I be protector for those without one, A guide for all travelers on the way; May I be a bridge, a boat and a ship for all who wish to cross the water."

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> Phuntsok ChoLing Buddhist Centre (CAS). Our branch in Melaka, Malaysia. More Details.

> Monthly Lama Chopa Prayer Session held on the last Sunday evening of every month via Zoom. Contact us for details. Contact.

> Latest Buddhist Online Dharma Seminar via Zoom. More Details.

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" In regions where the supreme, precious teaching has not spread Or where it has spread but then declined, May I illumine that treasure of happiness and benefit With a mind deeply moved by great compassion." - Lama Je Tsong Khapa

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Cyber Temple

Select your preferred shrine and you can set up an online mobile shrine within your compound using the Cyber Temple anytime, anywhere. Enter now.

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